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Graduate Assistantship Orientation Workshop

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August 2012, Towson University. Graduate Assistantship Orientation Workshop. Graduate Assistantship Office Contacts. Graduate Assistantship Office Coordinator: Jennifer Scott [email protected] Graduate Assistantship Office Administrative Assistant: Cassandra Chambers 410-704-4484 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Text of Graduate Assistantship Orientation Workshop

Graduate Assistantship Orientation Workshop

Graduate Assistantship Orientation WorkshopAugust 2012, Towson UniversityGraduate Assistantship Office ContactsGraduate Assistantship Office Coordinator:Jennifer [email protected]

Graduate Assistantship Office Administrative Assistant:Cassandra [email protected]

Graduate Assistantship Information

General InformationAssistantship Application (online)Assistantship Openings PageFinancial Aid ImplicationsGraduate Assistantship HandbookExternal Assistantship Opportunities

Applying for an Assistantship

Graduate Assistantship Application

Graduate Assistantship Openings Page

Contact your Program Director

Independent Networking

Graduate Assistantship Application information in all required fieldsPaste resume in space providedEnter validation codeClick submit

Note:You must be admitted into a graduate program at TU Submission of an application does not guarantee that an assistantship will be granted

6Graduate Assistantship Application: Part I

Graduate Assistantship Application: Part II

Graduate Assistantship Openings Page list of current assistantship openingsClick on desired link to view job descriptionFollow specific instructions to apply

Note:The position does not have to be related to your field of studyThe openings listed are not necessarily the only positions available

Graduate Assistantship Openings Page

Select link of interest to view full descriptionGraduate Assistantship Openings Page

Assistantship Openings: Example of Job Description

Description/Responsibilities:Assistantship Openings: Example of Job Description, cont.

Qualifications/Instructions to apply:Contact your Program DirectorInquire about available positions relative to your field of study via your program director:Graduate-AssistantshipsResearch-AssistantshipsTeaching-AssistantshipsDoctoral Research/Teaching-Assistantships

Ex. If you are enrolled in the Human Resources Development Program (HRD-M.S.)Contact: Dr. Alan Clardy, Program Director, HRD (M.S.)[email protected]

Independent NetworkingNearly all academic & non-academic departments on campus have at least one graduate assistant position in the works each semester

Navigate the TU net to identify departments of interestContact one or all departments to inquire about assistantship opportunitiesBe sure to have your resume up-to-date and readily available

Hiring ProceduresSupervisors/Departments select assistantship candidates via the following methods:

GA Application Database

Response to GA Openings

Internal Selections

Hiring Procedures, cont.Supervisors will choose one or more candidates for a formal interview process before making a decision.

Supervisors will make a selection & offer the student(s) a position

Student accepts the position

Supervisor submits a request form for assistantship position to the Graduate Assistantship OfficeConfirmation of Assistantship AwardOnce the position request is approved, the Graduate Assistantship Office will

Mail assistantship award letter to the students addressContact the student to complete new employee paperwork via emailI-9 form at the Office of Human ResourcesPayroll Packet: W-4 form, direct-deposit form, demographic form

Note: Students may not begin working until I-9 is completedStudents will not be paid until payroll packet is completedBe sure that your current mailing address & email address is accurate in the TU PeopleSoft system)Assistantship Stipend AwardStipend Award will be issued to student in bi-weekly incrementsStipend Amount is dependant upon position type/hours/semester

Ex. 10-hour, graduate-assistant, Fall Only 2012

Total stipend: $1,250Check payments: $125Number of pays: 10 Work schedule: 8/15/12 12/16/12

Complete information pertaining to assistantship stipend awards is provided in the Graduate Assistantship Handbook:

Assistantship Tuition Waiver AwardTotal Tuition Waiver (per semester)

10-hour assistantship, Fall: 6 credits10-hour assistantship, Spring: 6 credits10-hour assistantship, Summer: 3 credits

20-hour assistantship, Fall: 12 credits20-hour assistantship, Spring: 12 credits20-hour assistantship, Summer: 6 credits

Note: Tuition fees are not covered by assistantshipTuition Waiver ProcessStudent enrolls in graduate courses Student receives tuition e-bill from bursars office via email (typically sent to [email protected] account or preferred email account noted in PeopleSoft Student logs into Towson Online Services accountStudent selects view e-billStudent selects account inquiryStudent selects account summaryTotal all fees, and costs not covered by waiverSubmit payment by tuition due date listed

Note: Failure to satisfy your portion of the bill by the due date will result in a $75.00 late fee & possible cancellation of coursesIf a Problem Should OccurWho Should I Contact?

Hiring Issues: Supervisor/Department

Payment Issues: Payroll Department/GAO

Tuition Issues: Bursars Office/GAO

Loans: Financial Aid

SS#/I-20 Renewal (International Students): International Student & Scholar Office (ISSO)Assistant AccountabilityClarify roles/responsibilities with supervisorPractice open communicationSet learning objectives & goalsAsk for and provide feedbackAsk Questions for clarificationStrive for a healthy balance: work, school, familyTake Initiative Speak up if you have a conflictAddressing Grievances Defining Actions for Resolution

1. Informal Consultation, supervisor or department2.Formal Consultation, Dept. Chairperson 3. Formal Complaint, College Dean4. Formal Appeal, Dean of Graduate Studies

Improving Communication Channels

Clarifying work expectationsClarifying work habitsObtaining supervision & FeedbackAssessing pitfalls that occur

QuestionsContact Jennifer Scott at the Graduate Assistantship Office

[email protected]

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