Welcome to Affordable Business Intelligence Tools: My BI Baker's Dozen

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An Overview of the Casper College search for BI knowledge presented at Kuali Days 2014 in Indianapolis

Text of Welcome to Affordable Business Intelligence Tools: My BI Baker's Dozen

  • 1. Welcome to AffordableBusiness IntelligenceToolsKent BrooksCasper CollegeNovember 11, 2014Indianapolis Indiana@kentbrooks #kualidays1

2. Kuali Days 2014Indianapolis 2 3. From Data to InsightKuali Days 2014Indianapolis 3 4. 4We dont have enoughdata.the sample size istoo small-Moneyball 5. Our Data Challenge (Part 1)We have Web Intelligence but we arelacking the ability to create reportsfrom our whole data set.SAP( for example) = good dailyreports but no ad hoc, no visualizationno dashboardsKuali Days 2014Indianapolis 5 6. Our Data Challenge (Part 2)We are being asked to be wisestewards of resources about a fieldthat is brand newThe skills we are being asked to learnto do this right are in addition to all theother things we must knowKuali Days 2014Indianapolis 6 7. Our Data Challenge (Part 3)Source: www.dilbert.comKuali Days 2014Indianapolis 7 8. Overcoming the BI/ DataChallenge TDWI BI Scorecard =http://tinyurl.com/l6u76yl Higher Ed BI Conference = NKU HEDW = http://www.hedw.orgKuali Days 2014Indianapolis 8 9. The Real Title of this Session:Observationsof theBI TenderfootKuali Days 2014Indianapolis 9 10. Get a common set of definitionsKuali Days 2014Indianapolis 10 11. Use the Right KPIs The Only KPI that really matters is useradoption The adoption goal for BI in the organizationshould be 100% Ethics in analytics has been virtuallyignored.dont ignore it Plan to leverage internal and external datasources11My BI Bakers Dozen (Part 1) 12. Determine if real time data is actuallycritical Dont ignore small data. Excel is still yourfriend The perfect is the enemy of the good Dont totally robot yourself. Gut feelings +intuition + data = Good Learn the tools you have before chasingafter the next shiny thing12My BI Bakers Dozen (Part 2) 13. There is not one killer tool out there. Thinkabout a toolkit and multiple models to types The perfect is the enemy of the good You want useful informationnot just bigdata.13My BI Bakers Dozen (Part 3) 14. 14But What about the Tools?BI tools are a lot like the Marland Mansion Tunnel 15. 15But What about the Tools?Source: http://thedoghousediaries.com/Going Slower is Always Faster 16. 16But What about the Tools?Pervasive integration with various tools is coming 17. 17But What about the Tools?Everyone is trying provide more comprehensive tools 18. Sometimes Affordability isLearning How to Use What YouAlready HaveBetterKuali Days 2014Indianapolis 18 19. 19But What about the Tools?In our case CROA for daily reportingcombined with other tools for: Data Visualization Charts/ Graphs Mobile AnalysisIs a Reasonable Solution 20. If Nothing Else. Watch Moneyball Casper College BI Learning Centerhttp://bit.ly/1qWFX5C BI Scorecard & Bloghttp://www.biscorecard.com/blog/Kuali Days 2014Indianapolis 20 21. Next on my Learning List.Kuali Days 2014Indianapolis 21 22. Kent Brookskbrooks@caspercollege.edu@kentbrookswww.kentbrooks.comKuali Days 2014Indianapolis 22 23. 23