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Improve your Facebook Fan Page in just 10 minutes a day! I show you how to quickly build up lists of other Fan Pages, and comment on them as your Fan Page, thereby increasing your reach and visibility. http://socialbeesmedia.linktrackr.com/blogpost


  • 10 Minute Tips Increasing Your Facebook Fan Page Visibility

    By commenting on other peoples pages as your Fan Page

  • 1. Go to your Fan Page, then go to Admin Panel, Edit Page, and use Facebook as (your page name)

    You are now able to post as your Page!

  • 2. In the search bar at the top of your page, you enter the name of the page you are interested in, go to the page, and then below the cover photo, click on the

    Like button. You have now liked as your page!

    This is a quick way of accessing all the pages that interest you.

  • 3. Do this for all the Pages you are interested in, and want to comment on.

  • 4. Next, you need to click on your newsfeed, which will come up with all the latest posts from

    the pages you have liked.

  • 5. All you have to do now is add your comments to the posts!

    Job done!

    For more info, and other blog posts Click Here!