ERASMUS MUNDUS and TEMPUS Information day 2013 Marja Medved marja.medved@ marja.medved@

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Text of ERASMUS MUNDUS and TEMPUS Information day 2013 Marja Medved marja.medved@ marja.medved@

  • ERASMUS MUNDUS and TEMPUS Information day 2013


  • General aims of EM

    Enhance the quality of European HE through international co-operationImprove the development of human resourcesPromote dialogue and understanding between people and culturesPromote Europe as a center of excellence in learning around the world

  • More concretely:

    Better qualifications and competences of individuals and their preparation for labour marketPromotion of mobility to the EU and gaining experience and qualifications in the EU HR development and capacity building for international cooperation and mobility between EU and other countries

  • EM actions 2013ACTION 2Partnerhips between EU and non-EU HEIsScholarships for short-term or degree-seeking student mobility at a range of levels, and for staff (and lump sum for organizational costs)

    ACTION 3Raise profile of European higher educationTackle challenges of international higher education cooperation

  • General aims of action 2Improved cooperation between HEIsBetter transparency and recognitionExchange and transfer of academic, organizational and pedagogical knowledgeImprovement of skills and competences to stimulate employability of students and staff

  • ACTION 2Strand 1All levels, all fields of study5 EU HEIs (3 EU countries) and HEIs from other countriesMax 20 partnersDifferent financial mechanismsJoint coordinationStrand 2Focus on regional cooperation, all fields of study5 EU HEIs (3 EU countries) and 3HEIs from other countriesMax 12 partnersIndustrialized countries instrument

  • Proposed shape of lots:Action 2 Call 2013 (neighbouring countries)Proposed n of partnerships: Lot 4RussiaLot 1Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, EgyptLot 2Jordan, Lebanon, OPT, SyriaLot 3IsraelLot 5Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia Lot 7Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina FYROM, Kosovo*, Montenegro, SerbiaLot 9Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan NEW!Lot 10Uzbekistan country lotx24439114NEW!Lot 6Tunisia country lot2Check the official Call documents

  • Lot 13India

    Lot 17South AfricaLot 18ACP countriesLot 16BrazilLot 11Asia WestLot 15Latin America(C)Lot 12Asia EastLot 8Iran Iraq Yemen424333Lot 1North AmericaLot 4Australia New ZealandLot 4Gulf countriesLot 14Latin America(S)411321Lot 3JapanKorea1Proposed shape of lots:Action 2 Call 2013 (rest of the world)Proposed n of partnerships: xStrand 1Strand 2Check the official Call documents

  • Action 2, strand 1, geographical windows

  • Action 2 financial mechanismsn. b. not all financial mechanisms allow reciprocity in mobility and involve all levels of study.

  • Good to know, when planning partnership and mobility:In principle every lot has its own rules regarding:Nr. of partner HEIsEligibility criteria of HEIRules regarding mobility flows (directions)Eligible study fieldsMobility type Eligible target groups for mobility (vulnerable groups!)

    ** Specific Guidelines for Action 2 Call for proposals 2013!

  • Project activitiesPre mobility period (agreements, preparation, selection)During mobility (monitoring, evaluation)Post mobility activities (recognition, sustainability)

    Duration of the project is up to 48 months.

  • Action 2 Award Criteria: Strand 11. Relevance (25%)2. Quality (65% total)2.1. Partnership composition and cooperation mechanisms (20%)2.2. Organisation and implementation of mobility (25%)2.3. Student/staff facilities and follow-up (20%)3. Sustainability (10%)

  • Action 2 Award Criteria: Strand 21. Relevance (25%)2. Contribution to excellence (25%)3. Quality (50% total)3.1.Partnership composition and cooperation mechanisms (15%)3.2.Organisation and implementation of mobility (20%)3.3.Student/staff facilities and follow-up (15%)

  • FundingLump sum for organizational costs- 10.000 Travel from 250 (500km) - 2.500 (10.000km)Subsistence 1.000 1.800 /month 2.500 / month for staffParticipation costs 3000 (5000 for specialized post doc)Insurance 75 / month

    3 payments to beneficiaries 50% + 30% + 20%

  • Action 3 Promotion projectsAim: support European HE in transnational initiatives, events promotion, dissemination & exploitation of results Areas: promotion of EHEA, openess, QA, recognition, and accreditation (ECTS), mobility supportActivities: conferences, seminars, workshops, studies, reserach, international networks, publications, new techologies, tools and manuals, pilot projects

  • Main characteristicsPriorities every yearImprovement of attractiveness of Euroean HE Internationalisation of Erasmus thematic networks12 to 36 month long projectsAt least 3 European countries & 1 non EU or network of 15 eligible institutions from at least 10 countriesActivities may take placy anywhere in the world

  • Whats new in 2013?Earlier deadline: 15 April 2013No Action 1 Call (Masters Courses and Joint Doctorates)Action 2 Call: mobility for EU nationals to developing countries- new country lots: Brazil, Tunisia, Uzbekistan- increased budget- e-form applicationAction 3 Call: - increased budget- e-form application*Check the official Call documentsImportance of geographical coverage : EU and nonEU partnersPast/current performance of partnership: management capacityAction 2 assessment: additional elements

  • Key Documents for your application

    Programme Guide (dec 2012 ENG version!) programme objectives, activities, eligibility criteria, conditions Call for Proposals 2013 budget, award criteria, priorities, deadlinesGuidelines for Applicants (Action 2)Application Forms and InstructionsFAQ, models of documents

  • For Action 2 only: Specific guidelinesLists geographical lotsBudget per lot minimum mobility flowsThematic priorities (disciplines)Specific criteria for partners/partnershipsTypes of mobility funded and duration

  • More information GuideCalls for ProposalsFAQsSelected projects*Good practicePartner searchBeneficiaries space

  • Questions & additional information

  • Good luck and do not forget:Monday 15. April 2013