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Afec Magazine 2012

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    PROTGAnnual Magazine 2012


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  • 3 ANU AFEC Students Society

    fROm The Team

    08 Letter from the President Jarrod Ali 10 Letter from the Editor Irene Zhen


    13 kPMg: The Inside Scoop An interview with KPMG

    14 Of Flights & Finance An interview with Air Services 16 Confessions of a Banker An interview with Westpac

    20 Interview on the Rocks An interview with Finity

    YOuR caReeR

    22 Curve Ball Interview Questions 24 Behind the grill A Brodburger account

    25 Making Career Choices By the ANU Careers Centre

    28 Should Investors Like Facebook?

    30 Career Quiz

    31 The Student Trilemma

    32 Accounting = Boring Is that true?

    34 The European Union A Year On

  • Programs for graduates

    Graduate Program Our Graduate Program is open to students in their final year of university as well as recent university graduates. Once enrolled in this program, the firm will invest up to $25,000 on your development in the first few years. This will include the development of business skills and technical training, professional qualifications, and also mentoring and coaching.

    Programs for students

    Vacation ProgramIf you are in your second-last year at university and looking to gain some valuable work experience, our Vacation Program is designed for you. This program offers real life work experience, allowing you to see first-hand what its like to work at a professional services firm before graduating. The program also offers you the opportunity to secure a place in our Graduate Program before heading into your final year at university.

    Preview Program The PwC Preview Program is a three-day development program designed to help bridge the gap between university and the workforce. The program is open to well rounded individuals who would like to experience what it might be like to work for a professional services firm, regardless of your degree background, university year, or career aspirations.

    PwC is a firm committed to building strong, collaborative relationships and helping our people and clients realise their ambitions. We have a diverse population of positive and energetic people who would like to create a career in a progressive, global network.


    Join the conversation

    What do you value?

    Your career.Value the opportunities.

  • Development

    PwC is committed to helping our people develop market-leading skills and strong, long-lasting relationships with clients and colleagues. Our development approach of 70:20:10 harnesses three key elements: experience; exposure and exchange; and education. From a learners perspective, this means: 70 per cent of what I know, I learned from the experience of challenging work; 20 per cent of what I know, I learned from exchange with and exposure to experts and coaches; and 10 per cent of what I know, I learned from formal classes, education and study.


    PwC is brimming with energetic and inspirational people from a range of academic backgrounds including arts, business, economics, engineering, finance, health, information technology and law. At PwC, you will have the opportunity to develop relationships with clients from the FTSE 100, Fortune 500 and top ASX listed companies, as well as state and federal government clients and inspirational private entrepreneurs, across many different industries. We have a number of programs in place to help our people grow.


    Our focus on agility provides our people with the opportunity to gain broader skills and experiences across different areas of the business. In 2010, more than 20 per cent of our people chose to move within or across teams, in Australia or overseas. We encourage our people to be agile by working in different teams, business areas, client sites or another part of the country or the world, to gain access to some of the most exciting projects across our client service offerings.

    Community and environment

    At PwC we believe in the collective responsibility of business, government and the public to create a sustainable future together. We focus our skills and resources where we believe they will have the greatest lasting impact on the community & environment. You will have many different and rewarding opportunities at PwC to further deepen our community ties and have a positive impact on the environment, and strengthen relationships with your colleagues and clients.


    Our commitment to supporting the whole person means providing our people with opportunities to balance personal and professional aims. Would you like to further your studies or sporting career, or take time out to travel? We aim to offer flexible work options where possible, to help our people develop a well-rounded work and life experience.

    At PwC, our clients needs across the assurance, consulting, deals, tax and legal spectrum are at the heart of our business and we collaborate as one team to meet them. As a member of our team, you will be encouraged to use your strengths, ask questions and have relevant, meaningful conversations with your clients and colleagues to develop the types of relationships that provide opportunities for mutual growth.

    Would you like to be one of these people?

    What can PwC offer you?

    What can you expect from a career at PwC?

  • Typically, a recruitment processes will include a group activity where students are assessed on how you solve a problem or work with your peers. But how can you prepare and whats involved?

    Jocelyn, an Analyst with Risk Services, shares some tips on how to ace the group assessment stage. She also offers an insight into Risk Services, some of her more interesting clients, and what its like working in the Canberra office.

    How did you prepare for your Group Assessment?I did some reading on about Deloitte from the website, and

    also did a bit of research into my service line. It was good to

    just have a think about why I wanted to work for Deloitte, so

    it was all clear in my head on the day and came across in the


    What are your top 3 tips to assist with the Group Assessment?1. Be yourself whatever happens, try and stay calm and

    relaxed. Youve made it this far by being you, and thats

    who your assessors want to see.

    2. Be prepared to compromise often the group assess-

    ment will involve the group needing to reach a decision

    together; demonstrate your teamwork and negotiation

    skills as well as decision-making.

    3. Be friendly the other candidates in your group assess-

    ment are your allies, not your competition. Make friends

    and the day will be much more enjoyable, youll look

    great chatting and working together, and you might end

    up working with them anyway!

    Why did you choose Risk Services?I was attracted to risk because of the opportunities to develop

    and use analytical skills, and I have not been disappointed.

    Risk is all about helping our clients to think about how they

    can improve key processes within their organisations to guard

    against potential risks identified. A risk-based approach can

    be applied to so many different business areas, Ive worked on

    everything from payroll to biosecurity and certainly learnt a

    lot. In risk I feel like we are really adding value to our clients,

    and that makes it enjoyable.

    Whats one of the most interesting projects that you have been involved in?The project Im working on at the moment is really interesting.

    Were doing a risk-based evaluation of our clients manage-

    ment of Criminal History Information, and investigating how to

    manage all the risks associated with personnel accessing and

    retaining this information. Weve travelled all over Australia

    visiting agencies that access these databases to see the pro-

    cesses they have in place. I never thought I would know this

    much about information and privacy!

    What do you like most about working in the Canberra Office?The Canberra Office is much smaller than Sydney or Melbourne,

    but thats what makes it great. There are so many opportuni-

    ties to step up and take initiative in your role because there

    is always so much work available. It also means you can get

    great exposure to different types of work so you can decide

    where you want to develop skills. In Canberra we also have

    nice small teams. I currently work directly to one of our Risk

    partners, which is an opportunity an analyst might not be so

    lucky to get in a bigger office.

    Get to know Jocelyn a bit better

    What is on your must-do list?Decide on my next qualification, tossing up between CA and

    CIA (certified internal auditor)

    Attend all the sessions of my current bootcamp

    Find the perfect pair of ankle boots

    Who do you admire and why?Penny Wong (Senator) Shes always so cool, calm and collect-

    ed. But also tirelessly campaigning for what she be