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  • 1. Katy Perry- Firework Forms and Conventions/Institutions Genre: Pop Released in 2010 Director: Dave Meyers Video reached #1 in MuchMusics top 50 videos of 2010 Label: Capitol MTV played this music video as the channel plays music videos that feature well-known mainstream artists (which Katy Perry is). This video has a staggering 385 million+ views on YouTube, showing that it is a successful and could reach a large amount of people. Hybrid of Performance, Concept and Narrative Performance as she is singing (lip syncing) to the audience Concept based as the firework represents confidence to people with insecurities. This video has many narratives with the universal theme of insecurity. One narrative in this video is a females insecurity to be in a bikini as she feels insecure about her weight compared to.

2. Cinematography Relationship between sound and imagesEditing Mise-en-scene Wide shots used a lot to display as much as possible. In this shot, the majority of the shot is the firework. This was used to inform the audience of the main message of this video- the firework representing confidence, a universal human characteristic. Main editing technique used is parts of the video being played in slow motion. This technique was used in the second half of the video, when all the insecure individuals started to embrace their insecurities with confidence. This was used to highlight the important message being portrayed in the video. In parts of the video the artist is lip syncing the lyrics of the song. Taking the techniques used into consideration, I believe that these techniques adhere to the conventions of Pop music videos, e.g. it focuses on a universal issue tackled by individuals and allows the audience to identify with it through these techniques. In this wide shot, the rule of thirds is used, whereby the main aspect that the director wants the audience to see is in the middle, attracting their attention to this message portrayed in this shot. The insecure female finally has the courage to take her clothes off, whereby slimmer people are in the first third and third third of the shot. This allows the audience to see her insecurity (being a different size to everyone else in the shot)and how she overcomes it(eventually takes her clothes off) all in one shot. The overall lighting in the video is dark, in contrast to the with the bright firework released half way through the song. This allows the audience to view the growth from being insecure to being confident. As these two characteristics are opposites, parallels can be drawn from this with the opposites of lighting between dark lighting and the bright lighting from the firework, with dark lighting representing insecurities and bright lighting representing confidence. 3. Representations People are represented as being insecure and timid. However, individuals are also represented as being strong as they are able to overcome problems. Evidence through Mise-en-Scene The boys posture shows that he is timid and unconfident, which links to the representation of youth being insecure and shy. Evidence through Camera and Editing The females arms up in the sky give off a sense of achievement and relief, therefore parallels can be drawn with this and individuals being able to overcome their problems. There is a panning shot of young individuals running, which links to the dominant representation of youth being energetic. 4. Audiences I believe that this music video attracts youths tackling insecurities, a widespread issue. In particular, it discuses the issues of weight, sexuality and family problems. As these issues are discussed in everyday life, it allows youths to identify with it, and also overcome the problems they have by watching this video. In reference with the Uses and Gratification theory, the target audience are able to identify and emphasize with the issues and be educated in how to overcome problems to acquire confidence. Target Audience and Audience Theories