Drama Activity - The Baker's Dozen

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Language Arts - Dramas and Plays

Text of Drama Activity - The Baker's Dozen

  • The Bakers Dozen -Significant Part and Drama Activity-Nur Athirah Binti Che RobiPISMP TESL 2 Semester 5921226-03-5350

  • Significant part of the playScene 1The Baker declined the old womans request to have 13 cookies as a dozen instead of 12.Scene 2The Bakers business turned bad.Scene 3The Baker dreamed of Saint Nicholas giving gifts to children and the gifts and strangely Saint Nicholas did not seem to be out of gifts.

  • Why is it significant??These three scenes contains the essence of the whole story.Shows the flow of the story directly.Easy to understoodDelivers the idea of being generous in a good and clear way.

  • Drama Activity Frozen ThoughtThe whole play is performed by a series of frozen actions.One group will be the playing the frozen act .One group will be the audience and take turns to speak the thoughts and feelings of the actors and actresses out loud .

  • Target Language SkillsLanguage Arts.The pupils use reading skills to understand and prepare for their characters.The pupils use speaking skills to utter the thoughts for the character using the right intonation and punctuation.Reading and speaking skills are crucial skills in performing activities in plays.

  • Frozen Thought of The Bakers Dozen

  • Frozen Act

  • Frozen Act

  • Why Frozen Thought??This activity addresses the main aspects of a play.MovementVoice projectionThe pupils are exposed to the practice of each aspect in isolation.The pupils will be able toApply suitable positions and body postures according to the character.Use proper voice projection and voice control.Use suitable words and sentences for every character