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  • We automate recruitmentBest-in-class machine learning, now available for your ATS through a simple, low-cost API

  • We're at an inflection point: Machine learning has finally come of age Machines can now learn from humans with minimal programming. Enabled by low-cost abundant data storage, increased processing power and radical advances in deep-learning technology

  • A shift from manual tasks performed by humans to automated processes powered by machines is transforming entire industries right now

  • Every industry is shifting THE 4TH INDUSTRIAL REVOLUTION IS UPON US

    Decision medicine & intelligent drug creation

    HEALTHCARERobotic assembly lines

    MANUFACTURING Driverless cars & intelligent insurance risk assessment


    Reactionary friendly robots

    CUSTOMER SERVICERobotic trading and advice

    FINANCEIntelligent automated workflows


  • Any C-level executive who is now not thinking deeply about how AI

    and data-driven systems will impact their business is not doing

    their job

  • Artificial Intelligence, deep learning, machine learningwhatever youre doing if you dont understand itlearn it. Because otherwise youre going to be a dinosaur within 3 years. - Mark Cuban

  • Its a global phenomenon

    Expected spend on AI technologies by corporations in 2020.

    $47 billion Customer calls handled

    without a human in 2020


    Venture Capital deployed to AI startups

    $10 billion Number of AI startups

    tracked globally




  • Over half of the Fortune 500 companies has disappeared in the past 15 years..

  • .. and 40% of todays F500 companies on the S&P 500 are at risk of disappearing within the next 10 years

    John M. Olin School of Business @ Washington University -

  • Common thread? They failed to reinvent themselves, anticipate and deliver on customer


  • HR is the next big industry that will be transformed by radical

    advances in technology

  • Facebook now offers a free hiring tool for companies.

    Innovation is no longer a choice for hiring platforms; it is do or die.

  • To solve machine learning for you through an API

    Thats why we built Marlowe.

  • There is a pre-Relink era, and a post-Relink era for ATS providers. We integrated in less than one week, using 1 resource. We have already noticed that customer satisfaction is way up.


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