Course Outline of Textile Wet Processing-I With Lab

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Faculty of Science and Information Technology Department of Textile Engineering Course Code: TE 203 Course Title: Textile Wet processing-I with lab Semester: Spring2013 Course Teacher: Sumon Mazumder (Asst. Professor, Department of TE) # Course Outlines: Applied Chemistry Week (1-3): Water & Its importance in textile wet processing, Water hardness & Its measuring units, Types of water hardness, Classification of water based on hardness, Detergents & Its Classification, Mechanism of Detergency. Pretreatment Week (4-9): Flow-chart of textile wet processing, Chemistry of various impurities in fibres and their removals, Singeing, Desizing, Scouring of cotton, Jute, Wool and silk fibres, Bleaching agents and Methods of bleaching of cotton, Jute, wool and silk fibre. Technology of Dyeing Week (10-16): Dyestuffs & Its characteristics, Considerable factors for dye selection, Classification of dyes, Pigments and their classifications; Color & Its different theories, Colorfastness & Its classification, Classification of dyeing machinery, Definition, properties, classification and application of various dyes (direct, acid, basic and vat dyes) on different textile fibres. Technology of Printing Week (17-22): Flow chart of Printing, Textile thickeners & Its classification, Methods and styles of Printing; Machineries used for printing; Printing processes for different fabrics with Direct, Acid, Basic and Vat dyes. # Reference Textbooks: 01. Technology of Bleaching and Mercerizing by Dr. V.A Shenai (Vol-III)* 02. Dyeing and Chemical Technology of Textile fibres by E.R Trotman* 03. Cellulose Dyeing by John Shore* 04. Practice of Textile Coloration by Md. Forhad Hossain 05. Textile Coloration & Finishing by Warren S. Perking Class Attendance 05% 06. Basic Principle of Textile coloration by Arthur D. Broadbent Assignment 05% # Marks Distribution: Class test 15% Mid Term Exam 20% Final Exam 30% Lab Marks 25% TOTAL 100%