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Company x USA, Inc. Business Plan

Company X USA, Inc. Business PlanMay, 2010- Table of Contents - 1.0 Executive Summary 1.1 Objectives1.2 Mission1.3 Keys to Success2.0 Company Description2.1 Company Profile in Japan2.1 Company Profile in US3.0 Product 3.1 Product Description 3.2 Product Features 3.3 Competitive Comparison 3.4 Product Line-up3.5 Present Sales Situation3.6 Inputtool Sales Performance Chart3.7 Sales Literature4.0 Market Analysis4.1 Market Demand 4.2 Target4.3 Market Demand4.4 Market Trends4.5 Competition and Buying Patterns

4.6 Market Positioning4.7 Strong Points - Products and Company5.0 Sales Strategy 5.1 Who We Will Target5.1.2 Methods of Promotion/Strategy in an Expanding Market5.2 Value Proposition6.0 Financial Analysis

6.1 Financial Goals 6.2 Starting Cost6.3 (The following 6.4) Table details6.4 Financial Analysis Table8.5 Solutions to Financial Problems7.0 Schedule Table1.0 Executive Summary Company X, Inc. is a for-profit business venture based in [redacted], Japan. We have been in operation and enjoying steady growth since our establishment by [redacted] in 1998. Our company specializes in software and hardware development and sales of our most innovative product, the Inputtool. We are also engaged in the service and maintenance of software solutions for a wide-range of customers. Company X has consistently provided our customers with a high quality product at a reasonable price, and these facts are reflected in the stability and consistency of our growth, as well as a high rate of customer satisfaction. The Inputtool is the product we are most excited about, a device that collects and inputs digital measurement information easily into the users preferred digital technology. The software is user-friendly, and built according to the highest possible standards. Company X is continually acquiring new customers, and we feel that we can make our presence felt in the American market, that there is a profitable niche, and it has our name on it. We believe we can capture at least 10% of the long-term market during the next four years.1.1 Objectives Our objectives are as follows:

1. Complete the VISA application process by the end of June or beginning of July, and hit the ground running immediately thereafter.

2. Create a monthly profit of at least $10,000 within five years.

3. Increase the number of employees to at least six.

4. Through our already existing business relationships, grow our influence in the Oregon business community and with an aggressive marketing campaign, capture at least 10% of our market niche within four years.

5. The continual solicitation of new customers and the deepening of business relationships in the Oregon business community.

1.2 Mission Company X is a software and hardware development, manufacturing and resale company that produces high quality, value-added, feature enriched, user-friendly products and delivers sincere customer support. With a highly efficient and visionary management team responsible for a solid history of consistent growth, market knowledge and product improvement, we are sure to deliver a long-term profit and top placement in an expanding market niche. Our mission is to provide the consumer with the best possible product at a reasonable price, and we are in a unique position to ensure that this happens with every order to Company X.

1.3 Keys to Success

The keys to success at Company X are:

1. Aggressive marketing to introduce distributors, retailers and customers to our product.

2. The continuation of a highly valued relationship with our business partner, Company Y.

3. Product quality, ease of operation, world class customer service and support.

4. Price competitiveness.

5. Market knowledge, sales expertise and effective management.

2.0 Company Description2.1 Company Profile in Japan (referred to as COMPANY X JPN)Company NameCompany X Co., Ltd.

Business ServicesPC software development, hardware sales/maintenance, various interface development, manufacturing, sales

Address157-39 Komatsu-Kaisaku Suo-Ohshima Ohshima Yamaguchi, Japan 742-2105



Established InSeptember, 1976Incorporated inJune, 1988

Capital20,000,000 YenBankYamaguchi Bank, Ohshima Branch

Company RepresentativeCEO [redacted]Number of employees7 (May, 2010)

2.1 Company Profile in US (referred to as COMPANY X)Company NameCompany X USA, Inc.

Business ServicesPC software, hardware sales/maintenance, various interface sales




Incorporated inApril, 2010


Company Representative[redacted], PresidentNumber of employees[redacted] (May, 2010)

3.0 Product3.1 Product Description Inputtool: The Inputtool is a device capable of reading in to a personal computer measurement values from a digital measurement tool as a data document, leaving an automatically input record. Until recently, due to the fact that measured values were managed by visual inspection, inputting and input mistakes took an enormous amount of time and energy. With the use of an Inputtool, data processing and labor time has shrunk, and a reduction in mistakes has become possible. The Inputtool has been designed to efficiently connect and output digital data in Digimatic format from a variety of measurement tools to computers and personal digital assistants, with the capability for automatic input. This format, created by Company X Corporation, outputs standardized data from the measurement tool. Our Inputtool is compatible with this format and also with non-Digimatic measurement tools from other manufacturers.3.2 Product Features The Inputtool is fully compliant with the European Unions Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS Web site: USB - IF certified compliant - Our products have passed this USB compliance program For the USB series, dedicated software and drivers are not necessary Our products are easy to use and connect to a PC For the C series, multiple measurement tools can be connected Operates with a conveniently interchangeable SPC cable3.3 Competitive Comparison -A Similar Product MarConnect USB Interface "Data Connection Cable" by Mahr Co. (Germany) 3.4 Product LineupInputtool USB


13,335 Yen (tax included)Approx. 20010,290 Yen (tax included)13,335 Yen (tax included)39,900 Yen (tax included)59,850 Yen tax included)

(Sold by Mitutoyo) Measurement values are input once the data button is pressed. With a similar look and design as the IT-012U, data is actually input using ten-key code. Geared toward the European market through Mitutoyo.Classic model(IT-012U) now with a stainless steel case and reduced size. The button is now larger and easier to press.A product geared for the web. Measured values are entered with TAB.Five measurement tools can be connected and used at the same time. Data is entered by pressing the appropriate switch on the device itself.Ten measurement tools can be connected and used at the same time. Intended for users of multiple measurement tools.

Inputtool RS-232CInputtool DOS/V


25,200 Yen (tax included)25,200 Yen (tax included)28,350 Yen (tax included)68,250 Yen (tax included)89,250 Yen (tax included)10,395 Yen (tax included)

(Sold by Mitutoyo)Our classic resin case model. Classic model(IT-012U) now with a stainless steel case and reduced size. The button is now larger and easier to press.For use with sequencers. With the addition of a power adaptor, an external power source can now be supplied. Five measurement tools can be connected and used at the same time. With setup on a PC or on the device main unit, multiple input methods are possible. Ten measurement tools can be connected and used at the same time. Connect many measurement tools, various automatic measurements are possible.(Sold by Mitutoyo)With resin case. Measurement data entered with just a press of the data button.



8,400 Yen (tax included)4,200 Yen (tax included)3,150 Yen (tax included)1,470 Yen (tax included)

High Endurance FootswitchStandard FootswitchThumbswitchGeneral Purpose Switch Cable

3.5 Present sales situation The Inputtool has already made its presence known on the US market. Here are just a few example websites that sell the Inputtool. In addition to these, there are many other online stores selling the Inputtool. It is also being sold outside of the US market: Europe, Asia, South America and other countries. The recent increase in number of this type of website on the internet and their success is a definite contributor to and a positive indicator of an increased demand for the Inputtool and related devices.

3.6 Inputtool Sales Performance ChartPrice unit: 1,000Yen

Type005D006N007RZaurus*winCE*PDA*012U014UTYearly total

Year# SoldPrice# SoldPrice# SoldPrice# SoldPrice# SoldPrice# SoldPrice# SoldPrice# SoldPrice# SoldPrice