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<ul><li> 1. Michelle Cowden Enterprise Account Manager Search &amp; Staffing Company Page &amp; Followers </li></ul> <p> 2. 2 300+ million minds 1 The Mindset Divide research study, TNS, September 2012 Top 3 types of content expected1 Spend Time Personal Networks Info on friends Info on personal interests Entertainment updates Invest Time Professional Networks Career info Updates on brands Current affairs 1 2 3 3. 3 LinkedIn Drives More Traffic To Corporate Websites Than Other Social Sites Posted October 21, 2013 4. 4 Achieve your objectives Generate Awareness Build Community Drive Consideration &amp; Preference Generate Traffic &amp; Leads Drive Advocacy 5. 5 How People Engage with your company People Researching Employees People researching/validating your Company People currently following your Company Organic Traffic - InMails, Telephone Calls, Emails, Meetings 6. Build a community: Engage, analyze, optimize Analyze &amp; Optimize Engage Followers: Post Updates Build Community: Acquire Followers Establish Presence: Develop Branding Assets xyzCo xyzCo Ed Franklin Grow Your Career by Following: XYZ.CO Cecile, get the latest on XYZ.CO Jobs, News &amp; more! XYZ.CO Grow Your Career by Following: XYZ.CO Cecile, get the latest on XYZ.CO Jobs, News &amp; more! XYZ.CO LinkedIn Confidential 2013 All Rights Reserved 7. 7 Followers your self-elected brand ambassadors Professionals that have opted-in to a relationship with your Company Build a direct communications channel to those most interested in your business Engage them via: Free Company Updates 8. 8 Company Updates 9. Targeted status updates 9 Step one Step two Note: Audience minimum 100 10. Grow and stay engaged over time 10 How many? APIs Company Page Follow button to employee signature Build a follow company on LinkedIn button for your website Analyze your results </p>