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  • Compassion Cannot Choose




  • Compassion Cannot Choose


    Suffering is suffering, whatever may have been the cause for it. When there is suffering, what caused it is not important. There is no such thing as one kind of suffering being great and another kind of suffering being small. It is not right to think that if one suffers from cancer you should give him love and if another suffers from HIV/AIDS you must not give him love.

    If our humanity is functional, when someone is suffering, we spontaneously feel that we ought to do something about it. No one has to teach this to us. But because we have come to wrong conclusions about those suffering from HIV/AIDS, an environment has been created in this society, to act against human nature, thereby destroying the basic humanity in us.

    When the Tsunami happened, everyone was reaching out. I do not understand why people are not reaching out to the HIV situation in the same way and with the same vigor. Why not?

    Clearly, compassion cannot choose

    - Sadhguru

    CompassionCannot Choose...

    We gratefully acknowledge the

    support given by APAC-VHS Chennai,

    and USAID New Delhi for their

    support in producing this.

  • Compassion Cannot Choose



    Cannot Choose



  • Compassion Cannot Choose


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    Published by:

    Isha Foundation15, Govindasamy Naidu Layout,

    Singanallur, Coimbatore - 641 005 INDIA.

    Phone: +91-422-2515345



    First Edition: March 2008

    Compassion Cannot ChooseSadhguru

  • Compassion Cannot Choose


    The continuing spread of HIV/AIDS poses a threat not

    only to Public Health in India but also to the well-being of

    the society at large. The human suffering and the impact

    of the problem can be mitigated by a response which, led

    by the Government, involves all sections of the civil society

    including non-governmental organizations and community-

    based organizations.

    The faith-based organizations (FBOs) can particularly play

    a critical role in reducing the impact of HIV/AIDS through

    reduction of stigma and discrimination for people living

    with HIV/AIDS (PLHAs) and preparing the individuals and

    communities to respond in a compassionate manner, to the

    problems associated with HIV/AIDS and its consequences.

    The Isha Foundation is one of the several FBOs working in the

    field of HIV/AIDS and providing the much-needed spiritual

    dimension to the response to the epidemic in India.

    This booklet is the outcome of a successful gathering

    and discussion by the leadership and volunteers of the

    Isha Foundation with over 500 PLHAs on positive living.


  • Compassion Cannot Choose


    The booklet, in the form of question answers, depicts several

    personal stories narrated by the PLHAs and the answers to

    their questions in an emotional, compassionate and spiritual

    style, thus giving a face to human problems. Every personal

    story and the response reminds the readers that even the most

    difficult situations can be used as opportunities for getting

    strength to face the problem boldly.

    The booklet will be useful for general public and particularly

    for thousands of PLHAs in India and their family members,

    who I am sure, will get lot of solace and encouragement to

    live stronger and positive lives. I appreciate the work done

    by Isha Foundation and other similar organizations to alleviate

    the human suffering of thousands of people and making a

    contribution to Indias response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

    - Dr. Robert Clay, Director,

    Office of Population, Health & Nutrition, USAID, New Delhi.

  • Compassion Cannot Choose


    About Sadhguru ........................................

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    Compassion Cannot Choose ..................

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  • Compassion Cannot Choose


    Considered one of the most profound mystics of modern

    times, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An

    arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and

    work serve as a reminder that inner sciences are not esoteric

    philosophies from an outdated past, but a contemporary

    science, vitally relevant to our times. Probing, passionate and

    provocative, deeply insightful and unfailingly witty, Sadhgurus

    SadhguruFounder, Isha Foundation

  • Compassion Cannot Choose


    talks have earned him the reputation of a speaker and opinion-

    maker of international renown.

    Sadhguru has been a delegate to the United Nations

    Millennium Peace Summit, as well as a special invitee to the

    World Economic Forum at Davos each year since 2006. He

    was also an invited speaker at the recent Australian Leadership

    Retreat, Tallberg Forum, Indian Economic Summit and various

    other international forums. Listeners have been ubiquitously

    impressed by his astute and incisive grasp of current issues and

    world affairs, as well as his unerringly scientific approach to

    the question of human well being.

    Moved by the sufferings of those affected by HIV/AIDS and

    concerned about the threat it poses to humanity, Sadhguru

    has brought spirituality and yoga to the aid of people living

    with HIV through the Isha Foundation, a non-religious and

    non-denominational organization, founded by him.

    With 150 centers worldwide, Isha promotes the well-being

    of individuals as well as social development projects. Within

    the state of Tamil Nadu, it provides intensive health care and

    other services to the rural poor and those in urban slums.

    Ishas members work in the states highly affected districts

    to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS. The Foundation runs

    Action for Rural Rejuvenation project to provide free medical

    treatment and counselling through 21 Mobile Health Clinics,

  • Compassion Cannot Choose


    covering a population of 3.6 million people in some 3,000

    villages. In the media and among the public, Sadhguru rallies

    against stigma and discrimination to people living with HIV/

    AIDS, a commitment he backs with strong implementation of

    yoga programs for those affected by the disease.

    He leads HIV-positive people in sathsangs, or spiritual

    gatherings, one of which was televised throughout the country.

    He plans a similar broadcast for the coming year. The Isha

    Foundation is currently setting up a tree nursery, run by HIV-

    positive people, as a part of an initiative to plant 114 million

    saplings over the next ten years and provide an income-

    earning activity with a social contribution.

    Sadhguru has also developed yogic practices for HIV-

    positive people that he believes make a difference in how

    they handle HIV-related disease. Ishas long-term objective

    is to create community centers complete with medical units

    and hospice services, an orphanage, a home where destitute

    HIV-positive people can live in dignity, a yoga and meditation

    centre, as well as a livelihood training center.

  • Compassion Cannot Choose


    The story of human civilization has been punctuated with

    sordid tales of disasters and tragedies. While Nature inflicted

    some of them, humans inflicted some of the most gruesome

    ones upon their fellow beings. The story of HIV/AIDS is one

    that combines the two, making it the most potent threat to the

    existence of human race on the planet.

    HIV/AIDS is not the first of the deadly diseases to strike the

    planet. Malaria, tuberculosis, polio, leprosy, plague, etc. have

    all wreaked havoc and killed people on a large scale before

    they were tamed by modern medicine. What makes HIV/AIDS

    unique, however, is that while its epidemiology has posed

    frightful challenges to the medical fraternity, which are yet to

    be met, the stigma associated with the disease has caused us

    to witness some of the worst human behavior since the time

    of head hunters.

    In terms of epidemiology, HIV/AIDS has the dubious

    distinction of not being a disease as such. However, by

    destroying the human immune system, it is the mother of all

    diseases, ensuring horrible deaths from the choicest cocktail of


  • Compassion Cannot Choose


    diseases which even the best modern medical care grapples to

    come to terms with. The illness itself can be very long drawn,

    slowly and cruelly prolonging the misery of those suffering

    from it.

    While the complexity of the disease is Natures contribution

    to the situation, the prevailing social stigma, victimization,

    neglect and indifference, surpasses Nature in cruelty. In many

    ways it is as if the disease has stirred the most fundamental