Florian Gaba FIAR 2012. Agenda Situatia actuala din piata Eficientizarea procesului de invatare Perspective de dezvoltare

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Text of Florian Gaba FIAR 2012. Agenda Situatia actuala din piata Eficientizarea procesului de invatare...

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Pregatirea profesionala in brokerajul de asigurari

Florian GabaFIAR 2012Agenda

Situatia actuala din piata

Eficientizarea procesului de invatare

Perspective de dezvoltare

Situatia actuala din piataPregatire profesionala conform normelor CSAGrafic cursanti/cursuri absolvite

Grafic cursanti trimisi de brokeri/ cursanti trimisi de asiguratori

Grafic piata furnizori.3Situatia actuala din piataAlte cursuri de pregatire profesionala cerute de brokerii de asigurare din piataProduse de asigurare (CMR, Bunuri, Riscuri financiare)

Managementul riscului

Constatarea daunelor auto

Tehnici de interactiune cu clientii in brokerajul de asigurari

Cursuri de vanzari

Cursuri de formatori1. Continut (Cum arata un curs pentru intermediari in Marea Britanie)

2. Prezentarea continutului

- la sala

- E-learning (peste 90 % din cei care au luat examenul de autorizare IMA/CSA)Eficientizarea procesului de invatare7The Principle of InsuranceThe accumulation of a fund, made up of premiums paid by the many, from which the unfortunate few, who suffer losses, are paid.

8The principle of Insurance depends on the fact that Not all members of the fund will have claims Those that do will not have total losses

9The Concept of RiskAll human activity is a venture in uncertainty

910Risk is ..the possibility of an unfortunate occurrenceunpredictableuncertain as to the extent of lossthe possibility of lossThe possible happening of a fortuitous event which may produce a loss

1011ReinsuranceThe insurer insures part of the risk with a reinsurance company

The insurers insurable interest is the financial loss they will suffer in the event of a claim by the insured Reinsurance enables the insurer to accept a larger amount of a risk than would otherwise be prudent

The insured is usually unaware of the existence of reinsurance 1112Insurable InterestThe legal right to insure arising out of a financial relationship recognised in law, between the insured and the subject matter of the insurance

1213The promise to place the insured in the same financial position after the loss as he/she enjoyed immediately before its occurrenceNo better - No worse

Indemnity1314The Insurance MarketThe IntermediaryLloyds BrokersTied AgentsAgentsInsurance BrokerThe Insurance Intermediary

1415Multi Agency Intermediary The BrokerAuthorised AdviserTied AgentAgentInsurance BrokerCash HandlerMulti Agency Intermediary Must have more than 5 agenciesMust have no more than 4 agenciesRepresents one insurer onlySelf-employedEmployed by insurerMay be eitherorMay be eitherMay be eitherRestricted Activity Investment Product IntermediaryRestricted Activity Investment Product Intermediary

Insurance Intermediariesorororor1516The Role of the BrokerAgent of the InsuredGiving adviceArranging insurancesClaims assistance

An independent professional adviser operating legally as an agentAgent of the InsurerHandling proposalsConfirming coverSurvey & Risk ManagementCollection of premiumsDuties of an AgentObediencePersonal PerformanceDue Care & SkillGood FaithAccountability

Duties of a PrincipalRemunerationIndemnity

17The Motor Car Proposal 1Registration numberMake, model, typeEngine sizeYear of manufactureValueAddress where vehicle is keptIs proposer owner?Has vehicle been alteredDetails of trailersHire purchase Details of the Vehicle

1718The Motor Car Proposal 2Full names of driversDates of birthOccupationsFull or provisional licence?Any disease or physical infirmityActual or pending convictionsDetails of accidentsDetails of the Drivers

1819Driving Other Cars ExtensionAllows driving by the insured of a vehicle owned by another personBUT the cover is Third Party OnlyIrrespective of the cover provided by the policyN.B.N.B.

1920Lesson 1 IntroductionAccident BenefitsProperty coverPecuniary coverLiability coverCancellationCurtailmentDelayHijackAbandonmentMissed DepartureCatastropheMedical ExpensesRepatriation costsHospitalisationPersonal AccidentAdditional ExpensesDental costsHomecareBaggageMoneyPersonal EffectsPersonal LiabilityLegal ExpensesTravel Insurance20We will look in detail at all these covers in subsequent lessons. IT IS IMPORTANT TO UNDERSTAND THAT NOT ALL INSURERS OFFER ALL THESE COVERS OR THE LIMITS SHOWN. Your advice in the selection of a policy depends upon the needs of your client. You will need to take into consideration:Does the client have Medical insurance with VHI, VIVAS or Quinn Healthcare or indeed has an All Risks Extension on his/her Household policy?Does the client take more than one holiday in the year or even regular breaks in the UK?Does he/she require business cover?21Insurance is about paying claimsBest tell the brokerWithout claims the insurer wouldnt be in business21E-learning in domeniul asigurarilorCosturi de accesare mici(pentru un numar mare de cursanti)

Flexibilitate (oricand/oriunde)

Abilitati de utilizare a computerului

Relativa "dezumanizare" a cursurilor. (Lipsa interactiunii cursant/lector)Solutie

Blended learningModel E-learningFilm de 3 minute (inserat direct in prezentare).

Colegii mei lucreaza la el. Ideea e sa aratam cum se foloseste e-learning-ul pas cu pas. Nu vom da nume de produse, de companii etc. Se va baza exclusiv pe ideea de model, asa cum apare la nivel international.Acest filmulet va avea si sonor. In acest context credeti ca este viabil sa-l punem?Perspective de dezvoltareCare este trendul european cu privire la pregatirea brokerilor de asigurare?

Care vor fi temele abordate in perioada de dupa primul val de pregatire?

Care sunt programele de pregatire profesionala de interes pentru brokerii de asigurare?