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The Gillette Fusion ProGlide Power Razor is Gillettes most advanced blade ever. Thinner, finer blades* with a low-resistance coating glide effortlessly through hair for less tug and pull, providing incredible comfort, even if you shave every day. Try Gillette Fusion ProGlide today; after one shave, youll stop shaving and start gliding

Company profileGillette India Limited (GIL) is one of India's well-known FMCG Companies that has in its portfolio GILLETTE MACH 3 TURBO, ORAL-B and DURACELL - world's leading brands and has carved a reputation for delivering high quality, value-added products to meet the needs of consumers. COMPANY HISTORY: Incorporated in the year 1985 as Indian Shaving Products Limited, now Gillette India Limited, its products speak for themselves. The company is always been known for the strength of its brands, and always continues to penetrate deeper into the hearts of Indian Consumers. In the year 1990-91, the company launched two products, first was 7 0'Clock EJTEK PII Shaving System and second was shaving cream with three variants. This was the First time that a shaving cream was introduced in Indian markets with special features. In the Year 1991-92, the company launched new technology Gillette products. In the year 1992-93, the company launched the first advanced shaving product under the Gillette brand name Gillette Presto ready shaver all over India. The company earned distinction of being included for the first time in the top 100 companies in India, in terms of Market capitalization as published in Business today. In the year 1993-94, with the launch of Gillette Presto Ready shaver in February 1993, the company commenced the launch of Gillette Shaving Products in India. In the year 1995-96, launch of 7 0'Clock Ready II ready shave and relaunch of shave cream in two variants, further strengthened the Brand name. During the year the company also launched under a distribution arrangement tooth brushes under a well known international brand name Oral-B, which met good success. In the year 1996-97, the company launched the latest state-of-the-art Gillette Sensor Excel shaving systems which met excellent consumer response. With the launch of these various products, the portfolio of Gillette branded products has increased significantly. In the year 1997, the company launched World renounced Gillette Sensor Excel for Women shaving system, which met great response. It also launched Gillette Shave foam which was met with good consumer response. In the year 1998, the company successfully launched the Gillette Series range comprising Shave gel, Shave Foam, After Shave Splashes, Conditioners and Deodorants, thereby making it the premier male grooming company

In the year 1999, the company introduced Gillette Series shave gel tube and Gillette Sensor Excel single cartridge pack. Also successfully launched Cool wave and Wild Rain range of personal grooming products under the Gillette series line. In the First month of new Millennium, the company launched Gillette Mach 3. In the year 2000, the company launched successfully Gillette Sensor Excel for women grooming category, and also launched Pacific Light. It also launched Geep Laserlite, a Sport flashlight. Company successfully consolidated Duracell and Wilkinson business to leverage distribution strengths with mega displays and sales promotion. In the year 2001, the company launched the Gillette Series Arctic Ice Line of products during the first half and undertook a series of very successful consumer promotions across product lines. It also launched the Gillette Series Satin Care for Women Wild Berry Line, the Cool Blue Mach 3 and Gillette Centennial Packs during the course of the year. Gillette India was ranked amongst the Top Ten Best Employers of India in Best Employers of India conducted by Hewitt Associates and Business Today magazine. In the year 2002, this was the year of turnaround for the company. In the first Quarter of 2003 unveiled a whole new range of premium displays and POS of Duracell to establish leadership in Alkaline batteries segment. The company made history by bringing the FIFA World Cup Champions Trophy to India for the first time. In the year 2003, Company successfully relaunched Gillette Foam in 4 Variants .Duracell also launched its Ultra M 3 AA batteries, which was well received by consumers. Oral Care launched Power Oral Care brushes, which were well received in the market. Towards the End of 2003, Company launched Gillette Vector Plus. In the year 2004, the Company launched Storm Force, a revolutionary after shave splash and New Ultra Comfort Shaving Gel .In the fourth Quarter, Company launched two new Gillette Series Tube Shave Gel variants, namely for Sensitive skin and Moisturizing, to suit different skin types. In the year 2005, Company launched ?New Improved Gillette Vector Plus featuring all new contemporary look. The Gillette Company, USA was acquired worldwide through merger in October, 2005 by Procter& Gamble Company, USA creating the largest Consumer products Company in the World. In the year 2006-2007, Company launched Gillette Presto Plus for more discerning consumers. Oral B brand launched Oral B Vision and Kid in Premium Market Segment. In the year 2007-2008, Company launched The Gillette Winners program that had sports legends Roger Federer, Thierry Henry and Tiger Woods and Rahul Dravid. An innovative program "Free Dental Check up" was organized to enable consumers to benefit from expertise of professional dentists at no cost. OralB brand launched a new variant "Shiny Clean" targeted at the value segment.



Corporate social responsibility

P&G launches SHIKSHA'08You can now help educate more Underprivileged children via simple brand choices.P&G committs Rs. 1 crore. to its partner CRY, which will be allocated to projects focused on enabling the child's right to education. Project Shiksha is part of P&G's global philanthropy program P&G Live, Learn and Thrive that focuses on the development of children in need across the globe, with Education of Children via Shiksha being the priority in India. Till Date, Shiksha has set 67,000 children across 435 communities on the path to the right to education with a donation of over Rs.4 crore.

Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, April 14, 2008 /India PRwire/ -- P&G announces Shiksha school eduction program of underprivileged children in India. After helping lead over 67,000 children on the path of education over the last 4 years, Procter & Gamble in partnership with Child Rights and You is back again with SHIKSHA 2008. India has the worlds largest number of children out of school. Every child in India has the right to free, quality education, but still approximately one out of every two children, (close to 200 million) do not go to school. Even as the economy continues to grow at a fast pace, statistics indicate that there are many challenges like poverty that will need to be taken in stride if this growth is to be sustained. In an attempt to make a difference is when Procter & Gamble in partnership with Child Rights and You, launched Shiksha, a National Consumer Movement now running in its 4th year. Shiksha, P&Gs Corporate Social Responsibility Program makes it easy for all consumers to help educate underprivileged children by simply buying any of P&Gs large packs of Tide, Ariel, Pantene, Olay, H&S, Rejoice, Vicks VapoRub, Whisper, Gillette Mach 3 Turbo, Gillette Series, Oral B, Duracell or Pampers in the months of April, May & June 08. With a motto of Padhega India, Badhega India Shiksha believes that the secret to a Brighter India lies in the quality education of our children. In this endeavour with us to bring Shiksha to life is key NGO partner CRY. Project Shiksha is a national consumer program that allows consumers to participate in a national effort to support the education of underprivileged children in India via simple brand choices. However, Irrespective of sales, P&G has committed a minimum of Rs. 1 cr. to its partner CRY, which will be allocated to projects focused on enabling the childs right to education. Project Shiksha is part of P&Gs global philanthropy program P&G Live, Learn and Thrive that focuses on the development of children in need across the globe, with Education of Children via Shiksha being the priority in India. Till Date, Shiksha has set 67,000 children across 435 communities on the path to the right to education with a donation of over Rs.4 crore. With the help of CRY, the Shiksha projects include ones that work with the State Education Departments to re-look at existing education policies; create awareness to build more schools with better infrastructure and basic amenities like water, electricity, health; enroll more children into formal schools and promotion of retention in schools; and build all-round development of children. Informing about Shiksha, Shantanu Khosla, Managing Director, P&G India said, "As the economy grows at 8-10% levels, we need to ensure that we lay down a strong foundation for this growth to continue by investing in our future generation. In that context, education becomes a fundamental issue that needs to be addressed. P&G globally is committed to the cause of development of children in need via its corporate cause P&G Live, Learn, Thrive and Shiksha is

our response to the situation in India. Shiksha is unique because it empowers the consumer to make a difference simply by choosing to buy quality products from P&G. Shiksha is not just an initiative of one corporate and an NGO but a passion we as an organization strongly believe in. Padhega India Tabhi tho Badhega India." Irwin Fernandes, Director Western Region, Child Rights and You said, "The financial support P&G, its media partners and consumers provide to CRYs work is invaluable. Even more critical, however, is t