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Graduate Student Orientation 2011: Graduate School

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Slides accompanying the orientation presentation by Gregory E. Sterling, dean of the Graduate School.

Text of Graduate Student Orientation 2011: Graduate School

  • 1. University of Notre DameGraduate School
    From Student to Scholar
    August 19, 2011
    Dr. Gregory E. Sterling
    Dean, The Graduate School

2. Welcome to the University of Notre Dame
3. From a Student to a Scholar
From a student researcher to a scientist
From a solver of problems posed by a professor to an engineer who solves the problems posed by the larger world
From a student of the arts to an artist whose stage is the world
4. A Contrast Between the Undergraduate and Graduate Experience
5. Ten Ways that You Know Youre a Graduate Student
You discuss academic matters at a sporting event.
You consider caffeine to be a major food group.
You look forward to taking some time off to do laundry.
The professor does not show up for class and you discuss the material anyway.
You have difficulty reading anything that does not have footnotes.
You rate coffee shops by the availability of wireless connections for your laptop.
Saturday nights studying no longer seem weird.
You take scholarly articles into bars.
You consider spring break a time to get some work done on a paper that you want to submit.
1.You have every minute of the next four months planned but have no idea what you are going to do for the rest of your life.
6. Principles
7. Expertise
Professionally Prepared
Intellectual Breadth
Ethical Perspective
8. The Graduate School
9. Introducing . . .
Brian Flaherty
Associate Director Budget & Operations
Nyre McDonaldAssociate Dean Recruitment & Admissions
Associate Dean Academic Programs
Associate Dean of Students
Laura Carlson
Associate Dean Professional Development

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