Blogging In the Elementary Classroom

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This powerpoint was developed for teachers at Coltrane-Webb STEM Elementary School to encourage using student blogs as a tool in the classroom.

Text of Blogging In the Elementary Classroom

  • 1.Blogging in the Elementary ClassroomPresented By: Emily SchmidtColtrane Webb STEM School, Cabarrus County SchoolsJune 18, 2013

2. What is a blog? A blog is an online journal that can be used to share news, ideas/thoughts, photos, and much more. Blogging allows students to post entries, upload pictures and video. 3. Why blog? Blogging gives students an authentic audience. Research has long shows that students write more, write in greater detail, and take greater care with spelling, grammar and punctuation, when they are writing to an authentic audience over the internet. ~Lorrie Jackson, Education World The blog entries that they write can be read and responded to by classmates, teachers, and parents. 4. Benefits to Blogging Students develop technological literacy. Students learn to be ethical digital citizens Students develop writing skills and voice Students are engaged Students can make global connections Students practice typing skills 5. Benefits to BloggingImage from: 6. Blogging Websites - My Personal Favorite!! You can use your cabarrus apps account to log in to Kidblog EduBlogs Classblogmeister 21Classes 7. Class or Individual Blogs? Classroom BlogsIndividual BlogsTeacher can write posts and Students have ownership over students can add comments. all content on their blog. Students can be guest bloggers. This is a great way to keep parents/families informed of classroom news. Ideal for K-1Create an online portfolio of work and shows evidence of student growth. Students have more freedom in what they choose to write about. 8. Blogging Tips Establish Rules/Procedures for posting and commenting to posts Model how to write a blog post or show students examples of student blogs Make blogging a part of your regular schedule (rotations, center, morning work). 9. Blog About... Books - Reader Response Science Topics Writing Prompts How to Articles... Free/Creative Writing Field Trips Respond to a content related question 10. K-1 Ideas Fill in the blank prompts Today, we learned about _____.My favorite food is ______. Video Blogs Upload Pictures of student work/drawings Student Photographer - Assign a student to be the class photographer daily or weekly. Students write captions to go with the photos. 11. Students write a blog post. Then, teachers and other students can respond. 12. Students Can Respond to Questions You Pose 13. Students Can Respond to Questions You Pose 14. Questions?? Any questions?? If you want to create a blog for next year, Im happy to help you set it up once we get our classes next year. Just let me know. 15. Just A Few More ThingsThe next few slides have examples and a few tips for blogging. 16. A Few Examples Kindergarten Rubrics for Blogs Blogging Ideas More Blogging Ideas 17. Establish Rules for Blogging Be Safe Dont use your last name. Dont give specific details when writing about yourself. Never give out your address or phone number. Do not post pictures without permission. Be Respectful Dont say anything taht might be offensive to someone else. Be considerate of others. When commenting, show others that you have read what they have written by saying more than just good job. Be Literate Write in complete sentences, using correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.