Feb - Jaggi Vasudev ... him in person is Ashish Goyal, a visually impaired macro investor with a very

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  • Feb 2020

    The only reason why people have

    such a fear of death is they know

    nothing beyond the body.

  • 2 | Feb 2020

    A Peek Into Sadhguru’s Diary

    4 Eight Significant Questions Media Raised to Sadhguru in Davos Get a panoramic view of Sadhguru at Davos + a peek into Sadhguru’s vision and plans to create a global nation.



    Why can’t I sit with my eyes closed? Why so much activity? If you have ever been enamored by the monks who meditate all day, you must read this short excerpt to know the reality of who we are.

    Discovering the Elusive Clarity during Darshan “Every understanding is a misunderstanding,” Sadhguru has said, then how do I know if I am getting clarity on my path.

    How to get a sense of purpose if we don’t identify with our country? Overwhelmed by depth of “Inclusivity”, a naval commander asks Sadhguru if a defence person can be truly inclusive.


    11 Sadhguru Addresses the Jal Yoddhas of the Government Get to know who are the Water Warriors.

  • 3 | Feb 2020

    A Peek Into Sadhguru’s Diary

    21 Indian Yoga Association at IYC What do other gurus/spiritual leaders say about Sadhguru? Read about the impact Sadhguru had on the six spiritual leaders who were in the ashram for the board meeting of Indian Yoga Association.

    Vijaya Kumari - Victory’s Daughter Know what Sadhguru said about Vijji Ma soon after she attained Mahasamadhi.

    Remembering Vijji Editors Pic: This is a heart-warming sharing of a few old-timer ashramites about Vijji Ma (Sadhguru’s wife) – includes a rare sharing by Vijji Ma herself.

    IN PIC: Magic of Mahashivaratri Here we have a quick snapshot of some highlights of behind the scenes of Mahashivaratri in pictures.




    19 Why 70% of Women Suffer from PMSIf you suff er PMS, or suff er because someone else is experiencing PMS, it is a must read.

  • 4 | Feb 2020

    A Panoramic View of Sadhguru at Davos

  • 5 | Feb 2020

    Sadhguru returns to center stage at Davos after a decade. The Summit was special as it was the fi ftieth anniversary. Sadhguru got a personal invitation from the founder of World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab; and the forum was the perfect combination of ecology, economy and a place for Sadhguru’s wisdom to shine on the path for the world to follow. Sadhguru championed the 1 Trillion Trees Platform, a major new initiative led by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) and the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) at the World Economic Forum Summit in Davos, on Feb 22. The goal of the initiative is to plant 1 trillion trees by 2030.

    The illustrious group that included leading voices from around the globe, including conservationist Jane Goodall, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff , and the President of Colombia, Iván Duque, unanimously agreed that this initiative requires unprecedented levels of mobilization, collaboration and empowerment at the grassroots level.

    Being the only one with a track record of astounding success in mobilizing 162 million to vote for an ecological change during Rally for Rivers campaign, and

    having meticulously developed a sustainable agroforestry model over 15 years, which has transformed the lives of nearly 70,000 farmers, Sadhguru emerged as a powerful voice in making this initiative become a reality. And, Cauvery Calling was also upheld as a compelling model for the tropical world to replicate.

    Sadhguru also conducted three morning meditation sessions and a half-day Consciousness Retreat for participants. The world’s most infl uential leaders in politics, business, academia, and global organizations were in attendance.

    The people that Sadhguru met and came to greet him are more than just “diverse”: Indian political leaders like Rajya Sabha MP, Suresh Prabhu and Karnataka CM, YS Yediyurappa, to global leaders like Wilbur Ross, the US Secretary for Commerce and the President of Colombia Iván Duque interacted with him. There were delegates from Pakistan and Azerbaijan who wanted a photo with Sadhguru, proving that the spiritual thirst of the world knows no borders.

    The list of people also included Formula One race car drivers, businessmen and diplomats

    from Saudi Arabia. Mukta Joshi, a business woman from Britain, said she came just to meet Sadhguru, and she attended all his sessions. She immediately put her photo with Sadhguru as her status photo. Another unexpected encounter was with a Moroccan dignitary wearing Kanchipuram silk, who said she follows Sadhguru online.

    Not just the world infl uencers but also Swiss commoners recognized him. Even a member of the usually stern Swiss guard loosened up and asked for a selfi e with Sadhguru. He said he knew him from the videos!

    From the Indian corner, a candid declaration “He is not a man. He is God to us,” by the caterers for the Karnataka CM who came all the way from Visakhapatnam, revealed the divinity of Sadhguru’s presence. The caterer presented Sadhguru the ultimate Telugu delicacy pootha-rekulu. Also present was an Isha meditator whose smart city company is going to give 93% of their revenue to Cauvery Calling and Isha Vidhya. Another interesting meditator who got to meet him in person is Ashish Goyal, a visually impaired macro investor with a very impressive career of his own.

    The list above is far from exhaustive and we can go on and on!

  • 6 | Feb 2020

    Eight Signifi cant Questions Media Raised to Sadhguru

    in Davos

  • 7 | Feb 2020

    2# 1#

    Sadhguru: “This particular year the focus has been eminently on ecology, which is very signifi cant at a time like this. Because if policy makers and business leaders don’t participate in that process - if economic forces don’t participate in ecological restoration - there will never be success, only talk. Activist talking and protesting on the street side is not going to change a thing. Business leaders, businesses, governments have to think diff erently. In that sense I think it is making a huge diff erence. This time we have launched this one trillion trees initiative. People should understand one trillion is

    What is the Signifi cance of World Economic Forum 2020?

    just an inspiring number, it is not an absolute. It is something to aspire for to bring a large part of the world under green cover. Without an inspiring idea you can’t get people behind it. So that is being done. Right now good teams are being formed, and I am also very much part of it. So let’s see how to take this ahead.”

    How do you feel when you see what’s happening to the planet?

    Sadhguru: “Well we can sit and cry, but if we do the right things we can turn it around in this generation. That's what we are looking at.”

    Questioner: What are the right things?

    Sadhguru: “Everybody is talking about carbon in the air and stuff . Yes, all those things are important, but the most important thing is restoring soil. If soil has vitality and is healthy, life can bounce back any time. But if we deplete the soil - which we are doing at a tremendous pace - well, some scientifi c studies are saying we have topsoil only for the next sixty harvests, that means approximately forty-fi ve years. So that is the level of degradation that has happened to the soil. If we don't revive the soil by putting back substantial organic content, which can only come from the leaves from the trees and animal waste, we are defi nitely looking at something very dark.”

    3# To preserve the ecology, what changes do individuals need to bring in their behavior?

  • 8 | Feb 2020

    4# Sadhguru: “We are on a short window; we have to do something drastic in the next ten to twenty fi ve years. Otherwise what we will face will not be pleasant. Especially poorer nations, tropical nations like India and Bangladesh, and African nations will suff er immensely. Richer temperate climates may manage. And every one of those nations will have to build walls because people will migrate in a huge way that you cannot control. You understand? You will have to use armies to shoot down people, that’s what it will come to.

    “So it is best that every- body invests, not only those poorer, tropical na- tions. Nations who are fi nancially competent must invest because we are investing in the planet. This the right time for us to think beyond national borders and identities and invest in the future of this planet, in future of humanity. It is very important. And small changes - you use a little less water when brushing your teeth or you did this and that for your satisfac- tion - are not a solution. For a solution to happen, policy must change, government machinery must be behind it, large budgets should be allocated for this.”

    How to make governments invest in long- term ecological solutions?

    Sadhguru: “We want to make at least three billion people conscious about ecology. So we are working with UN agencies. Right now the material that is out there about the ecological crisis is all PhD material; most people cannot make head or tail out of it. You read the UN document which runs into hundreds of pages - after weeks of reading, you don’t know where it started and where it ended. Not that there is anything wrong with it, but most human beings don’t have the