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2. 3 | idioms 3. 4 | idioms idioms (v1.1) 2010-12-21 , . ., . , . . . : 4. 5 | idioms 5. 6 | idioms 111. 14 no rocket scientist dark horse party pooper turn heads full of yourself lost for words the man in the street larger than life in the fleshcoach potato dirty word on the go pain in the neck2. 23 leaves me cold on edge (-ed) to death in stitches keep a straight face burst out laughing on top of the world over the moon on cloud nine see red what got into him lost it head over heals break someones heart pick up the pieces3. 34!push the boat out small talk hit it off be there for see eye to eye give and take ?take a rain check Finger crossed On me 6. 7 | idioms have a soft spot for at each others throats breath of fresh air4. , 43 In your dreams no way play hard to get going steady he/shes history get a life drop-dead gorgeous have a thing about pop the question love at first sight sweep someone off their feet only have eyesfor pick up the tab go Dutch play it by ear5. 54 in the same boat Mr Right get your act together hot water in your shoes off the hook life in the fast line rat race fish out of water keep your head above water on a roll put your feet up6. 63 two-timing put your foot in it kick yourself ?That would be telling spill the beans let the cat out of the bag You are telling me You can say that again hit the nail on thehead !pull someones leg have someone on pull the other one 7. 8 | idioms to say the least get it straight on Earth7., 74thatll be the day on the cards safe bet touch and go tie the knot take some doing slip your mind golden rule get the hang of just like that (cant) make head nor tail of from scratch have a go cut no ice carry weight take to heart8. 85 piece of cake take your time catch someone red handed by the book turn the tables in the thick of score an own goal touch base the gloves are off do the trick step on it miss the boat soft touch on the line on top of9., 96 make a killing make ends meet get off the ground off the cuff think on your feet make up your mindB.I.G in the red in the black feel the pinch on a shoestring find your feet in at the deep end sink or swim 8. 9 | idioms big fish on board minds eye10. 107 below the belt sit on the fence mind your own business ?cut corners around the clock pull strings turn a blind eyeup in arms thumbs down get out of hand break the ice fall flat split their sides kiss-and-tell call the shots days are numbered 118 9. 10 | idioms 10. 11 | idioms 11. 12 | idioms idiom ? . : over the moon ( ), pulling someones leg ( ) . :Im over the moon / ;Im just pulling your leg . (over , moon , pull ) . . ? idioms . . , . . . ? raining cats and dogs! , . , 140 . , , . 12. 13 | idioms , . ? ., , . , , . , . 13. 14 | idioms1 14. 15 | idioms Does it matter if someone says youre no rocket scientist? Yes, it does! Thisphrase means not very intelligent.What if a newspaper describes a politician as a dark horse? This meansnobody knows much about him.And a party pooper? This means a person who spoils enjoyable activities byrefusing to join in. This idiom is also useful in apologies: Im sorry to be aparty pooper, but I have to go home now.He was no rocketscientist withcomputers. 15. 16 | idioms no rocket scientist dark horse party pooper , no rocket scientist ? ! . dark horse ? . party pooper ? , . : , . . 16. 17 | idioms A Hollywood actress once met the British philosopher, Bertrand Russell.Whereas he was quite ugly, she turned heads wherever she went.She was rather full of herself and said to Russell, They say Im the mostbeautiful woman in the world, and I hear youre the smartest man. Imagine ifwe had a child with your brains and my beauty.Russel, who was never lost for words, replied, lmagine if it had my beautyand your brains.Her car turnedalmost as manyheads as shedid. 17. 18 | idioms turn heads full of yourself lost for words . . . . [] , ? , ? . . 18. 19 | idioms Say Sean Connery to the man in the street and hell probably say JamesBond. The famous British secret agent, 007, has been played by six actors inthe last forty years, but Connery was the original and probably the best. Hewas larger than life both on the screen and in the flesh. Even in his 60s, hewas chosen by the readers of an international womens magazine as the WorldsMost Attractive Man.James Bond, thelarger-than-life secretagent, was first playedby Sean Connery. 19. 20 | idioms the man in the street , larger than life in the flesh , . 007 , . . 60 - . . 20. 21 | idiomsSome twins are identical, but my brother and I are definitely not. Hes a couchpotato who watches television all weekend and thinks exercise is a dirtyword, whereas I always on the go, playing sport, socialising, working and soon. He says Im a pain in the neck because I never stop doing things andmaking a noise while hes trying to watch the TV or sleep. 21. 22 | idioms couch potato dirty word , on the go pain in the neck, , . , , , , , , . , , . 22. 23 | idioms2 23. 24 | idioms Anger, happiness, love, hate, fear, boredom - whatever you feel, theres anidiom to put it into words. And if something doesnt excite you at all, you cansay, it leaves me cold.You can express moderate feelings such as Im on edge (which is how youmight feel before making a speech or having a tooth out), or strong feelings,such as, I was bored to death. I was worried to death. I was scared to death.Im sorry, Charles, butclassical music justleaves me cold. 24. 25 | idioms leaves me cold on edge, (-ed) to death (-), (-), , , , , . . , , , . , . 25. 26 | idioms Somebody told a very funny joke at the office vesterday, and we were all institches for five minutes afterwards. Then the boss came in. He was in a badmood and started to talk about a work problem. I couldnt forget the joke and Icouldnt keep a straight face. The boss asked me what I was smiling at. WhenI told him, he just looked at me and said nothing. I thought he was going tothrow me out. But then he burst out laughing!Everyone was institches. 26. 27 | idioms in stitches, keep a straight face , burst out laughing , . . . . . . . . . 27. 28 | idioms Its a beautiful day, and I feel on top of the world!Hes just had some good news. Hes got the job that he wanted, and hes overthe moon about it.Geting my first job as an actor was so exciting. I was on cloud nine for weeksafterwards.He was over themoon. 28. 29 | idioms on top of the world over the moon on cloud nine , ! . . . . . 29. 30 | idioms ROAD RAGEAs roads become busier, road rage is becoming more common. Ben Smith,43,from London, was trying to park his car yesterday when another driver got infirst. Smith saw red, jumped out, shouted at the other driver and startedkicking the mans car, doing 800 worth of damage. Smith told police later, ldont know what got into me. Ive never done anything likethat before. I just lost it.Whats got intohim? 30. 31 | idioms see red what got into him (, ) lost it . 43 . , 800 . . . . ? 31. 32 | idioms Almost as soon as he met her, he fell head over heels for her. They had sixwonderful months together, and then she left. It broke his heart, and a yearlater hes only beginning to pick up the pieces.She broke hisheart when shesaid goodbye. 32. 33 | idioms head over heels, break someones heart , pick up the pieces , , . . , . . 33. 34 | idioms3 34. 35 | idioms!January 6I went to a big party last night. The hosts were celebrating something so theyddecided to push the boat out : there was a really good band, fantastic foodand lots of drink. I chatted to a few people for the first hour just the usualsmall talk. Then I met this great guy. We got talking and we really hit it off.Im seeing him tomorrow!They really pushedthe boat out for theirdaughters wedding. 35. 36 | idioms push the boat out small talk hit it off 6 . . , . . . , . . . 36. 37 | idioms A good friend is someone who will always be there for you when you need them. is someone who sees eye to eye with you on most things. is not perfect and not the same as you, but is good at give and take.Even