Anthony Burgess’ Clockwork Orange. What was Burgess Looking At? Contextual Influences

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Text of Anthony Burgess’ Clockwork Orange. What was Burgess Looking At? Contextual...

  • Anthony Burgess Clockwork Orange

  • What was Burgess Looking At? Contextual Influences

  • The Ludovico Method, Behaviorism & B.F. SkinnerBeethovens NameB.F.s Behavior Mod: From Animals to HumansPavlov & BeyondContingencies of Reinforcement Nazi Mind Control

  • How Autobiographical is Clockwork Orange?F. Alexander- Who is He?-Title-Wife-Is He Alex?

    -Connection to the Narrator

    -Travels in Russia (USSR)-Teenage Gang

  • Burgess and Nadsat

    -First Draft of the Novel

    -Burgess Fascination with Slang

    -Leningrad, Russia

    -Glossary Published


    -Mixture of Cockney, Russian

  • The Clockwork Aesthetic

  • -Light & Dark:time Of Day & Classes-Alex


    -Surreality, Blurring Of Realities


    -Color Significance,E.g. Red

  • Domestic StabilityAlexs Identity-Failed Family Structure-Betrayal by Family-Empty Dinner

    -Inner and Outer Worlds

    -An Invented Persona

  • Culture and Music-Classical Music-Complexity Linked WithAlexs Mental State-Alexs Progression-Timeless Nature of Classical Music

    -Modern Youth Subculture

  • Violence

  • Societal Critique of Violence

    -Moral Ambiguity of Violence-Youth/Gang Culture-The State-Tenticles of the State

    -Critical Reception of Book & FilmAnd the Types of Violence Depicted

    -Language & Divisions of Violence

    -Cyclical Nature of Violence

    -Narrator, Reliability, Point of View

  • Whats It Going To Be Then, Eh?

  • Rehabilitation, Violence and Religion

    Bog, God

    Prison, Chaplain

    Conditioning Program

    -Release From Confinement


  • The Last Chapter

    -W.W. Norton & Eric Swenson [M]erely a suggestion Made for conceptual Reasons. (Eric Swenson)

    -Stanley Kubrick

    -The Numerology of Burgess-Shakespeare

  • Is This Book Still Relevant?

  • So..What Did You Guys Think?1.) Does the nadsat help or inhibit your reading orUnderstanding of the book?2.) Can we trust our narrator? Can you sympathize withHim?3.) Do you think that Alex will actually reform his violentWays at the end of the novel? Why or why not?4.) If you had the choice, would you have included the Final chapter in the book? In the film?5.)Is Alex the victim of the modern age or is he just a Teenage thug?6.) Do you believe that criminals can be rehabilitated?How did this impact your reading?

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