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COLLECTION 2011 | IL CaravaggIO fileMichelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio – the avant-garde painter, famous for his use of light, drama and sensuality. His idiosyncratic style and his

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Text of COLLECTION 2011 | IL CaravaggIO fileMichelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio – the avant-garde...

COLLECTION 2011 | IL CaravaggIO

Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio the avant-garde painter, famous for his use of light, drama and sensuality. His idiosyncratic style and his unique use of light and shade have had an enduring effect on the work of many prominent artists. Caravaggios (1571-1610) works, as well as his life story, shaped by passions with emotional highs and lows, continue to have a seminal effect on the history of painting even today. The refined elegance of the new ardECOra collection IL CaravaggIO reflects the varied personality of this eccentric artist. His precise and naturalistic paintings revolutionized the art world and his special lighting effects, the so-called chiaroscuro technique, gave his work a unique atmosphere.

The collection is dedicated to this spirit of duality and its harmonious interplay between contrasts. The subtle materials, fascinating textures and elegant palette of colours interweave to create unmistakable sensuality.

Whether its ENIgMa, iridescent velour printed with shimmering metal pigments or SENSUaLITa, an opulent satin which develops a fascinating depth thanks to matte velour applications, the fabrics produce an intriguing dialogue. The tactile drama in the light interplay in the vENTUra velour, created using an intricate embossing technique, produces an extraordinarily lively three-dimensional effect. The surfaces and colours of the fabric flirt with the light, creating a wealth of new combinations.

IL CaravaggIO plays with subtle harmonies to produce enchanting refinement. The collection draws on the beauty of contrast, uniting clear struc-tures with elaborate ornaments or cool silk with warm velvet. This collection combines sumptuous materials with the highest quality. Timeless design and sophisticated elegance create the perfect effect. Enticing light effects and sensuous charisma seduce one into a world constantly ready to be rediscovered.

Decorative fabrics

coNcerto 153036 colourwaysGround: 100% SEEmbroidery: 80% CV, 20% CO137 cmx84:Z Stylish and luxurious silk taffeta strip in an elegant range of colours. The raised embroidery of the geometric motifs give this item a three-dimensional effect and thus make it especially impressive and expressive.

scoPerta 153046 colourways80% SE, 20% PES140 cmx84:Z

Lavish medallion design with voluminous drop. This decorative silk jacquard was inspired by a piece of jewellery from the Italian Baroque.

eNiGMa 153057 colourways87% VI, 13% SE140 cmx84:Z

Decorative shimmering panne viscose velvet printed with metal ornaments. The all-over motif melts glamorously into the sheen of the velour.

seNsUaLita 153066 colourways60% CO, 40% PES140 cmx84:Z

Cotton velvet application on fine satin fabric. The lavish floral tendrils, which form an inte-resting material contrast against the glamorous background, make this strip particularly opulent.

LUce 153073 colourways46% SE, 46% CV, 8% LU140 cmx84:Z

Spectacular silk strip. The strip, embroidered and set off with subtle lurex threads, and the modern palette of colours give this decorative item its extravagant charisma.

MaGia 1530812 colourways100% SE140 cmx84:Z

All-over design quality silk with jacquard pattern. The 12 mix-and-match shades are coordinated with the collection in an elegant palette of colours. Its faux-uni character gives Magia a wide variety of uses.

coLLectioN 2011 | iL caravaGGio

cUPiDo 153092 colourways35% CA, 25% PL, 25% CO, 15% LI145 cmx84:Z

Expressive and contemporary decorative fabric. The modernity of this jacquard fabric with all-over pattern is highlighted by its range of colours and makes this textile especially extravagant.

bacco 1531013 colourways40% PES, 38% CO, 22% PAN135 cmx84:Z

Elegant and versatile decorative uni in 13 mix-and-match colours. The subtly drawn reptile optical effect and the particularly fine threads give this textile its timeless character.

PittUra 153125 colourways47% LI, 38 % CV, 15% SE138 cmx84:Z

Soft, flowing decorative jacquard fabric. A classic design, luxurious and sophisticated. The special texture makes this fabric especially refined.

MeDUsa 153134 colourwaysGround: 100% LI Embroidery: 90% CV, 10% CO147 cm, usable width: 133 cmx84:Z

Sublime, heavy linen quality embroidered with a well-proportioned medallion design. The various embroidery techniques and elegant palette of colours make this sumptuous decorative material especially stylish.

aDoraZioNe 153146 colourways86% CV, 14% SE140 cm, usable width: 120 cmx84?Z

Decorative all-over design with sophisticated embroidery. The contrasting colours of the con- toured thread and the raised relief embroidery set the floral motifs apart from the elegant shimmering base.


oMNia 153013 colourwaysGround: 80% LI, 20% SEEmbroidery: 90% CV, 10% CO140 cm, usable width: 129 cmx84:Z

Lavish ornamental design on subtle transparent linen silk. The shifting effect of the embroidery and the interesting material contrasts make this item particularly sophisticated.

Narciso 153022 colourwaysGround: 100% PESEmbroidery: 81% PES, 19% CV140 cmw84?Zwashable

Extravagant and attractive decorative fabric, predominantly produced by hand with great precision and finely set with refined rhinestone.

Giocatori 153114 colourwaysGround: 80% LI, 20% SEEmbroidery: 90% CV, 10% CO140 cm, usable width: 131 cmx84:Z

Stylish and elegant textile with understated allure. The lightly shimmering embroidery draws the medallion design into a matte-sheen contrast from the subtle transparency of the linen silk base fabric.


veNtUra 1531615 colourwaysGround: 100% COFlor: 100% CV147 cm, usable width 139 cmx84:Z


Soft flowing velour with a captivating texture and subtle, timeless design. The special embos-sing technique used on the shaded velour gives a changing decorative effect with the look of animal skin.

trevira cs

DaviDe 153177 colourways100% PES CS139 cmf84:Zwashable

Lavish, decorative medallion design. The subtle patina effect and the pleasantly soft surface make this textile especially attractive. In addition, the use of the fire-resistant Trevira CS fibre makes this jacquard fabric easy to care for.

GoLia 153187 colourways100% PES CS139 cm f84:Z

Decorative, ornamental jacquard strip in Trevira CS. The elegant palette of colours and the patina effect give this fabric its sense of refinement. Can be combined with DAVIDE.

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