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Syllabus for the tradeof



Designed in: 2013


Government of IndiaCENTRAL STAFF TRAINING AND RESEARCH INSTITUEDirectorate General of Employment & TrainingMinistry of Labour & EmploymentEN-81, SECTOR-V, SALT LAKE CITYKOLKATA-700091

List of members of trade committee meeting for the trade of TEXTILE WET PROCESSING TECHICIAN held on 18,07.2008 at CSTARI, Kolkata.


1Shri G.BhowmikDirectorCSTARI, KolkataChairman

2Dr. S.M. ChatterjeeAdvisorTech. Edu., Govt. of W.B., KalyaniMember

3Dr.A.K.SamantaInstt. of Jute Technology, KolkataMember

4Prof. Swapan Kr. GhoshInstt. of Jute Technology, KolkataMember

5Dr. Satyaki BhattacharyyaKalyani Govt. Engg. College, KalyaniMember

6Shri T.SundararajCommissioner of Emp.&Trg., Chennai-32Member

7Shri S. MondalDy. DirectorITI GariahatMember

8Shri S.S.PalKalyani, Spinning MillMember

9Dr. S.K.MandalNITTTR, KolkataMember

10Shri P.SenguptaJaya Shree Textiles, Rishra-712249Member

11Shri Sunanda MitraApparel Export Promotion CouncilMember

12Shri Amitabha RayKalyani Spinning MillMember

13Shri T.MukhopadhyayDy. Director Of Trg.CSTARI, KolkataMember

14Shri A.ChakrabortyAsstt. Director of Trg.CSTARI, KolkataMember

15Shri R.B.RamAsstt. Director of Trg.CSTARI, KolkataMember

16Shri S.B.SardarTraining Officer,CSTARI, KolkataMember

17Shri P.K.KolayTraining OfficerCSTARI, KolkataMember

18Shri R.N.MannaTraining OfficerCSTARI, KolkataMember

List of members attended the Workshop to finalize the syllabi of existing CTS into Semester Pattern held from 6th to 10th May2013 at CSTARI, Kolkata.Sl. No.Name & Designation Organisation Remarks

1.R.N. Bandyopadhyaya, DirectorCSTARI, Kolkata-91Chairman

2.K. L. Kuli, Joint Director of TrainingCSTARI, Kolkata-91Member

3.K. Srinivasa Rao, Joint Director of TrainingCSTARI, Kolkata-91Member

4.L.K. Muhkerjee, Deputy Director of TrainingCSTARI, Kolkata-91Member

5.Ashoke Rarhi, Deputy Director of TrainingATI-EPI, Dehradun


6.N. Nath, Assistant Director of TrainingCSTARI, Kolkata-91Member

7.S. Srinivasu, Assistant Director of TrainingATI-EPI, Hyderabad-13Member

8.Sharanappa, Assistant Director of TrainingATI-EPI, Hyderabad-13Member

9.Ramakrishne Gowda, Assistant Director of Training FTI, BangaloreMember

10.Goutam Das Modak, Assistant Director of Trg./Principal RVTI, Kolkata-91Member

11.Venketesh. Ch. , PrincipalGovt. ITI, Dollygunj, Andaman & Nicobar IslandMember

12.A.K. Ghate, Training Officer ATI, MumbaiMember

13.V.B. Zumbre, Training OfficerATI, MumbaiMember

14.P.M. Radhakrishna pillai, Training Officer CTI, Chennai-32Member

15.A.Jayaraman, Training officer CTI Chennai-32, Member

16.S. Bandyopadhyay, Training OfficerATI, KanpurMember

17.Suriya Kumari .K , Training OfficerRVTI, Kolkata-91Member

18.R.K. Bhattacharyya, Training OfficerRVTI, TrivandrumMember

19.Vijay Kumar, Training OfficerATI, LudhianaMember

20.Anil Kumar, Training OfficerATI, LudhianaMember

21.Sunil M.K. Training OfficerATI, KolkataMember

22.Devender, Training OfficerATI, Kolkata Member

23.R. N. Manna, Training OfficerCSTARI, Kolkata-91Member

24.Mrs. S. Das, Training OfficerCSTARI, Kolkata-91Member

25.Jyoti Balwani, Training OfficerRVTI, Kolkata-91Member

26.Pragna H. Ravat, Training OfficerRVTI, Kolkata-91Member

27.Sarbojit Neogi, Vocational InstructorRVTI, Kolkata-91Member

28.Nilotpal Saha, Vocational Instructor I.T.I., Berhampore, Murshidabad, (W.B.)Member

29.Vijay Kumar, Data Entry OperatorRVTI, Kolkata-91Member

General Information


2.N C O Code No. : 758.90

3.Duration: Two Years (Four semesters)

4.Power Norms: 8 KW

5.Space Norms: 104 sq. met.

6.Entry Qualification: Passed 10th class Examination

7.Unit Size(No. of Student): 16

8a.Instructors/Trainers Qualification: Degree/Diploma in Engineering in Textile Technology with 1 and 2 years experience respectively.OR NAC/NTC in the trade of Textile Technology with three years experience.

8b.Desirable qualification: Preference will be given to a candidate with Craft Instructor Certificate (CIC).

Note: At least one Instructor must have Degree/Diploma in relevant field.



Week No.Trade PracticalTrade TheoryEngg. DrawingWorkshop calculation & Science

1.FITTING:Filing PracticeTrade instruction-safety-types of safety-workshop safety-Hand Tools safety-personal safety. Hand tools -Types of hand tools - Types of vices - specification - uses, care and maintenanceImportance of Engg. Drawing - Methods of drawing - Instruments and equipments-uses in Engg. DrawingFraction Decimals Basic Arithmetic Operations ~ Addition and Subtraction

2.Filing to size and chippingAccident - Prevention - Machine -men -Industry - Marking tools -calipers - dividers - Surface plates -Angle plates - Scribers - punches -surface gauges - Types - Uses, Care & maintenance.Types of lines - their meanings, Applications as per IS: 696Fraction Ss decimals: Basic Arithmetic Operations -Multiplication -Divisions - Complex Problems of basic operations

3 Marking and PunchingCutting tools-Files - Chisels -Hacksaw blades - Scrapper -Various cutting angles and their uses - care Ss maintenance -specification steel flats 8s strips -specification of steel angle -specification of steel sectionsSimple conventional symbols for material and parts as perIS - 696Properties Ss Uses of Metals and Non-metals.

4Open fitting of sized metalsMeasuring tools - Precision and non-precision - steel rule - calipers - Vernier caliper - micrometer -Vernier Height gauge - depth gauge types - uses and specification -calibration and setting as per standardConstruction for geometrical drawings angles and triangles.System of units - British -Metric S.l Units for Length -area - volume - capacity weight - time - force -temperature - their conversion

5Scrapping to rough and sizeMeasurement of angles - Vernier Bevel protractor - Graduation on universal Bevel protractor Reading of universal Bevel ProtractorGeometrical construction of Rectangle - Square - Triangle -CirclePrinciple of corrosion -corrosive materials and non-corrosive materials causes and remedies.

6Internal Fitting, Drilling & FittingSpecification Drill types - reamer types - various cutting angles - taps and dies -types -uses -tap drills and dies calculation- types of hammer.Polygons and ellipse, parabola and hyperbolaAcceleration - speed-Equation of motion -Friction ~ Principles of friction - related problems

7Grinding m/c Practice types -method of drill bit and chisel grindingGeometrical construction of in volute, oval, and helix. Reviewing the various geometrical constructions.Concept of scalar and vector quantity with examples. Newton's laws of motion. Law of conservation of momentum - mass -weight - density

8Snap gauge filingGauges - types - Uses-Care & maintenance - tolerance -limits -fits -definitions & applications,Free hand practice on printing style for standard letters and numbersSquare roots factorization method -division method.

9TURNING:Tool grinding-tool setting & job setting.Lathe- types - construction -parts-functions - specification. Lathe accessories.Free hand practice on printing style for standard letters and numbers.Percentage - changing percentage to decimal vice versa- simple problems.

10Facing and chamfering, plain turningDifferent types of operations -performed in latheFree hand sketching of St. lines. Square, Rectangles, Circles, Polygons and ellipse.Heat treatment of metals -methods for Heat treatment

11Different types of shoulder and small radius turningCutting tools materials - types -selection-various cutting angles -uses and applicationsFree hand sketching of simple geometrical solids cube, prism, cylinder sphere, pyramids.Work -power -energy -simple problems.

12Taper turning and simple thread formingTypes of threads - application -tapping and dyeing process - metrics and inch threads. Different process of paper turning & thread calculationFree hand sketch of measuring tools, steel rule, inner caliper, outer caliper.Different types of force-Stress - strains -modules of elasticity simple problems.

13Sheet Metal WorkMarking and simple sheet metal jointsSheet metal hand tools -marking tools - cutting-shaping tools -types and usesFree hand sketch of measuring tools, Vernier Caliper, MicrometerRatio and proportion. Applications, Simple problems.

14Cylinder with brazed jointStandard wire gauge - soft and hard soldering various allowances - used in sheet metal jointFree hand sketch of Hand tools. Various types of Hammers Spanners, Allen Keys, Feeler Gauge.Simple machines -principles of M.A - V.R. - of simple mechanism of simple machines.

15To make simple trays - riveted and solder joints.Types of sheets & uses - folding -notching -wiring-hemming -allowances and uses.Free hand sketch of Hand tools.Chisel, Various types of punches.Algebra symbols use in algebra - co-efficient terms unlike terms - addition-subtraction- multiplication and division.

16Welding:Welding practi


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