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  1. 1. Enefit Technology Industries Eest Energia Tehnoloogiatstus
  2. 2. Eesti Energia Tehnoloogiatstus | Enefit Technology Industries Offers a wide range of competitive technological project solutions for energy and industry. Our single-source service of complex industrial projects offers a full service from design and manufacture to equipment installation and maintenance. Our technological solutions are mostly used in mines, power plants and oil plants. Enefit Technology Industries has two subcompanies: Eesti Energia Hoolduskeskus | Enefit Maintenance Centre Installation, repair and maintenance services for electric and automation equipment. Eesti Energia Testimiskeskus | Enefit Test Centre Non-destructive testing (NDT) and destructive testing (DT) of metals and welded connections; certification of welding personnel and certification of welding procedures; high-pressure washing. Enefit Technology Industries Enefit Technology Industries is a technological project solutions company established in 1959 with a state- owned parent company Eesti Energia
  3. 3. Eesti Energias structure
  4. 4. Enefit Management KAM Maintenance Structure Enefit Test CentreInstallation& Construction Manufacturing & Project Management CRM, Project Management QHSE Engineering Finance & Purchase Human Resources
  5. 5. Company Core Values
  6. 6. Location of factory Factory is located in the north-eastern Estonian city of Jhvi. The factory is located close to the Port of Sillame, the third largest port of Estonia. Jhvi Factory: 165 km east from Tallinn. 25 km east from Port of Sillame 205 km west from Saint-Petersburg
  7. 7. Enefit Technology Industries exports to more than 40 countries We manufacture a wide range of metal structures and mechanical equipment for various industries (energy, mining, oil&gas), and we export them to more than 40 countries around the world.
  8. 8. Industries we serve: Offshore/Subsea Oil & Gas Power Generation Pulp & Paper Environmental Mining
  9. 9. Subsea products we manufacture Guide Posts Inboard Porches Jette Frames Landing Frames Lifting Baskets Other Fabrication Structures Outboard porches Reaction Plates Termination Structures Test stands Umbilicals WBIs Xmas trees
  10. 10. Production capabilties Production & stock areas 27 000 sqm Procuction capacity 800 tonnes per month single shift Metal products maximum size 6500 * 6500 * 5500 mm Metal products maximum weight 75 tonnes Stationary lifting devices 61 pieces, lifting capacity 2 50 tonnes Gas & Plasma cutters Thickness up to 35 mm and width 2500 mm Forge Rolling tools Thickness up to 25 mm and width 6000 mm Guillotine-type cutters Thickness up to 25 mm and width 6000 mm Sheet bending Width 6 m, pressure 800 tonnes up to 50 mm thickness Hydraulic for roll bending Thickness 20 80 mm, max width 3000 mm, max diameter 6000 Turning and milling machines Length up to 6300 mm and weight 13 tonnes MIG/MAG/TIG welding 110 Kemppi and Telwin welding machines Pipe bending machine Pipe diameter upto 159 mm, wall thickness 16 mm and radius up to 800 mm Thermal treatment furnaces New CNC machines 3D measuring equipmetnt Up to 1100 C, max size1300 * 2600 * 800 mm Hartford Pro-2150, max weight on the bench 12 tonnes Hartford SW-423, max weight on the bench 5 tonnes Metronor 3d measuring gauge
  11. 11. Paint shop capabilties Paint shop area 1 700 sqm Size shot blasting chamber L = 18 M, W = 8 m, H = 6 m Painting chamber including drying L = 12 M, W = 8 M, H = 6 M L = 12 M, W = 5 M, H = 5 M Lifting capacity 2 * 10 tonnes cranes 2 * 20 tonnes cranes Indoor storage of painted products 500 sqm Outdoor storage of painted products 2 000 sqm Special coatings Xylan L = 2,0 M, W = 2,5 m, H = 2,5 m
  12. 12. Personal Capacity for offshore products Engineering Department 50 Purchase Department 11 Preparation Department 66 Welding department 110 - Qualified welders for subsea products 55 Machining department 63 Coating department 39 Support workers 18 Quality Department 12 3d measurement team 2
  13. 13. Our Services Purchasing of materials and components Yes Assembly & Welding Yes Heat Treatment Yes Machining Yes Survey, Measuring & NDT Yes Surface treatment Yes Painting Yes Xylan coating Yes Mechanical Assembly Yes Hydraulical & Electrical Assembly Yes Testing (FAT and Load test) Yes Packing Yes Logistics Yes 3D measurement Yes
  14. 14. Quality system Our certificates Enefit Technology Industries ISO 9001 ISO 14001 ISO 18001 ISO 10 006 Enefit Technology Industries Manufacture EVS EN 3834 EVS EN 1090 Enefit Test Centre EN ISO 17025 EVS- EN 45011 EVS EN 17024 Enefit Maintenance Centre EN-ISO 17025 Production according to NORSOK standards and customers specifications
  15. 15. In every step of a project realization we can be your partner Enefit Technology Industries is your true single-source supplier of complex projects. We provide full service from design until maintenance of installed appliances. Available technologies, equipment, tools and qualification guarantees optimum timeframe and quality and minimal cost excursions. Project realization
  16. 16. When any questions remain please dont hesitate to contact: Juri Mihhailov Project Manager e-mail: [email protected] tel: (+372) 716 6703; Mob: (+372) 551 8163 Thank You!