5 Places to Get an Adrenaline-pumping, Heart-stopping Adventure in Subic Bay, Philippines

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We have for you a list of places where you can experience full excitement in Subic Bay, Philippines. These include a military-themed training camp and a jungle survival park.


<ul><li><p>5 Places to Get an Adrenaline-pumping, Heart-stopping Adventure in Subic Bay, Philippines</p><p>For adventure-seekers, simply lazing in a cozy terrace of a hotel room in Subic is not the ideal way to experience the best things about the place. Instead, they'd rather get out of their comfort zones and seek for its much-talked-about extreme activities. If you're one of them, keep reading to learn of the places to get your adrenaline pumping in the country's famous free-port zone.</p><p>Jungle Joe's WorldLocated in the verdant Ilanin Forest of Subic Bay, Jungle Joe's World is a theme park with several stations designed to excite every member of the family. In its Kiddie Playzone, young ones can have a good time with the high-quality slides, mazes, and jungle merry-go-rounds. Adults, on the other hand, will certainly love engaging in a good shooting match in its 2-hectare, state-of-the-art paintball course that features numerous barricades, foxholes, and sniper towers.</p><p>Tree Top Adventure ParkThis is the best place in town to overcome your fear of heights. Here, you can experience being harnessed either horizontally or upside down and dropped from 60-ft high. If that's not enough, you can also sit in a chair and be suspended 100-ft-high above the forest for as long as 2 hours with the park's Canopy Ride. And you can top your day off by trying to fly like everyone's favorite superhero, even for only 5 minutes, by trying the park's Superman Ride.</p><p>Forest Adventure ParkIt's very rarely that we see places in the Philippines where people can be, literally, merely a few inches away from man-eating tigers. In the free-port zone, you will experience this at Forest Park Adventure, an attraction luring visitors by the dozen. You can easily reach the place from your hotel in Subic Bay by going to Zoobic Safari. Here, you will ride a jeepney with grilled windows, doors, and roofs. And from inside it, you can watch terrifying tigers walk around, climb above, and try to put their claws through the vehicle.</p><p>JEST CampA place that is definitely no joke, JEST Camp stands for Jungle Environment Survival Training Camp. If you're a big fan of Survivor, or if you simply want to learn skills that might come in handy in the future, then this is the place for you. Here, they will teach you how to live in the forest without essential supplies, such as food and water, with a friendly Aeta as your guide. At the end of an overnight trip, you will already know how to build fire from scratch, retrieve potable water from plants, cook rice using bamboo, and more. </p><p>Subic Extreme Adventure ParkAn ideal venue for fostering mutual trust and cooperation in a team, this attraction boasts facilities with which visitors can have a taste of how a soldier is trained. One example is its Trust Fall, where you'll have to stand on a high platform and be brave enough to fall face up with your mates waiting below to catch you. So, if you're with friends or co-workers, spend a few hours away from the comforts of your hotel in Subic, like Terrace Hotel, and head to Extreme Adventure Park. Certainly, you'll go back as a stronger team.</p>http://terracehotelsubicbay.com/http://terracehotelsubicbay.com/</li></ul>