Blogging in the Classroom Megan & Maple

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  • Blogging in the Classroom Megan & Maple
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  • What is Kidblog? A safe and simple blog that offers students an authentic experience to blogging. Teachers are able to monitor all posts and published work Its free and doesnt require any personal info from the teacher or students Created by teachers for teachers
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  • Why we Kidblog An online class conversation Students can practice typing/computer skills in a different format Private, easy to control access to Simple, no fluff, basic, no advertisements ALL comments can be controlled by the teacher
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  • How weve used Kidblog Readers & Writers workshops Supporting the Think First/Anti-bullying curriculum Long term assignments, such as book reports In the future, wed like to incorporate it more with HW and other subjects
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  • Blogging responsibly Manage it like an in class conversation Clear, explicit guidelines and norms for publishing on the blog, and writing comments Expectations for written work : Using correct grammar and mechanics Replying with thoughtful, helpful, and specific comments
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  • Using Kidblog Link to screen shots:
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  • Weve only scratched the surface Other ways to incorporate blogging in the classroom? Collaboration with parents and families?