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Every trip to Kings Gillette is a chance for you to experience the sights, sounds, and aromas of something special. We have created a culinary experience filled with the freshest ingredients, rarest finds and the highest quality products. We invite you to be inspired by our food offerings in our new location in Gillette, NJ.

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  • Come Share our Love of Food.




    now open!

    Kings Food Market977 Valley RoadGillette, NJ 07933

    STORE HOURS: Monday - Saturday 7:30am-10:00pmSunday 7:30am-9:00pm 908-580-5080

    See Inside For Special Savings!

    Local & Organic Produce Neapolitan Style Pizza Chef-Inspired Prepared FoodsGrain Exchange & Mezze Bars Over 300 International Cheeses Flower Boutique

    Cappuccino/Espresso Bar Freshly Squeezed Juice Caf with WiFi




    Kings Food Markets is excited to bring our unique shopping experience to the Gillette community. We have created a one-stop culinary destination where you will find the highest quality products, on-the-go chef-prepared meals and all your entertaining essentials to meet all of your cooking needs. Kings offers you the freshest ingredients, including more local and organic selections than you can imagine. Come share our love of food!

    the Kings difference

  • Yogurt Parfaits

    Authentic barista brewed espresso, cappuccino and special seasonal lattes created from the finest organic regular or decaf


    Our exclusive berry and mango yogurt parfaits are made with 0% Fage yogurt, real fruit and crunchy granola.

    Fresh Smoothies

    Bake Shop

    A tantalizing fat-free blend of real fruits and non-fat yogurt for a

    refreshing and healthy snack you can enjoy on

    the run.

    From authentic pure butter French croissants to rich

    and moist artisanal scones, all are baked to perfection with quality ingredients.

    For more information visit us online!

    Specialty Coffees

    Our Coffee House offers the most convenient way to savor the finest coffees and baked goods. Stop by for a quick breakfast or anytime of day for a delicious snack on the go. Our gourmet selections are ready for you to enjoy on the way to work or your next appointment even while you shop!

    quickpick-me ups

  • for the

    chef in youWe carry the widest variety of the freshest seasonal produce, meats and seafood so you can create unforgettably delicious meals. Our high quality ingredients will bring out the full flavor of your favorite recipes and inspire you to prepare exciting new dishes. From simple recipes to more complex ones, we have everything you need to satisfy your passion for cooking!




  • Grain Bar

    Rare Finds

    An inspired choice of the finest whole grains, vegetables, legumes and noodles sourced both locally and globally.

    We seek only the finest specialty items which we

    sprinkle throughout our aisles. Every trip to Kings will lead you to discover unique teas,

    oils, spices and other specialty foods from around the world.

    CharcuterieUnique Oils

    Discover the finest dry cured and cooked imported meats

    from across Europe. From sweet tender tasting aged prosciutto to hand carved natural smoked ham. With a wide selection of reduced sodium and gluten free meats.

    We have a great variety of oils to add wonderful

    flavors and aromas to your recipes, including exotic

    international offerings from around the world.

    For more information visit us online!

    Fresh Produce

    Organic Produce

    We carry the freshest, highest quality fruits and vegetables

    available anywhere. Our produce is delivered fresh daily from the best farms so you can enjoy an

    incredible variety of great-tasting, healthy selections every day.

    Quite simply the best of the best, our naturally delicious organic produce is bursting

    with fresh flavor and nutrients.

    Gourmet Meats

    Top of the Catch

    Our premium meats are carefully selected from local farms to

    ensure maximum freshness and quality. Our experienced butchers will gladly customize your order and assist you in choosing the

    perfect cut of meat.

    At Kings, we buy our seafood from small suppliers, whose shorter trips provide a catch

    thats always fresh, never frozen. Our seafood experts will clean, shuck, fillet, peel, de-vein and

    even steam your order.

    Potato Crusted Salmon BitesAdd variety to your appetizer menu with delicious salmon bites. These quickly prepared treats are also great with salad for a

    light lunch rich in Omega 3.

    Visit us online for this recipe!

  • Only at Kings will you find such a wide selection of chef prepared gourmet foods to fit your schedule. Our chefs make sure you are never too busy to enjoy authentic inspirations handcrafted in our kitchen with the finest ingredients. No time to cook? Stop by Kings to savor fresh, seasonal flavors on the run or in the comfort of your home!






  • Mezze Bar

    More seasonal entres than you can imagine, all crafted with the freshest ingredients from within our store and ready to heat & serve.

    We bring the Mediterranean and the world to you with the best tahini, hummus, tabbouleh, fattoush and

    grilled vegetables.

    Fresh Sushi

    Hot Foods Bar

    The freshest seafood and vegetables expertly

    hand-rolled by our sushi chefs. Special orders can be prepared while you shop!

    An extensive selection of fresh, chef inspired

    American and international fare ready for you to take

    home and enjoy.

    For more information visit us online!

    Neapolitan Style Pizza

    Inspired Salads

    Hand-stretched dough, San Marzano tomatoes, artisanal toppings, regional cheeses and just picked herbs are

    baked in an imported Italian brick oven for an amazing

    flavor experience.

    We bring the Mediterranean and the world to you with

    an impressive variety of the best olives, cheeses, dips

    and salads.

    Artisan Sandwiches

    Hot Soup Bar

    Freshly delivered artisan breads from NYC are filled with the finest ingredients to create intense combinations

    of flavors and textures.

    The largest selection of seasonal soups made with locally grown produce,

    always hot and ready to go.

    Hibachi GrillSavory dumplings plus skewers and stir-fries prepared on a high heat Japanese hibachi griddle all feature the freshest vegetables, tofu, meat and seafood seasoned with savory sauces and marinades.

    Chef PreparedEntrees




    for the

    entertainerWhether you are hosting an intimate gathering or a large party, Kings is the place to go when you want to serve your guests an impressive array of appetizers and sweets. Choose from our gourmet cheeses and patisseries, set out the finest coffees and teas, add a few decorative touches and you are ready to entertain with style and taste.

  • Caspari

    High quality paper products elegantly printed with

    classic and contemporary designs for stylish and convenient entertaining.

    Teas & Coffee

    Gourmet Chocolates

    Our buyers have selected the finest coffees and teas from around the world

    offering a variety of unique flavor profiles.

    The experts of our gourmet sweets department bring you the most exquisite

    chocolates from both local and international artisans.

    Floral Services

    Our innovative new open air cooler has many unique local finds and over 100 varieties of flowers. We

    also offer custom designs!

    For more information visit us online!

    Cheese Shop

    From local American artisanal to the finest European cheeses,

    we carry more than 400 fine cheeses with countless fragrances and aromas.

    Company for dinner? Create cheese fondue for a fun, easy way to share delicious food

    and conversation with friends.

    Visit us online for this recipe!

    Cheese FondueHome Decor

    Enhance your home with a touch of luxury and inspiration. Our home

    collections highlight seasonal color palettes and are perfect for you or

    as a housewarming gift.

    PatisserieWe have the best pastries and baked goods delivered fresh daily from local artisan bakeries. Crafted with the quality all-natural ingredients, our sophisticated treats are irresistibly delicious.

  • your holiday

    delightsKings is the destination of choice when you want to serve the very best for Passover and Easter. Our premium seafood and meat selection will help you create delicious entres that will impress everyone at your table. From chef inspired side dishes to local and organic produce, we have everything you need to treat your family and friends to memorable holiday meals.




  • Let our catering experts handle the cooking for your next event. Your guests will love our inspired appetizers, platters and full-course dinners. Our eclectic catering menu will allow you to relax and enjoy yourself while still serving an impressive selection of gourmet quality foods. Our chefs also craft special holiday catering menus throughout the year for extra help when youre busy!

    your personal chef

    Inspirational Tools

    As part of our commitment to fighting hunger in local

    communities, Kings will donate a portion of our proceeds to the Community Food Bank of New

    Jersey to commemorate the grand opening of our Gillette store.

    Check out our website, follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and subscribe to our e-newsletter for unique recipes, tips

    and information about upcoming store events.

    Inspire MagazineKeep an eye out for our

    monthly Inspire Magazine, full of helpful tips, gourmet recipes and savings. Mak