2001 Issue 3 - Denominational Growth - Counsel of Chalcedon

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<ul><li><p>8/12/2019 2001 Issue 3 - Denominational Growth - Counsel of Chalcedon</p><p> 1/2</p><p>Denominational Growth:</p><p>Minutes from an RPCUS church plant in</p><p>Michigan</p><p>Wayne Rogers</p><p>Covenant Presbytery</p><p>of</p><p>the RPCUS met on Jan.</p><p>27-28,2001, in Haslett, MI, to organize the</p><p>Chalcedon Christian Church.</p><p>A petition to be organized as a particular</p><p>church was submitted to the RPCUS by eight</p><p>households. These families nominated Rev. Brian</p><p>Schwertley, former Associate Pastor of the</p><p>Southfield RPCNA, as their minister. Mr. Miguel</p><p>Gutierriez and Mr. Ed Burley were also nominated</p><p>to serve as Ruling Elders in the newly forming</p><p>church.</p><p>Prior to the organizational meeting of the</p><p>church, the three nominees for the offices of</p><p>Teaching and Ruling Elder were thoroughly</p><p>examined in an all day session of the Presbytery.</p><p>They were unanimously and enthusiastically</p><p>approved to be presented to the congregation as</p><p>eligible for election by the congregation. All three</p><p>men demonstrated exceptional knowledge of the</p><p>system of doctrine and gave evidence ofmaturity,</p><p>wisdom, and genuine pastoral experience and</p><p>concern.</p><p>The Presbytery reconvened on Sunday to</p><p>organize the church and conduct the elections</p><p>of</p><p>officers. Following the worship service and</p><p>sermon preached by Rev. Schwertley, those who</p><p>had petitioned the Presbytery to organize them</p><p>into particular church entered into covenant to</p><p>walk together as an organized church, on the</p><p>principles of the faith and order of the Reformed</p><p>Presbyterian Church in the US, and ... be zealous</p><p>and faithful in maintaining the purity and peace of</p><p>the whole body. The moderator, Rev. John Otis,</p><p>pronounced them a constituted church according</p><p>to the Word</p><p>of</p><p>God and the faith and order</p><p>of</p><p>the</p><p>Refonned Presbyterian Church in the US.</p><p>Following the organization of the church, the</p><p>Ruling Elder nominees were presented for their</p><p>election by the male heads of households. Both</p><p>Mr. Burley and</p><p>Mr.</p><p>Gutierriez were unanimously</p><p>elected. The elders were then set apart by the</p><p>Presbytery with prayer by Rev. Wayne Rogers,</p><p>ordaining Mr. Ed Burley and installing them both</p><p>as ruling elders in the church.</p><p>Following the election and installation</p><p>of</p><p>ruli1ig elders, the male heads of households also</p><p>voted unanimously to call Rev. Brian Schwertley</p><p>as</p><p>minister</p><p>of</p><p>the church. Rev. Otis charged the</p><p>ruling elders and pastor. The congregation was</p><p>charged by Rev. Rogers. The newly elected</p><p>minister, Rev. Schwertley, dismissed the congre</p><p>gation with the benediction.</p><p>t</p><p>was truly a joyful time for these families and</p><p>for us as a Presbytery to organize and receive this</p><p>congregation. Rev. Schwertley said that one of</p><p>the things that attracted the group to our denomi</p><p>nation was our strict subscription to the historic</p><p>Westminster and Refonned standards. They are</p><p>delighted to be in a denomination that is explicitly</p><p>theonomic, postmillennial, and presuppositional</p><p>in</p><p>their apologetics. The new church is also dedi</p><p>cated to promoting the covenant headship of</p><p>fathers and appreciates the head of household</p><p>voting practiced in the RPCUS. And, although</p><p>the</p><p>RPCUS allows the singing of hymns as well as</p><p>Psalms in worship, Chalcedon Christian Church is</p><p>permitted to practice exclusive acapella psalmody</p><p>in corporate worship.</p><p>Rev. Schwertleyis a 1986 graduate ofRe</p><p>formed Episcopal Seminary, Philadelphia, PA</p><p>with a Master ofDivinity. Beginning</p><p>in</p><p>1995 he</p><p>served as Associate Pastor-elect for Church</p><p>Planting in the Southfield U&gt;c ofNorth America</p><p>and was ordained as Teaching Elder by the Great</p><p>Lakes-Gulf Presbytery</p><p>of</p><p>the RPCNA in 1996. He</p><p>labored as a church planter</p><p>in</p><p>the Reformation</p><p>Fellowship (RPCNA) Mission Church, Lansing,</p><p>MI, from 1995-2000. During this time he started</p><p>several local outreaches: Reformation Campus</p><p>Ministries (MSU), Reformation Forum Cable</p><p>TV</p><p>Program, and Bible studies</p><p>in</p><p>East Lansing,</p><p>Hartland, Ypsilanti, and Grand Rapids. He has</p><p>been a guest preacher at over a dozen RPCNA</p><p>nd</p><p>other reformed churches across the country.</p><p>Brian has also authored a number of scholarly</p><p>books and monographs including</p><p>Sola Scriptura</p><p>and the Regulative Principle of Worship; The</p><p>Neopresbyterian Challenge to Confessional</p><p>Presbyterian Orthodoxy: A Biblical Analysis of</p><p>John Frame;Y Worship in Spirit nd Truth; The</p><p>Christian Family (in press); A</p><p>Brief</p><p>Critique of</p><p>Steven M. Schlissel's Articles Against the Regula</p><p>tive Principle ofWorship (printed in The Counsel</p><p>of</p><p>Chalcedon</p><p>Fall 1999); Sovereign Grace:</p><p>An</p><p>AprillMay, 2001 THE COUNSEL</p><p>o</p><p>Chalcedon 19</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 2001 Issue 3 - Denominational Growth - Counsel of Chalcedon</p><p> 2/2</p><p>Examination</p><p>of</p><p>the Five Points of Calvinism ;</p><p>The Atonement; Justification by Faith Alone ;</p><p>A</p><p>Historical and Biblical Examination</p><p>of</p><p>Women</p><p>Deacons' The Christian Sabbath Examined,</p><p>Proved, Applied ;</p><p>God's</p><p>Law for</p><p>Modem</p><p>Man ;</p><p>and The Premillennial Deception: Chiliasm</p><p>Examined in Light of Scripture. All of his works,</p><p>many of which are being translated and used</p><p>by</p><p>churches around the world, can be downloaded for</p><p>free from the Internet at www.refonnedonline.com.</p><p>Brian and his wife, Andrea, have been married for</p><p>6</p><p>years and have five children, all ofwhom are</p><p>homeschooled.</p><p>Ed Burley and his wife Dana have 8 children,</p><p>who are also homeschooled. They are in the</p><p>process of adopting their third special needs</p><p>toddler from Bethany Christian Services. The</p><p>Burley's also care for</p><p>Ed's</p><p>aged and infirm par</p><p>ents in their own home and have integrated them</p><p>into the life</p><p>of</p><p>Chalcedon Christian Church. Ed is</p><p>currently attending St. Paul Theological College, a</p><p>distance learning seminary, working on his</p><p>Licentiate of Theology degree.</p><p>Miguel S. Gutierriez has served</p><p>as</p><p>ruling</p><p>elder and in the preaching ministry at several</p><p>churches including the Reformed Presbyterian</p><p>Church</p><p>of</p><p>North America.</p><p>He</p><p>has preached in</p><p>open-air revivals to the Hispanic community in</p><p>Detroit, the Rescue Mission for the Homeless,</p><p>and in Plymouth Brethren Churches in Toronto,</p><p>Canada. He is currently continuing his divinity</p><p>studies at Reformation International Theological</p><p>Seminary. He and his wife, Crystal Gutierriez,</p><p>have been married for 17 years and reside in</p><p>Farmington Hills, Michigan. Miguel Gutierriez</p><p>and his wife are home educators and are the</p><p>parents of six children. Miguel Gutierriez and his</p><p>eldest son Andrew maintain a website dedicated to</p><p>the Reformed Presbyterian Thomas Boston. Their</p><p>website can be accessed at www.geocities.com/</p><p>-thomasboston.</p><p>Also a member of the church is Arnold J agt, a</p><p>web specialist/entrepreneur with over 20 years of</p><p>experience in the computer and communications</p><p>business. Since becoming self-employed 3 years</p><p>ago, he has focused on developing his ideas and</p><p>vision to leverage the internet for God's Kingdom.</p><p>This work includes the areas</p><p>of</p><p>home education</p><p>(www.RobinsonCurriculum.com and the future</p><p>SelfTeaching.com University), recovering the best</p><p>of Christian culture from the past (Henty.com),</p><p>and online publishing (freebooks.com) among</p><p>others. His latest project is digitizing 10,000</p><p>hours of cassette tapes (Mt Olive Tape Library</p><p>Project) to publish in a searchable form. He has</p><p>his own personal web application framework</p><p>Sitewave-which</p><p>he uses to build websites, run</p><p>forums, create, edit and store documents, manage</p><p>back office functions, etc. Arnold has been</p><p>married to Ann for</p><p>7</p><p>years and they have 6</p><p>children who are his own personal Robinson</p><p>curriculum students.</p><p>At this writing, Chalcedon Christian Church</p><p>has 38 baptized and communicant members and 3</p><p>adherents. They are meeting at Trinity EPC in</p><p>Plymouth, MI, a suburb ofDetroit, at 1 30pm on</p><p>the Lord's Day for worship.</p><p>If</p><p>you</p><p>know</p><p>someone</p><p>who lives in suburban Detroit or if you will be</p><p>visiting the area, you are welcome to worship with</p><p>this congregation. Contact Rev. Schwertley at 670</p><p>Barry Road, Haslett, MI. 48840, (517) 655-8079,</p><p>e-mail: schwertley.brian@acd.net.</p><p>20-</p><p>THE</p><p>COUNSEL</p><p>o</p><p>Chalcedon - April/May,</p><p>2 1</p></li></ul>