Katy perry firework

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Katy Perry Firework

Katy Perry Firework

First shot

Establishing shot to show the city that the song will take place in. Along with wind blowing to add to the atmosphere.

Second shot

Music starts to play when we see her, she is in centre frame during a medium close up so all the attention is on her. While her outfit makes her stand out from the building behind her

Third shot

Cut away shot to see another story happening. Goes with the lyrics as it talks about people being warn down in a house where the family is not happy and the son it seems has to look after the little girl.

Fourth shot

AS the lyrics say theres a chance for you we see a boy with cancer looking at a tv. Dreaming of a life he will never get. Another story going on at the same time. This also ties in with the lyrics and theme of the song

Fifth shot

As the song picks up sparks fly out of her chest. The more loudly she sings the more sparks. This ties to video to how loudly she is singing. Also the medium long shot puts her in the middle so that the audience can easy lock onto her from scene to scene

Sixth shot

Cutting back and forth between the three stories that are going along side the music, we can see that when Katy gets sparks all of the other people get it. The timing also coincides with the lyrics to make the video have a better narrative.

Seventh shot

Now we are introduced to another story and this one is going on about originality. We know this because when we are shown this person we hear the word original and this person isnt original because they have really short hair and tattoos. Another example of lyrics matching the video

Eighth shot

The kid who has cancer is letting his colours burst which once again goes with the lyrics and shows a connection to the music. This can also be seen because Katy sings louder whenever fireworks come out of peoples chest.

Tenth shot

Fireworks coming out of peoples chest when they are jumping. This also goes in time with Katy when she is singing. Once again showing the same correlation which has been shown throughout this music video.

Eleventh shot

The final shot of the video shows the sky much more colourful than in the beginning. This has been what the song had been building to the whole time. It shows the journey through the narrative giving the audience a start, middle and end.