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Psychology Graduate Student Orientation

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Psychology Graduate Student Orientation. Graduate Students. Program Handbooks. You are strongly advised to have a careful read of the relevant Program Handbook A vailable at - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Psychology Graduate Student Orientation

Psychology Graduate Student Orientation

Psychology Graduate StudentOrientation

Graduate Students

Program HandbooksYou are strongly advised to have a careful read of the relevant Program HandbookAvailable at We [the Psychology Graduate Studies Committee] would like any feedback you would like to provide on the handbooks and the programsAlso note that all graduate documents [e.g., proposals, final versions of theses /dissertations, comprehensives, etc.] should be forwarded to Marla in electronic form for our recordsshe will keep the Coordinator of our Grad program upto date on progressStudents Year 1Masters DegreeEstablish Supervisory Committeecomplete form and send to Marla]If IGS, Program Committee should have been established on entryestablish thesis committeeTri-Council ApplicationCourseworkAnnual Progress Report due at end of termused for funding decisionsCommence discussion with supervisor about thesis, prepare proposal and ethics submission PhD DegreeEstablish supervisory committeecomplete form and submit to Marla)If IGS, Program Committee should have been established on entryestablish dissertation committeeTri-Council ApplicationCourseworkAnnual Progress Report due at end of termused for funding decisionsLEAVES OF ABSENCEavailable if something significant occursleaves stop the clockbut you must prepare a Plan for Completionthe Annual ReportLIFE HAPPENS

Student Year 2Masters DegreeResearch Proposal Approvalyou must submit a formal proposal and have your Committee approve itit protects everyone if there is an agreed upon planEthics Approval (if required)submit only AFTER formal proposal approved by your CommitteeResearch in progressdiscuss format & authorship1st author to candidate?Apply for doctorateseek advice from supervisorPhD DegreeTri-Council Applicationstill eligibleCompletion of CompsCommittee must approve you are expected to complete within 36 monthsApproval for Research Proposalformal proposalit protects everyone if there is an agreed upon planCommittee gives OKpublic presentation and defence

Student Year 2Masters DegreeApply for doctorateseek advice from supervisorAnnual Progress ReportThesis Defense, Completionselect formatsupervisor gives to Committee when readywork backwards considering availability in the summerPhD DegreeAdvanced to Candidacy timeline 18 36 months requires completion of comps & defense of dissertation proposal Ethics Approval (if required)Discuss format and authorshipcandidate has first authorshipAnnual Progress Report The Unexpected

Student Year 3Masters DegreeStudent completed or not?cannot enter PhD until completed and so does not have access to funding associated with doctoral programREQUEST EXTENSIONInclude the Plan for CompletionPhD DegreeTri-Council ApplicationCandidacy by Year End at the latestdefend dissertation proposal Research in Progressdiscuss authorshipCandidate as first authorAnnual Progress ReportIssues?

Student Year 4PhD DegreeResearch analysisWriting DissertationDrafts and more draftsTo Committee when readyApproval of DissertationAnnual Progress ReportDissertation ExaminationTiming again!! but even more important because of externals

Questions?Thesis / Dissertation Scheduling

Thesis / Dissertation Scheduling Masters Degree

To schedule a defence, Grad Studies require:2 paper copies and 1 electronic copy of the thesisAccompanying formsMasters Examining Committee Masters Thesis Recommendation for Examination 3 possible dates and times A commitment of 2.5 hours for the defence

PhD Degree

To schedule an exam, Grad Studies require:1 paper copy and 1 electronic copy of the dissertationAccompanying formsRecommendation of Doctoral Supervisory Committee Recommendation of External Examiner for Examination Recommendation of University Examiners for Doctoral Exam Supervisory Committee members participating in the examination

FAILURE!!We have high academic standardsUBC ranks 22nd in the world Failing a student is unfortunate BUT it means that we are upholding our standardsWe dont give a pass because they have paid fees, been here a long time, its as bad as so-and-so, and we passed them, or we feel sorry for them!It Takes a University to Nurture a Graduate Student

Program Coordinating RolesGraduate StudiesRecommendations for Admission / Tri-council, GES, UGFProgress Reports / PhD Candidacy Forms / Degree CompletionK Drive Maintenance

College Graduate Studies CommitteesGraduate Council & IGS Committeepolicies and procedures recommendations to SenateDepartment HeadAdmissions ApprovalsGraduate Course ApprovalsTri-council AppraisalsSISC Clearance

Graduate Co-ordinatorChairs Psychology Graduate Studies Committeeprogress reportsthesis proposalsPsychology Graduate Studies Committeeadmissions applicationsspecial cases [e.g, tranfer student]allocation of Teaching Assistantships & fundingDepartmental policiesHandbooks

17Supervisoradmissions recommendationprogram plancreates supervisory committee with student inputthesis/dissertation proposalsannual progress reportsremain familiar with relevant policies and procedures of College & Department

Supervisory Committeeapproves program planapproves thesis / dissertation proposalsapproves thesis / dissertation to defenceforms part of examination committeeremain familiar with relevant policies and procedures of College & Department

Studentenroll in coursesapply for scholarshipsinput in supervisory committee membershipworks with supervisor / committee to develop thesis / dissertation proposalprogress reportsdefend proposal and thesis / dissertation

TAshipStudents offered TAshipunder BCGEU collective agreement384 hrs; 16 weeks 12 hrs ON AVERAGEIF satisfactory performance, will be renewed [2 yrs Masters; 4 yrs Doctorate]Can decline but funding must still be availableTraining workshops part of work hoursAgreement between faculty and student as to jobYOUR school requirements should be taken into consideration when assignments given [e.g., timing of your Stats exam]

Issue Resolution ContactsAppropriate procedures for problem resolution


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