How to set up a Facebook Fan Page & Facebook Advertising tips

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This is a presentation I did at SMX on the basics of setting up a Facebook Fan page and some Facebook advertising tips - with real-life case studies. In one I target one guy (a client) I had lunch with with a Facebook Ad...


<ul><li> 1. The Future of Search</li></ul> <p> 2. Today: Building an effective Fan Page &amp; Facebook Ad Campaign 3. Facebook Fan Pages 4. Facebook - The Numbers More than 950 million active people (up from 550 million in April 2011) 50% of active participants log on to Facebook in any given day, 543 Million on Mobile Average person has 130 friends People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook (BTW, thats 1.33 million years give or take) Source: NewsAreaId=22 5. Lets hop to it... 6. Facebook Fan Pages - Warning Only do this if you have the time and the resources to manage a Fan Page. Youre about to see a glimpse at whats involved 7. Facebook Pages Which Type? 8. Facebook Pages Which Type? 9. Facebook CommunitiesA Facebook Community Page helps people to connect with topics,causes or experiences. Think, Facebook Wiki. 10. Facebook Groups A Facebook Group is a small-scale, more personal (and oftenmore private) way for people to interact Recommended for clubs, company working groups, causes,alumnis, etc. 11. Facebook Fan PagesFacebook Fan Pagesallow companies,celebrities &amp; bands toengage &amp; speak withthe people that likethem. 12. How to create a Fan PageTheyre easy to create.Simply Create a Page! 13. Facebook Brand AmbassadorHaving created Fan Page, appoint a brand ambassador.This is the person who will be the face or voice of your Fan Page.Tip, be careful if use your own profile for this; could be better to either create a new one for yourself (risky and against FBs ToS) or get someone else to it 14. Facebook Fan PagesTips to make an impact:Make a cool profile picture: profile-photo-hacks-2009-02SEO your Page information for Brandand keywords 15. Facebook Fan Pages FBML is D.E.D, or G.A.W.N. In March 2011, Facebook replaced FBMLwith iFrame system to help brands re-do their own fan pages and make themmore customised... Facebook Tabs have gone too and havebeen moved to Nav links on the left ofthe page. Not happy Jan. 16. Facebook Fan PagesWhat this means?Heres how they used tolook... 17. Facebook Fan Pages 18. Facebook Timeline 19. Facebook Timeline 20. Facebook Timeline 21. Facebook Timeline 22. Facebook TimelinePromote content using Pin to Top 23. Facebook Fan Pages AppsFind a third party App provider, or get someone to help build an app for you to do this... The below is a 3rd party iFrame app from 24. Facebook Fan PagesAdd the app to your page... 25. Facebook Fan Pages1. Name Tab2. Add HTML3. Save Changes 26. Facebook Fan PagesUseful Resources: Tools-to-Create-New-Facebook-iFrame-Pages- for PHP programmers: iframe-application-signed_request_reveal_tab/ 27. Facebook Fan PagesTip, buy a nice-looking template andmodify 28. Facebook Fan PagesTips to help with page &amp; reputation management: 29. Facebook Fan PagesFinal Marketing Tips 25+ fans = Vanity URL Use Facebook Plug-in tools to promote on your own website Invite friends to become fans Have friends like comments - 5+ means more chance of postappearing on Fans news feeds. Link Facebook Fan Page posts to Twitter (keep updates tounder 140 characters) Add like buttons to all content on your website 30. Facebook Fan PagesPromoting Tips Try using Google Ads to promote your Fan Page run them outthrough the content network 31. Facebook Fan PagesIncentivise Likes with a reveal custom tab 32. Facebook Fan PagesAnalytics 33. Facebook Ads 34. Facebook Ads Facebook Ads can reach up to 955 Million People Globally(Australia, over 10.9 million) They differ from Google Ads. Google Ads work on search termsand contextual placements Facebook Ads work because you show them to a targetdemographic of people who like stuff you do or sell. 35. Facebook AdsThere are basically 2 types1. An Internal Ad which promotes your Facebook Fan Page or Group2. An External Ad which links out of Facebook to your website 36. Facebook Ads 37. Facebook Ads 38. Facebook Ads Basic Targeting 39. Facebook Ads 40. Facebook Ads 41. Facebook AdsI recommend CPC over CPM (Costper 1,000 impressions)The Benefit is unlimitedimpressions and you only pay onclicks. 42. Facebook Ads Analytics 43. Facebook AdsAnother Benefit... Attribution. 44. Facebook Ads - Case StudyCase study: 45. Facebook Ads - Case Study 46. Facebook Ads - Case Study 47. Facebook AdsTop Tips Update your Ads every couple of days (this prevents Ad Fatigue) Use different pics, update copy &amp; test offers etc. Competitions work a treat for eDM list building - Ive witnessedup to 30% Conv Rate (&amp; the list converted too) In your ads, use images of people &amp; faces, they seem to getbetter engagement &amp; split test Ads which are quirky, fun and edgy work well (Facebook Ads arenot Google Ads) Facebook Ads are not set and forget (like Google Ads!?). If youwant them to work, you need to work. 48. Other FacebookMarketing Tactics 49. Facebook Marketing IdeasEncourage Facebook Check ins 50. Facebook Marketing IdeasPeople regularly see that their friends are going to yourstore/hotel/whatever Your name is going a little viral (forfree) 51. Facebook Marketing IdeasThen you start showing Ads to all your Facebook friends of Fans.This is powerful because Friends of Fans have hopefully alreadyheard of you, so are more likely to be interested (and trusting). 52. In Summary Only setup a Facebook Fan Page if you have the resources to doit justice Facebook Fan Pages need a casual, but authentic voice The Page can bring your great people out from behind thecorporate site (its fun, different &amp; motivating) Facebook Ads require experimentation and close monitoring. Facebook Ads work 53. Questions?To contact me (Chris Thomas) personally E: P: 03 9415 2383 M: 0414 986 957 Reseo Main References: </p>