Firework Poems

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Firework poems Dazzling blasts of luminous snakes. Soaring circles full of light. Shimmering diamonds slowly make their way down. Glittery fountains burst into flames. Booming explosions climb down ladders of sparkles. Incredible forests zoom around ecstatic heads. Spectacular showers gracefully fade away. Deafening rockets make your ears die out. Colourful rain reflects off of the night time clouds.

By Amie

Firework poem Colourful diamonds sparkle in the sky Zooming stars blast upwards Popping fireworks burst in the sky Loud exploding rockets bang Beautiful music is perfect Thunder is banging and cracking Incredible trees are too beautiful Sparkling diamonds are popping

By Paige

Firework Poem Swirling rockets everywhere. Catherine wheels making colourful circles. Amazing flowers lighting up the sky. Booming rockets burst into colour. Soaring lights in the night sky. Phenomenal rockets explode all around. Silver swirls crash to the ground. Whirling spirals dance in the moonlight.

By Louise

Fire work poem Blasting fireworks zoom overhead. Magical colours light up the sky. Banging rockets sound like a bomb. Silver diamonds drift down to the ground. Beautiful cheers from the screaming crowd! Phenomenal explosions fall to the ice cold ground. Sparkling fountains come out like a fiery flower. Glittery rain drifts down to the ground. By Luke.

Firework poems Exploding rockets blast into the pitch black sky. Glittery diamonds fall to earth. Flying fireworks exploding into the colourful sky. Ecstatic crowds cheering for more. Colourful forests made out of wonderful colours. Incredible colours wishing around in circles. Spectacular bombs bombing really loud.

By George

Firework poem Tremendous Catherine wheels light up the dark sky. Phenomenal fountains of gold get blasted into the air. Deafening cheers get louder and louder as the display goes on. Brilliant explosions are like lovely stars. Shooting diamonds thunder down upon you. Wonderful buzzers blow up into tiny pieces. Flaming flowers drown out your voice. Extraordinary lightning finishes off the show. By Jack

Firework poem Colour Catharine wheels light up the beautiful sky. Brilliant blasts boom goodbye. Fantastic fountains burst up overhead. Dazzling diamonds shoot up and away. Tremendous explosions bang like mad. Magical rain glistens down gently. Phenomenal fireworks fire up so brightly. Rattling snakes swirl away.

By Abby

Firework Poem Spectacular music it is very cool I wish I went to it. Colourful rockets in the sky. Zooming bullets bang when they explode Cool fireworks and they go boom Pitch black sky it is very dark Ecstatic faces they are very happy By Aidan

Firework poem Sparkling diamonds in the sky Booming rockets fly overhead. Screaming crowds are excited. Shooting stars dancing above us. Glittery fireworks shine like stars. Beautiful flowers making a colourful forest. Raging crowds scream like mad. Loud music is all around us. By Anu

Firework poem Exploding rockets flying over head. Fiery flowers exploding in the beautiful sky. Lassos spinning over head Deafening crowds braking ear drums Spectacular diamonds look beautiful in the night

By Ciaran

Firework Poem Glittery diamonds zoom through the air. Swirling circles spin like a Catharine wheel. Incredible rockets burst overhead. Tremendous stars shine like the sun. Booming explosions light up the mid-night sky. Phenomenal fountains drop to the ice cold ground. Ecstatic cheers feel awesome. Outstanding thunder bangs like the storm. Beautiful lighting booms into action. By Ellis