Automatic Control Valves 100 to 300 psig (6.9 to 20.7 barg)49 psig (3.38 barg) per turn Size Cv Max

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Text of Automatic Control Valves 100 to 300 psig (6.9 to 20.7 barg)49 psig (3.38 barg) per turn Size Cv Max

  • Automatic Control Valves Protecting people and property from the ravages of fire

  • Contents 02 The Mueller® Advantage

    03-05 Pressure Relief Valves

    06-07 Pressure Reducing Valve

    08 Modulating Float Valve

    09-10 Non-Modulating Float Valve

    11 One-Way Flow Altitude Valve

    12 One-Way Flow Altitude Valve with Differential Control

    13-14 Full Port, Single Chamber, Hydraulically Operated Valve

    15-16 Specifications

    17 Main Valve Grooved Ends

    18 Electronically Operated Deluge Valve

    19 Pneumatically Operated Remote Control Deluge Valve

    20 Electric/Pneumatically Operated Deluge Valve

    21-23 Dimensions

    24-25 UL/FM Relief & ULC Reducing Only

    26 Dimensions Main Valve Grooved Ends

    27-30 Dimensions Deluge Valves

    Company Overview Mueller Co. is a leader in high-quality commercial and institutional fire protection products, offering a broad range of carefully designed, durable, reliable and easily maintained fire protection products compliant to UL/FM requirements. Plus, all Mueller Co. products are backed by the company’s expert technical support, superior service, and ready parts availability. Mueller Co. UL/FM fire protection products set the standard for performance and reliability year after year.

    Mueller Water Distribution Products are available through Authorized Mueller Stocking Distributors in all parts of the United States, and are sold around the world through qualified distributors and representatives.

    Mueller Co.’s flow control and fire protection products are used in the building and maintenance of infrastructure. This includes Power, Institutional, Oil & Gas, Chemical and more.

    Core Values Mueller Co. has a set of Core Values to help us think, act and work together to benefit all of our stakeholders – from our employees who are our most valued assets, to our customers who expect quality products and service.

    These Core Values are not an end in themselves. Rather, they form the foundation of our culture, define behaviors required of us all and guide our decision making.

    As a company and as individuals, we will:

    • Act with integrity – do the right thing

    • Treat each other with respect

    • Build relationships

    • Promote a culture of innovation and continuous improvement

    • Deliver exceptional results

    • Foster a safe and environmentally responsible culture

  • With the 2017 acquisition of Singer Valve, Mueller Co. designs and manufactures automatic control valves for the global water industry. Since 1957, our pilot operated diaphragm control valves have been installed on virtually every continent around the world. Whether it is water loss management in Southeast Asia, water conservation concerns in Saudi Arabia, urban distribution demands in the United States or fire valves in Indonesia or South Korea, we provide water management solutions to governments, cities, companies and contractors around the world.

    Many of our innovative products are ones that have been born out of our inherent desire to solve an application challenge. Presented with a problem, our team of electronic, instrumentation and control valve specialists are relentless in their research and design until they find a solution.

    AISI Stainless Steel Components Our AISI 316 stainless steel spring and stem are corrosion resistent. The AISI 316 stainless steel seat ring is guaranteed for the life of the valve.

    Removable Stem Cap The removable, separate stem cap reduces bent stems, which reduces inspection and assembly time.

    Stainless Steel External Fasteners Stainless steel external fasteners prevent rust, reducing maintenance.

    Smaller, Lighter Cover Smaller, lighter cover improves worker safety and reduces maintenance.

    Removable Bonnet Bonnet removes easily thanks to locating-pin technology.

    Anti-Vibration Fasteners Stainless steel anti-vibration fasteners create a dependable maintenance-free seat.

    Extra Threaded Taps Extra threaded taps on main valve allow for easy re-orientation of pilot system.

    Oversized Wrench Flat Accessible oversized wrench flat means easy disassembly of inner valve.

    Rolling Diaphram Design* Exclusive rolling diaphram design offers unequalled low flow stability.

    Fusion Epoxy Coating Coated inside and outside for improved flow and resistance.

    EPDM/Buna-N Elastomer Diaphram EPDM/Buna-N elastomer diaphram is chlorine and chlormine resistant.

    *Not available in all size/model combinations. Consult with Mueller Co.

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    The Mueller® Advantage


  • Features • UL Listed to ANSI/UL 1478A FM Approved to FM 1361

    • Reliable diaphragm actuated

    • Hydraulically operated design

    • Class 150 and 300 flanges

    • Stainless steel fasteners

    • Heat fused red epoxy coating

    • Available in globe and angle style

    Model M106-RPS-8700A UL/FM Pressure Relief Valve

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    4 5


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    The M106-RPS-8700A pressure relief valve, which is UL/FM labelled and listed, automatically relieves excess pressure in the fire protection system to discharge. The RPS series valves will also automatically modulate to relieve excess pump capacity during pump start up and shut down, allowing the pump to operate without causing surges.

    These relief valves are based on the M106-PG or MA106-PG main valves and come in complete range of sizes from 2-1/2 in/65 mm to 8 in/200 mm. In typical pressure relief application, the angle style MA106-RPS-8700A is often the preferred selection.

    Schematic Drawing 1. Main Valve - M106-PG, or MA106-PG, Flanged 2-1/2 in/65 mm to 8 in/200 mm

    2. Isolation Valve - lockable (optional)

    3. Strainer - standard 4 in/100 mm and larger

    4. Fixed Restriction- 1/8 in/3.2 mm

    5. Model M852-B Closing Speed Control

    6. Model M81-RP pilot - 30 to 200 psig/2.07 to 13.8 barg - optional 100 to 300 psig/6.9 to 20.7 barg

    Standard materials for pilot system components are:

    • ASTM B62 bronze or ASTM B16 brass • AISI 303/316 stainless steel trim • Buna-N/EPDM diaphragm and seals

    Schematic A-8700A


  • Model M18-FR Pressure Relief Valve

    Features • Available in globe and angle style

    • Available sizes ½ inch and ¾ inch

    • Direct acting

    • Drip tight closing

    • Accurate pressure control

    • UL listed to ANSI/UL 1478A FM approved to FM 1359

    Specifications • The normally closed valve shall be of stainless steel construction with a spring to adjust the opening pressure.

    • The inner valve shall be of stainless steel 316 construction and the inner valve shall have EPDM resilient compound for seating.

    • A separate port will sense pressure to open the valve when system pressure exceeds the valve set-point.

    • Maximum working temperature: 180° F/82° C • Maximum working pressure: 400 psig/27.6 barg

    Spring Ranges Approximate psi per turn Standard 20 to 200 psig (1.38 to 13.8 barg) 22 psig (1.52 barg) per turn

    Optional 10 to 75 psig (0.69 to 5.17 barg) 9 psig (0.62 barg) per turn

    100 to 300 psig (6.9 to 20.7 barg) 49 psig (3.38 barg) per turn

    Flow Rates

    Size Cv Max Flow (GPM) 1/2" 6.8 70

    1/2" angle 6.9 76

    3/4" 8.3 84

    3/4" angle 8.4 88

    The M18-FR is a remote sensing, high capacity, spring and diaphragm operated, normally closed valve. The inner valve is held closed by the spring. When the sensed pressure increases above the spring setting, the valve opens.


  • Schematic Drawing

    Model M18-FR Pressure Relief Valve





    1/4 NPT PORTS 'A'

    US Units SI Units

    A 3.5 in 90 mm B 9.06 in 230 mm

    C 3.19 in 81 mm Weight 4.05 lbs 1.8 kg

    1. Body

    2. Plug (stainless steel)

    3. Inner valve 18FR

    4. Resilient disc

    5. Bushing (threaded)

    6. Clamp plate (lower)

    7. Plug (1/8 NPT stainless steel)

    8. Clamp plate

    9. Spring step

    10. Spring

    11. Spring casing

    12. Hbolt 0.375-16x2.06 (machined)

    13. Diaphram pilot (EPDM)

    14. Retainer disc

    15. Nut hex jam 3/8-16 UNC

    16. Nut hex 1/4-20 UNC

    17. Socket head cap screw

    18. O-ring

    19. O-ring

    20. Screw hex head

    21. Tag (Mueller)

    22. Tag (UL Approval)

    23. Rivet U drive

    24. Plug 1/4 NPT





    1/4 NPT PORTS 'A'


  • Features • UL and ULC listed to ANSI/UL 1468, 1739

    • Reliable diaphragm actuated

    • Hydraulically operated design

    • Class 150, 300 flanges, grooved & threaded

    • Stainless steel fasteners

    • Heat fused red epoxy coating

    • Available in globe and angle style

    Model M106-PR-10159 UL / M106-PR-8702A ULC Pressure Reducing Valve

    The M106-PR, which is UL and ULC labelled and listed, is ideal for a