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Slides to introduce the course and provide an example of an Introduction to Me assignment.

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  • 1. Discuss course concept Review syllabus Introduction to me assignment

2. 3. 4. Course Learning Outcomes Apply information learned through readings and other media outside of class during onlineassessments, classroom discussions, and during tours. Collaborate in small groups (4-5 students) to create course related presentations of coreconcepts that facilitate class discussion. Explain the purpose and function of each regulated entity and compare the campus version toother versions in different industries/municipalities (e.g., size and capacity). Practice finding, reading, and interpreting regulations and guidance documents. Investigate and summarize the regulations associated with site visits on campus. Evaluate challenges similar to those experienced by members of the environmental complianceworkforce (e.g. preparing permits, summarizing data as a deliverable to clients, solving relevantcalculations using simple self-generated databases, etc.). Engage with the instructor to plan and negotiate an individualized collection (selected from amenu and/or developed de novo) of exemplar work products and critical reflections forInclusion in the ePortfolio. Engage with various TAMU-EHS personnel and other environmental professionals Create professional quality materials for inclusion in the ePortfolio. Practice peer-review and reflective self-assessment. 5. University Learning Outcomes:Master the depth of knowledge required for a degreeDemonstrate critical thinkingCommunicate effectivelyPractice personal and social responsibilityDemonstrate social, cultural and global competencePrepare to engage in lifelong learning (reflect on learning)Work collaborativelyWhat employers want: ExperiencesTeam SkillsCommunication SkillsLeadership SkillsDecision Making/Problem Solving SkillsSelf-Management SkillsProfessionalism Skills 6. Introduction to me assignment We are a small group and we need to get comfortable in order to: facilitate these high impact learning opportunities practice skills employers desire enjoy learning begin networking now The assignment is to prepare some ppt slides to present in 5-10minutes that give me and your classmates a sense of who you areand how you see your future as an environmental scientist Go through the presentation enough so that you know you will meet these time min - max Do a good job. You will be using this presentation in your ePortfolio toserve as a baseline for reflection on your training in environmentalscience Be creative 7. Brief Introduction to Heather H. Wilkinson 8. EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCEUNDERGRADUATE & MASTERS PHDPOSTDOCTORAL SCIENTIST FACULTY POSITION