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Blogging in the Art Classroom. F ound Objects • Shared S tories • Resources. Anita Horton, Teacher and Artist Addison , Texas. Teacher: 12 years • 5 th Grade Art • 6 th Grade Art • 2-D/3-D Art (7 th Gr) • Studio Art • US Sculpture • US 3-D Mixed Media • US Ceramics. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Blogging in the Art Classroom Found Objects Shared Stories ResourcesAnita Horton, Teacher and ArtistAddison, Texas

Teacher: 12 years

5th Grade Art

6th Grade Art

2-D/3-D Art (7th Gr)

Studio Art

US Sculpture

US 3-D Mixed Media

US CeramicsA Year in US 3D CourseworkThe Sculpture Track at TCA1st Trimester: Sculpture2nd Trimester: 3D Mixed Media3rd Trimester: CeramicsMy problem:How do I differentiate between Sculpture Class and 3D Mixed Media ?Sculpture vs. 3D Mixed MediaTraditional materials used in Sculpture Plaster Wood Metal Clay Non- traditional materials used in 3D Mixed Media Appropriated materials (using existing materials or objects that were neverintended to be art materials) Artwork connected to narrative stories and symbolism Many times, the concept or the process becomes more important than the art product

Teaching 3D Mixed MediaI dont teach Technology, but always look for ways to incorporate it.

Doing my own research about Found Objects, I stumbled on a blog called Found Object.

It was a mysteryWhy did the author collectthese objects?What was the story behindthese objects?Why did they catchthe authors attention?

No About Page Date the object was found Street on which object was found City where object was found

But I wanted more!What was the story aboutthese objects?Why were these objects important to the collector-author?I searched and searched foranswers and . . . there were none.

Thus, my project was born! 14 days Find an object that has meaning to you andphotograph it Write a traditional Haiku(5/7/5) to give readers a hint of why this object caught your attention.

What I had to set up Approval from administration to give daily blog access to specific students Give URLs of all blogs to administration so they could check on the development of student blogs Allow iPhone use in class if students didnt have access to a personal laptop to use Devise rules for composition and layout of blogBlog RulesNever use your home or school address. Use appropriate images and wording, reminding students that administrators have access.The title and theme of blog had to work together.Take one photo per day associated with something personal and write a Haiku poem.Layout to be consistant: Set up on Day 1 and then design will follow format rules from that day forward.Pay Special Attention To These Things: Each entry had to have 1) Image, 2) Haiku, 3) Heading/Title, 4) Description, 5) Date for each entry. Quality and interest of photos Spelling, punctuation and capitalization be consistent Correct syllables and vocabulary for Haiku Mysterious Factor is there anything that compels the reader to want to come back and read more on the next day?

Example 1: Alex L.LAYOUT:

Title Centered DateFound: Antique StoreCondition: Extremely wellOwner: My sister

HAIKUGirly floralOnce extremely expensiveNow twelve ninety-five13


Title Centered DateFound: Condition: Owner:

HAIKUInnocence containedBabies leave their dolls behindCulture forces growth14


Title Centered DateFound: Condition: Owner: 15Example 2: Evan B.


Title Tagline

HAIKU (*Notice flush left . . .)I feel liky dyingIs it so wrong to feel alone?No one ever cares16

Point Deduction forAdding date2) Haiku is now centered17

Now were consistent!18What I soon discovered . . . In a world of short attention spans and hurried schedules . . .

INTROSPECTION and REFLECTIONstarted to show up.Example 3: Megan A.


Title: Mon Amour (Parents are Cuban and Armenian. Megan would often use foreign language)DateTitle

HAIKUDreaming of purgingShip me away I dont carePre-rekoning love20

It doesnt matterI will never be normalTake the medicine21

Give up attemptingYou call if you want moneyMake me feel guilty22

Pit anemiaPower my mistressYoure such a junkie23A bridge into their livesThe blogs gave me an opportunity to know these kids, their struggles and hardships, in ways I would have NEVER been able to see in the classroom.By reading their words, I was able to begin conversations with them. When I was concerned with what I was reading, I started a conversation.

Example 4: Nashon E.Prophecy is strongTwo prophecies are strongerIll pay attention25

Grandfather like sonYouth similar but differentA mirror of time26

Bought some new headphonesIm sick of hearing the worldSo Ill drown it out27

With the Lords own handHe has written in my ownFor the world to see28Example 5: Alex W.

Such little threads inMany colors each differentIn there own, like us30

Pretty and cute butStrings attached,, a token ofBribery received31

Hello again myLittle friends, you rot and wearNeglected for now32Blogs can be used for many things. . . Blogging can be used to form a reading or writing discussion on art history. Blogging can be used to post short current events articles from the art world. Invite students thoughts and critique. Blogging can be used to gather research on any topic by dividing work up among students. Blogging can be used to post photos and homework assignments online. Blogging can be used as a portfolio for artworks made over a years time. Blogging can be used to connect your art class to the world!

But Where Do I Start? You can have your own Blog You can have a classroom Blog Each student can have their own Blog Your class can connect with other students around the world on their BlogsWordpress or Blogger both FREE!

Blogging Resources:Pinterest




ePals Global Community

ePals Global Community

Activity Idea #1Post a Homework Question Each student writes a one-paragraph response. Require students to respond not only to the reading, but to each others responses as well.Example:Why do you think this artwork was viewed as controversial when it first appeared in public?

Activity Idea #2Notes for the Day Assign one student per day to be the scribe for the class during lecture. This is great for discussion based classes, or lectures, where you want the students to focus on the discussion and not worry about taking notes.

Activity Idea #3Classroom Artist Blog Each student does the research about one artist discussed in class lectures. Example:Requirements could include a photo of artist, biographical information, and photos of artworks. closing, my blog and my story . . .

45THANK YOU ! ! !