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  • 1. FireworkGlobal Movie Rating / PopularityVisualizationTeamFan Guo Hao Zeng Ian Lin Sylvia Lai Varoot Phasuthadol

2. Introducing Firework What is Firework A visualization of movie data that helps useridentify major trends based on year, country ofproduction as well as genre of the movie What are visualized Audience reception of a movie has two facets: Popularity: How many people watch the movie Rating: how good they think the movie is. Country, year, genre 3. Questions and User Who will be interested Movie distributors trying to import movie in U.S.,want to know the audiences appetites What questions we try to answer How the popularity and rating of movies differ fromone country to another? How do genres within each country differ from oneanother in terms of popularity and rating? What is the average movie trend of a specific countryfrom 1961 to 2011? 4. Data Gathering & Processing Source: IMDB Movies: from 1961 2011 Popularity: Average # of votes Rating: Average individual rating Country: Movie number top 50 (except US) Genre: Combined IMDB genres 5. Demo 6. Evaluation 7. Evaluation User Test From 12-14, Dec. Recruited 10 users Scenario: a film distributor who wants toimport movies from other countries to US 6 tasks 8. What works well Firework: intuitive transition between theoverview perspective and fireworks Time slider: intuitive navigation 9. Findings Finding1: The current implementation for fireworkneeds improvement No labels for genre. Assume dots are clickable. Confused why the grey out dot is clickable Hard to close the firework 10. Findings Finding2: Better labeling is needed for mainview and trend view. The meaning of the dot size. The label and legend is not obvious. 11. Findings Finding3: Locating desired countries was notintuitive as we expected The country filtered was not used frequently Search function isnt obvious 12. Future Work Comparison genres across countries Allowing multiple fireworks Dot size & overlap Zoom function Two views cause mental effort to interpret the visualization Explore country/genre data point The ability to see the movie list under each point 13. Q&A 14. Thanks.