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  • 1. Katy Perry - Firework

2. Part of the inspiration for our music video came from the success of the artist Katy Perry and her video for Firework. She involves similar aspects throughout and films a variety of stories overcoming things and solving problems. Our video consists of us filming 3 different fears parralling each other with a strong element of performance just like Katy Perry. 3. Screenshots of the video 4. As you can see from the video screenshots the special effects really emphasise the element of explosive behaviour thus overcoming a problem. For instance a gay individual is portrayed as scared to reveal his sexuality and so once he overcomes this fear, the fireworks emerge from his person which matches the lyrics and so the music fits. 5. Katy Perrys video is also filmed in dark settings to really exaggerate the bright sparks of the fireworks emerging from the characters. We will interpret this idea for some of our sections in the video for instance the fire scenes will mostly feature in candlelit settings to amplify the power of the lighting in the shots. 6. Performance Our initial idea that linked with this video was that we would have the singer travelling around the different sections of fear with the characters. However due to efficiency and deadlines the performance will be set in one place however all of the characters in the video will come together in the end at the singers concert, showing unity in the stories just like the uplifting finale to the Katy Perry video.