Criminal Background Checks & Drug Screening: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You September 28, 2011

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Text of Criminal Background Checks & Drug Screening: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You...

  • Criminal Background Checks & Drug Screening: What You Dont Know Can Hurt You

    September 28, 2011

  • Todays WebinarDifference between Employment Screens and Certification ScreensPersonal Data Controls and Governance you must consider as an employerThe screening trends and why ALL SCREENS are not CREATED EQUALWho PlusOne is and why we were invited to present to USA*

  • PlusOne Solutions, Inc.11301 Corporate Blvd Suite 215Orlando, FL 32817407-359-5929 Presenter: Craig ReillyPresident, PlusOne Solutions, Inc.

  • *PlusOnes Focus: US and Canadian Independent Servicing Companies

  • *and the Companies who Depend on Them

  • PlusOnes Corporate Focus is Providing Service Industry Solutions to All Stakeholders*

  • BusinessCorporate Entity VerificationW-9 VerificationBusiness Credit Bankruptcy, Lien and Judgment Check Business License VerificationBusiness Reference Check Professional License Verification and IndexingInsurance Policy Verification and Certificate Management (GL, Auto, WC, Umbrella, etc.)Contract ManagementDocument Capture and StoragePrincipals & EmployeesIdentity Consistency CheckSSN, SIN Validation & VerificationCriminal Record SearchInfractionsFelony & Misdemeanor OffensesIndictable, Hybrid, and Summary OffensesSex Offender/Predator SearchMotor Vehicle Record CheckTerrorist Watch List SearchIndividual Credit CheckProfessional Trade Licenses

    Compliance is more than just ScreeningsVendor Credentialing

  • PlusOne Works Toward Industry Standardization Where Applicableand Pricing Transparency

  • PlusOne Currently Tracks Criminal Backgrounds for 70,297 Active Technicians(as of 9/10/11)*Employed by over 20,000 Independent Servicing Companies

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  • So why is Criminal Background and Drug Screening such a HOT TOPIC today?

  • *Business Trends & Contractual RequirementsGlobal Companies are proactively applying consistent standards of consumer protection, and best service practices and avoiding mandatesIn past 2 years there has been a significant increase in requests for criminal screens of employees at all layers of an organization and within all foreign borders. LexisNexisContractual Requirements for service fulfillment mandate compliance standards

  • From a Customers ViewpointWould you invite a known Sex Offender in to your home?

    Or a convicted thief? Violent criminal?

    When you schedule service, do you assume the service provider is not one of the above?

  • National Statistics: USAOne Murder every 33 minutesOne Violent Crime every 5.5 secondsOne Assault every 6.5 secondsOne Burglary every 10 secondsOne Rape/Sexual Assault every 2 minutesOne Identity Theft reported every 6 minutesOne in 6 Women is a victim of Attempted or Completed Rape

    Source: Sue Weaver Cause

  • National Independent Consumer Research was Recently Completed

  • Consumers ASSUME Individuals Dispatched to Their Homes are Screened*


    Strongly Disagree

    Neither Believe or Not Believe

    Strongly Believe


    Strongly DisagreeNeither Believe or Not BelieveStrongly Believe

    Are Background Screened Individuals important to you?

    Are Service Technicians Background Screened who are Sent into your Home?

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  • *The Media Highlight Marquee Companies when things Go Wrong

  • Of course I look Familiar. I was here just last week cleaning your carpets, painting your shutters or delivering your new refrigerator.Local News Organizations Highlight the Risks

  • Consumers use sites like: www.FamilyWatchDog.US

  • Without Completing a Background Investigation, you Never Really Know There are over 550,000 registered sex offenders in the US.Over 100,000 sex offenders fail to register in the US.Over 1,000 Sex Offenders change their address everyday.

  • How Safe do Consumers Feel when Individuals are in their Homes? Or After?*




    Felt Safe

    Don't Recall

    DID NOT Feel Safe


    Felt SafeDon't RecallDID NOT Feel Safe

    Consumers still concerned AFTER individual HAS LEFT THE HOME:0.580.070.35

    Consumers who felt safe while individual is IN HOME0.780.030.19

    To resize chart data range, drag lower right corner of range.

  • So what makes a good Criminal Background and Drug Screen that MINIMIZES RISK while MAXIMIZING VALUE?

  • Background Screens Vary in Price & Depth No Consistency or Standard Variability of Rates are biggest complaint:Internet Specials or Teaser Rates; Low as $9.99*Ala carte Services increase costsHidden Access FeesMultiply if Courts SearchedRequires Company Set-Up Fees Results are not Portable

    And what you get, is not always what you need:National Database or CPIC OnlySingle Local Court Search OnlyMissing SearchesNon-compliance to FCRA or PIPEDA mandates*PlusOne and USA supports Adopting a Standard

  • Whats Included in a National Search (Most Offered Searches)Not all Courts Report Up17 States Do Not Report Misdemeanors and Most Felonies. Some only Sex Offenders.Counties Vary in Reporting Seminole County FL reports ALL RECORDSOrange County FL reports NO RECORDSUnconfirmed Data reported such as Name Match Only *

  • Top 6 Questions Screening Companies Do Not Want to AnswerDo you run a report to develop all known names and addresses to search against?Do you SEARCH ALL COUNTY COURTS for Developed Names, Aliases, and Addresses Regardless of the National Search?Does this Include a Drivers License Search?Do you also search the Department of Justice Sex Offender Database and Federal Courts?Are all ACCESS FEES and Other Charges Included?Do you handle all FCRA Mandated Pre-Adverse Communication? *

  • To Start: Four (4) Pieces of Data Are CriticalTo be effective, applicants must provide:Proper Name (+ Mothers Maiden Name in Puerto Rico)Current AddressDate of BirthSSNAnything short, or in error, results in improper results or False Positives*

  • De facto Standard Background ScreenComplete 7-year check for all county courts of residence, including:Search for all residential addresses in prior 7 years County FELONY & MISDEMEANOR search for arrests, charges, & convictions and a state level search, if applicableNational database search for felony and misdemeanor recordsFederal Court Search in current Federal jurisdiction in which the applicant residesOFAC (Office of Foreign Asset Control) restricted person searchNational & State Sex Offender Registries State Motor Vehicle Record reviewSocial Security Number Verification

  • De Facto Standard Drug Screen9-Panel Urinalysis Drug Screen:Tetrahydrocannabinol THC (marijuana, hashish)AmphetaminesCocaine (Incl. Crack Cocaine)Opiates (Heroin, Opium, Morphine, Codeine) Phencyclidine (PCP)Methamphetamine (Incl. Ecstasy)MethadoneBarbituratesBenzodiazepines

  • Screening Governance and Handling Differences Between EMPLOYEMENT SCREENS versus a CERTIFICATION SCREEN?

  • Industry Watchdogs range from Consumer Protection Advocates to the Federal Government:Federal and State Trade CommissionsFair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and other similar State Acts/RegulationsDrivers Privacy Protection Act Federal & StatesConsumer Reporting Agencies (CRA): LexisNexis, ChoicePoint, First Advantage, USIS, etc.Annual On-Site Certifications

    Screening Industry & Collection of Personal Data is Highly Governed

  • Significant Differences when used for Employment Reasons vs. Job AccessEmployment ScreensHighly Governed by State Laws and EEOCRequires Strict Adherence to Regulations and ProcessesCannot be selective

    Certification Screens (Contractual Clauses)Fewer Regulations Governing Contractual RequirementsDo not necessarily effect employment statusOnly impacts certain jobs requiring access (i.e. Government Facilities, Schools, Safety Related, Contract Requirements, etc.)*

  • When an Individual Pre-Adverse Condition AppearsTypically falls to Employer creating liability.

    PlusOne provides a level of protection to Servicing Companies by adhering to all FCRA Mandates regardless if Employment or Requirement Screen:Provide an official copy of Screening ResultsProvide their Summary of Rights Provide a letter stating why they were not cleared and what options they have a