Bonfire Night and Firework Safety Always follow the firework code!

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Text of Bonfire Night and Firework Safety Always follow the firework code!

  • Bonfire Night and Firework SafetyAlways follow the firework code!

  • Messing around with Fireworks is dangerous: out for the behaviour of others! Just because youre being sensible and careful, it doesnt mean others are.

    The boy in the film had a firework thrown at him by a friend!

    Move away! Advise others around you! Walk away!

  • What should you do?Never touch a firework! Even if you think its unlit or gone out.

    Wear gloves when handling sparklers they will burn you if they touch the skin! Keep them well away from your eyes!

    DONT EVER light fireworks yourself!

  • At homeKeep your pets inside, they could get frightened by the noise.

    Stand well back from the fireworks. Remember: Large firework explosions cover a huge distance Are you safe?

  • Adults!

    Always listen to an adult who is behaving responsibly. Just because an adult is in charge does not mean they are safe!50% of those injured by fireworks are under 16. This means the other 50% are over 16!

  • Adults: article shows the dangers of adults in Fireworks competition with each other.

  • Adults!The girl in this video was injured by a neighbours firework.

    An adult!

    Use your knowledge and common sense do they put safety above everything else? away! Advise others around you! Walk away!

  • Think about others:Your actions dont just impact on you and those next to you. Emergency services are stretched due to an increase in emergency calls.Many fire staff are on strike, increasing pressure on those available.

  • Think about others:Remember, whilst they are dealing with an illegal fire they cant be on call for anyone else, including house fires, car accidents.

    Imagine a child dying because the fire service couldnt get there just 5 minutes earlier, due to dealing with a bonfire.

  • Finally, think about the law:A deliberately set fire, outside of an organised display, is illegal. If the fire causes damage, death or injury, the person who set the fire/firework is legally responsible. The person who provided the firework is also legally responsible.

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