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GW SEAS New Graduate Student Online Orientation

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Text of GW SEAS New Graduate Student Online Orientation

New Graduate Student Online Orientation

New Graduate Student Online OrientationSchool of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS)2016-2017

In this presentation there are five sections for you to review:Introduction & RequirementsItems to SubmitYour GW AccountsAcademic Planning & Course RegistrationStudent Policies

After viewing the presentation you will need to pass the quiz (Available on Blackboard)If you dont successfully complete the quiz, a hold will be placed on your academic record. If you have a hold on your record, then you wont be able to register for classes in the next semester.In this presentation...IntroSubmitAccountsAcademicsPoliciesQuiz


Your Module RequirementsAll Students Must Complete:New Graduate Student Orientation ModuleAcademic Expectations Workshop

International Students Must Also Complete: International Module (J1 & F1)



GWID Your student number. Your Gwid# is the letter 'G' followed by an eight-digit number. It should be the signature line if your GWU email. Example: G12345678

Science and Engineering Hall (SEH)The main engineering building, located at 800 22nd Street, N.W.

Important GW TermsIntroSubmitAccountsAcademicsPoliciesQuiz

Marvin Center The student center and book store located at 800 21st Street NW, lower floor

Colonial CentralA one-stop-shop for student accounts, student financial assistance, and the registrar. It is located on the bottom floor of the Marvin Center.

Important GW TermsIntroSubmitAccountsAcademicsPoliciesQuiz

GelmanThe Estelle and Melvin Gelman Library is the main library located on the Foggy Bottom Campus diagonally across from the SEH on H & 22nd streets. More information about our library resources.

LernerThe Learner Health and Wellness Center is located on the corner of 23rd and G. More information about the wellness center.

Important GW TermsIntroSubmitAccountsAcademicsPoliciesQuiz


Do I need to submit my transcripts? Check your admission letter. It will say if you are required to submit transcripts.

If yesSubmit final, official transcripts for all post-secondary courses youve completed. View our official transcript policy

Deadlines to submit final, official transcripts:Fall: November 1st of the year you startedSpring: March 15th of the year you startedSummer: July 1st of the year you started

What if I dont submit my transcripts on time? Failure to submit your transcripts will result in a hold being placed on your record.

Are you from China, Iran, or India? You will need to follow additional steps to submit your transcripts. Submit: Final TranscriptsIntroSubmitAccountsAcademicsPoliciesQuiz

Send Official Transcripts to: SEAS Office of Graduate Admissions Suite 2885 800 22nd Street, N.W. Washington, DC 20052


Are you under 26 years old? If you were under 26 years of age on the first day of your first semester, you are required to submit your immunization record.

For your privacy, submit this form directly to Student Health Services.

More information about the mandatory health immunization form (Chinese & English versions available)Submit: Immunization FormIntroSubmitAccountsAcademicsPoliciesQuizDeliver your forms to by hand, by mail, or by fax (Include your GWID) to:

Student Health ServiceAttn: Immunization Record2141 K Street, NW Suite 501Washington, DC 20037Fax: 202-973-8220Alternate Fax: 202-973-1572

GW uses a Google-based email system.

NetIDYou are assigned a NetID, which is the first part of your new email address (the part of the email address thats before [email protected])

Your NetID is used to access our online systems. Get your NetID

Reminder: Check your GW email account on a regular basis, because this is where all GW communication is sent.Your GW Email AccountIntroSubmitAccountsAcademicsPoliciesQuiz

After you register for classes, you can get your GWorld card.

This is your student identification card (ID) and it gives you access to various campus resources, such as the library, the health and wellness center, and after-hours laboratories, etc.

What do I need to bring to get my GWorld card?Your photo ID Your GWid number

Where do I get my GWorld card? Colonial CentralGWorld CardIntroSubmitAccountsAcademicsPoliciesQuiz

SEAS Computing Facilities, located on the B2 floor of Science and Engineering Hall (SEH), provides, coordinates, and manages a comprehensive integrated set of computers, software, and network resources dedicated to engineering and computer science programs.

First get your GWorld card, then visit SEAS Computing Facilities to request a SEAS account. Please note that this account is different from NetIDSEAS Computing FacilitiesIntroSubmitAccountsAcademicsPoliciesQuiz


If you receive any grade below B you are required to review your program of study with your advisor. You should receive a letter indicating this. However, you can always reach out to us if you need/want help.

Masters (MS) Students: If you receive 2 grades of F OR 3 grades below B, you will be barred from further enrollment in graduate courses, and will not be readmitted as a degree candidate. Doctoral (Ph.D.) students: If you receive 2 grades of F OR 3 grades below B, your graduate study will be terminated and further enrollment prohibited. Courses that you earn grades below B are not included in the total credit-hour requirement for the degree.

Repeat CoursesYou may not repeat for credit a course where you received a grade of C or above, unless required to do so by the department Chair.

Please consult the Bulletin for more details and for requirements for certificate and professional degree students.Important: SEAS Academic RequirementsIntroSubmitAccountsAcademicsPoliciesQuiz


You must meet with your graduate professional advisor and complete an individual Student Educational Plan in DegreeMAP before the end of your first semester.

Details about DegreeMAP, an online advising software, will be sent to you within the first month of classes.

Note: If you have missing or incomplete program plans, a hold will be placed on your record that will prevent you from registering for classes.Academic AdvisingIntroSubmitAccountsAcademicsPoliciesQuiz

Academic Advising FAQsIntroSubmitAccountsAcademicsPoliciesQuizProfessional AdvisorsMember of the admissions and advising teamWill make sure you are following your degree requirements and abiding by university policiesLiaison for different officesEmail us at [email protected]

Academic AdvisorFaculty member for your departmentWill help you with choosing courses to focus your studies, class specifics, research advising, and course substitutions.

Grading SystemThe following grading system is used: A = Excellent B = GoodC = Minimum PassF = Fail Other grades that may be assigned are A, B+, B, C+, and C.

Symbols that may appear include: CR = CreditNC = No Credit AU = AuditI = Incomplete IPG = In Progress W = Authorized WithdrawalZ = Unauthorized


Prerequisite Courses Are Included in Your overall GPAPrerequisite courses (including EAP) do not count towards your degree requirements, however, the grades earned in these courses are calculated in your overall GPA.Grade Point Average (GPA) CalculationsIntroSubmitAccountsAcademicsPoliciesQuizFull-Time Graduate Course Load9 credit hours is the normal full-time course load for Graduate students


If you withdraw from a course before the start of the semester you will have 100% of the tuition charges cancelled. After that, the full amount of tuition will not be refunded.

Learn more about the withdrawal and refund policy

Withdrawal and Refund PolicyIntroSubmitAccountsAcademicsPoliciesQuizIf you drop a course before the end of the% Tuition Refunded1st week of classes90%2nd week of classes60%3rd week of classes 40%4th week of classes 25%After the 4th weekNone

As a GW student, you must be familiar with and abide by the Code of Academic Integrity.

More information about the Code of Academic Integrity.

The Academic Expectations workshop will go over this content in more detail. Academic IntegrityIntroSubmitAccountsAcademicsPoliciesQuiz

You must be enrolled every Spring and Fall semester for the duration of your program.

Unable to Enroll for a Semester?You must request a formal Leave of Absence. You may take up to a maximum of two Leaves of Absence during the duration of your program. International students MUST first make an appointment with their ISO advisor.

Get Approval and Make a Formal RequestRequests must be approved by your graduate professional advisor. See them for information on how to make a formal request by contacting The Office of Graduate Admissions & Student Services at [email protected]

If you dont formally request a Leave of Absence (LOA), you will be withdrawn from your program. Then you will be required to reapply if you want to continue in the program.Leave of AbsenceIntroSubmitAccountsAcademicsPoliciesQuiz

As a GW student, you must be familiar with and abide by the provisions of the Code of Student Conduct.

Found Here: ConductIntroSubmitAccountsAcademicsPoliciesQuiz

Thank you for reviewing these slides. Please save a copy to refer to later if necessary.After completing the quizReview the modules for your degree (Masters or PhD) and international students (if applicable).

Questions? Office of Graduate Admissions & Student Services at [email protected]

Now Take the Quiz in BlackboardIntroSubmitAccountsAcademicsPoliciesQuiz