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    Education is at the forefront of todays issues From political platforms, to being a driving force in the trajectory of our lives, today, it has become imperative almost mandatory to obtain secondary education. An advanced degree or advanced certification, has not only become the norm, but in many cases, the minimum.

    Unfortunately, this can sometimes be at odds with the resources available to a majority aspiring undergraduate students. Many are forced to take out hefty loans and accumulate years, sometimes decades, worth of debt to pursue their educational dreams. For others, its a dream delayed, as they must enter the workforce with their opportunity restrained By their circumstances.


    The process of finding and selecting a college is difficult in itself, finding the money and the resources needed to pay for it. Shouldnt be!

    AVO wants to tackle the problems facing many current, former and would-be students on three levels.

  • OPPORTUNITY/THREE LEVELS (1) Helping to make College Affordable - by providing its members the opportunity to pursue advanced degrees at a substantially lesser cost and potentially even debt-free. Simply put, each and every year, AVO members will receive millions in scholarships, awards and tuition reduction. (2) Helping to reduce the Debt Students are faced with - AVO provides graduate members a chance to have their existing student loans paid off. Tens of thousands of dollars will be given away to graduate members each and every year to do just that. A chance to start or continue the next stage of their lives without the burden of the debt accumulated to get there. (3) Providing Opportunity for Additional Savings - Finally, members will receive discounts on major and minor purchases for many of todays most essential items; computers, software, hardware, clothing, travel, etc.

  • WHAT WE DO AVO helps bridge the gap between higher education and affordability, by providing a viable alternative; to the ever increasing cost of pursuing higher education and the crushing debt of advanced degrees. With Benefits such as Full Tuition Scholarships, Tuition Reduction, Major Partnerships with hundreds of universities and colleges, and much much more, AVO stands to help educate the world without the burden and challenges of crushing debt.

    But theres more


    Unlike traditional awards and scholarships that have a criteria based application process, all members of AVO are eligible to participate in the award selection process* and are automatically entered into each drawing, and are not required to apply for any individual or specific award. Awards and scholarships are non-remunerative (do not need to be repaid), non-criteria and non-application based. However, because AVO is a celebration of Education and Academic success, members can increase their chances of winning based on the grades they earn, by simply inputting their grades each semester. (Note: Transcripts will be used to reconcile and verify input grades).


    Easy-to-use Mobile Application w/Program Analytics Scholarship & Awards ranging from Partial to Full-Tuition Voting Function Earn more points by sharing your profile

    thru social media Educational Reward Earn bonus points and level

    bonuses for grade submissions Scholly Membership US Top rated Scholarship Portal Receive Tuition Reduction & Student Loan Payoff Awards A Telemed Service Subscription for your routine medical needs when youre away at college


    A first of its kind marketing and management system designed as a scalable, turn-key solution that provides access, mobility and ease in the generation of hundreds to thousands of awards and scholarships given to members annually. An easy-to-use mobile application for; Sign-up & Registration Consumer Offers & Discounts Mobile Redemption Tracking & Monitoring Back-End & Database Management Monthly Prizes & Awards Program

  • ORGANIZATIONAL PARTNERSHIPS Exclusive scholarship and award opportunities for your

    employees or members, w/joint promotional credit.

    Cross-promotional benefits; advertising, PR, reach (audience), effectiveness Increased exposure.

    Opportunity to provide a matching program through our non-profit arm that provides direct benefit to you, and triples the opportunity for your employees or members, as well as the AVO and general community as a whole to win scholarships or awards.

    Direct access to our AVO community and its membership - a captive audience of potential new, loyal consumers or members that can last a lifetime.


    Some additional benefits:

    (1) A unique, co-branded program - exclusive to your Organization and its members, that provides resource, opportunity and incentive to help grow and expands your membership and capital base. (2) Brand recognition - a program and incentive that separates your Organization from other Organizations and Non-Profits, creating cache and brand recognition that is invaluable. Potential to be recognized as one of the largest providers of post-secondary educational opportunity in the US and abroad. (3) A partnership and sponsorship program - that provides your Organization with hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars in annual passive automated support, donations and contributions. (4) Press and PR that is priceless - A truly community based organization that provides life-changing programs, opportunity and benefits to its members and its surrounding community.

  • TARGETED MARKETING Expanded brand visibility which results in increased; sales (memberships), participation and sponsorship (i.e., passive contributions) by providing advertisers and retailers with;

    Instant access to hundreds of thousands to millions of potential consumers and audiences.

    Targeted marketing and advertising based upon consumer preferences and selections.

    QR codes for mobile device redemption and tracking. 97% open rate versus email, mail and direct marketing

    campaigns. Exponential Reduction in Customer Acquisition Costs (CAC).


    MEDIA PLATFORMS Increase membership, consumer engagement, participation and awareness across multiple media platforms. Gain exposure and presence through; YouTube Twitter Facebook


    AVO is a Community based approach to higher education We want to celebrate the hard work people are already doing, and the hard work theyre willing to do. AVO helps support the education and career ambitions of potentially millions of members in the AVO community.

    See what We can do through You


    It would take you more than 11 years before your annual membership dues met or exceeded the smallest award given.

    You receive an additional point for each and every day you are

    a registered member of AVO. So it pays to join now! Your odds and opportunity of winning increase each and every

    day, and each and every year you are a member, to a nearly a 1 in 7 chance of being selected for an award Average odds of winning 1 in 16 (based upon award levels and criteria).

    We offer delayed college entrance (You have up to ten (10)

    years to decide upon a school for your post-secondary education)

    We allow for a one-time gifting and assignment of your award.

    (Give it to a family member or a very close friend Have the power to change someones life).


    We look forward to you becoming part of the AVO ...

    Charlotte, NC 28270

    Tel: 704.564.3557 Email: info@academicvillage.org

    Visit Us at: www.academicvillage.org


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