1989 Issue 6 - Chalcedon Christian School Graduates First Class - Counsel of Chalcedon

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<ul><li><p>8/12/2019 1989 Issue 6 - Chalcedon Christian School Graduates First Class - Counsel of Chalcedon</p><p> 1/2</p><p>i</p><p>hese</p><p>are</p><p>understood in their intended</p><p>sense -- plain statements</p><p>of</p><p>fact, figures</p><p>of</p><p>speech, idioms and poetry</p><p>as</p><p>such -</p><p>- the Bible is without an error from</p><p>Genesis</p><p>to</p><p>Revelation. While</p><p>it</p><p>leaves</p><p>much unsaid, we believe that all that</p><p>it</p><p>does say is true in the</p><p>s ~ s e</p><p>in which it</p><p>s</p><p>intended.</p><p>We</p><p>do</p><p>not</p><p>claim infallibil</p><p>. ty for the various versions and transla</p><p>tions, such as the American Standard or</p><p>King</p><p>James</p><p>versions, and much less do</p><p>we ~ a i m infallibility for the rather free</p><p>one man translations which have at</p><p>tained some vogue in recent years.</p><p>Translations will naturally vary with</p><p>each individual translator, and are</p><p>to</p><p>be</p><p>considered accurate only in so far</p><p>as</p><p>' they</p><p>e p r o d u c ~</p><p>the original autographs.</p><p>J::Urthermore, some of the Hebrew and</p><p>Greek wordS have</p><p>no</p><p>full equivalent</p><p>in</p><p>the English language, and sometimes </p><p>even the best scholars differ as to the</p><p>exact meaning ofcertain words. And fur</p><p>ther still, we must acknowledge that we</p><p>have none of the original autographs,</p><p>but that</p><p>our</p><p>oldest manuscripts are cop</p><p>ies of copies.</p><p>Yet</p><p>the best of the p r e ~</p><p>sent day Hebrew and Greek scholars</p><p>assert that in probably nine hundred and</p><p>ninety-nine cases out</p><p>of</p><p>a thousand we</p><p>have either positive knowledge</p><p>or</p><p>rea</p><p>sonable assurance as to what the origi</p><p>nal words were, so accurately have the</p><p>copyists reproduced them and so faith</p><p>fully .have the translators done their</p><p>work. Hence he who reads our English</p><p>Bible as set forth in the American Stan</p><p>dard</p><p>or</p><p>King James version has before</p><p>him what is, for all practical purposes,</p><p>the very word.ofGod, as it was original</p><p>ly given</p><p>to</p><p>the prophets and apostles.</p><p>Certainly we have reason to thank</p><p>God</p><p>that the Bible has come down to</p><p>us</p><p>in</p><p>such pure form.</p><p>This has been the historic Protestant</p><p>position concerning the authority</p><p>of</p><p>ScriptUre. It was held</p><p>by</p><p>Luther and Cal</p><p>vin, and was written into the creeds of</p><p>the . post-Reformation period The</p><p>Lutheran doctrine of inspiration was set</p><p>forth in the</p><p>Form</p><p>of</p><p>Concord, which</p><p>reads: We believe, confess, and teach</p><p>that the only rule and norm, according</p><p>to which all dogmas and all doctors</p><p>ought to be esteemed and judged, is no</p><p>~ r</p><p>whatever than</p><p>the</p><p>prophetic and</p><p>apostolic writings of the Old and New</p><p>Testament. The doctri:ile of the Re</p><p>fonned Churcb was stated in the Second</p><p>.Helvetic Confession as follows: We</p><p>be</p><p>-</p><p>1ieve and confess, that the canonical</p><p>Scriptures of the holy prophets and</p><p>apostles</p><p>of</p><p>each Testament are the true</p><p>work of God, and that they possess</p><p>sufficient authority from themselves</p><p>alone and</p><p>not</p><p>from man.</p><p>For</p><p>God</p><p>Him-</p><p>self spoke to the fathers, to the pro</p><p>phets, and to the apostles, and con</p><p>tinues to speak: to us through the Holy</p><p>Scriptures. And in the Westminster</p><p>Confession</p><p>of</p><p>Faith the Presbyterian</p><p>Church declared that It pleased the</p><p>Lord, at sundry times and in divers man</p><p>ners, to reveal Himself and to declare</p><p>His will unto His Church; and afterward</p><p>. . to commit the same wholly unto</p><p>writing. The authority of the Holy</p><p>Scripture, for which it ought to be</p><p>believed</p><p>and</p><p>obeyed, dependeth not up</p><p>on the testimony of any man or church,</p><p>but wholly upon God (who is truth</p><p>itself) the author thereof;</p><p>and</p><p>therefore</p><p>it</p><p>is to be received because it is the</p><p>word</p><p>of</p><p>God. And further that both the</p><p>Old and New Testament have been</p><p>immediately inspired by God and by</p><p>His singular care and providence kept</p><p>pure in</p><p>all ages.</p><p>In</p><p>more recent times</p><p>it</p><p>has been reasserted</p><p>by</p><p>Hodge, War</p><p>field and Kuyper. That these</p><p>men</p><p>have</p><p>been the lights and ornaments</p><p>of</p><p>the</p><p>highest type of Christianity will be ad</p><p>mitted by practically all Protestants.</p><p>They have held that the Bible does</p><p>not</p><p>merely contain the word</p><p>of</p><p>God, as a</p><p>pile of chaff contains some wheat, but</p><p>that the Bible in all its parts is the word</p><p>of</p><p>God.</p><p>(This article, and the others in the series,</p><p>wh1ch</p><p>we</p><p>plan</p><p>to</p><p>publish in future issues,</p><p>first</p><p>appeaied in</p><p>tfie magazine hristimlity</p><p>Today</p><p>tn</p><p>1936, then in bOok form</p><p>in</p><p>1937.</p><p>he series was later included</p><p>in</p><p>the</p><p>book</p><p>,</p><p>Studks</p><p>n T ~ o l o g y in 1947, aloog</p><p>with Dr.</p><p>Boettner s wntings on several</p><p>other</p><p>theological subjects.}</p><p>Chalcedon</p><p>Christian</p><p>School</p><p>graduates</p><p>first class</p><p>awards</p><p>special</p><p>honors</p><p>This year marked</p><p>an</p><p>important milestone for Chalcedon Christian</p><p>School. Wanting to offer a quality education</p><p>to</p><p>the children</p><p>of</p><p>all the</p><p>church families and other Christian families within their sphere o</p><p>influence,</p><p>but</p><p>realizing acutely the financial and personal undertaking</p><p>involved, the school leaders have undergone much searching and labor</p><p>over whether they could even extend the curriculum all the way to the</p><p>12th grade. But, finally a</p><p>few</p><p>years ago the council of governors</p><p>administration, and faculty became commit ted to offering students and</p><p>parents a facility in which a godly education could be offered through</p><p>out the entire scope of elementary/secondary education.</p><p>That</p><p>commit</p><p>ment realized a very important fruit in May -- the graduation of the firs</p><p>senior class. And, although the class</p><p>was</p><p>small, the school and church</p><p>are very encouraged. Providentially, all three of the students were from</p><p>families</p><p>in our</p><p>church body. Kevin White is the son of Matthew and</p><p>Gale White, Christi Gazaway is the daughter of Arthur and Boots</p><p>Gazaway, and Rachel Goodrum is the daughter of David and Marlene</p><p>Goodrum.</p><p>Also, for the second year, special academic and service awards were</p><p>given honor students. The Cornelius Van Til Memorial Schol</p><p>arship for Academic Excellence - a certificate and</p><p>50</p><p>U.S</p><p>Savings Bond -</p><p>was</p><p>awarded for the highest average in five subjec</p><p>areas and an overall</p><p>v e r g ~</p><p>for each of three grade levels. The Larry</p><p>, McDonald Leadership and Service Award - a certificate and</p><p>, $100 U.S. Savings .</p><p>Bond</p><p>- was awarded through nomination and</p><p>voting by all the teachers for a student in each of the three grade levels</p><p>which most exemplified the award title this school year.</p><p>Ttle Counsel</p><p>o</p><p>Chalcedon </p><p>July</p><p>1989 page 6</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 1989 Issue 6 - Chalcedon Christian School Graduates First Class - Counsel of Chalcedon</p><p> 2/2</p><p>Mr; Gene Knight (Uncle Gene)</p><p>founded these awards last year</p><p>and had some help this year in</p><p>fmancing them. The certificates</p><p>were presented during the last</p><p>week of school, but the financial</p><p>awards were presented during the</p><p>announcement time which pre</p><p>cedes Chalcedon s Sunday morn</p><p>ing worship.</p><p>The honors were</p><p>as</p><p>follows:</p><p>The Cornelius Van Til</p><p>Scholarship for Academic</p><p>Excellence</p><p>--</p><p>Elementary [Bible] Gillette</p><p>Brown, [Math and English] Julie</p><p>Howard, [Science, History, and</p><p>Over-all] Valerie Howard</p><p>Middle School [Bible and</p><p>Math] David Crowe, [English,</p><p>Science, History, Overall] Amber</p><p>Crowe</p><p>Senior High [Bible, Science,</p><p>History, Overall] Beth Crowe,</p><p>[English] Rachel Goodrum, and</p><p>[Math] Jerome Brittingham.</p><p>The Larry Mc onald Lead</p><p>ership</p><p>and</p><p>Service Award--</p><p>[Elementary] Lauren McDonald</p><p>(Larry s daughter),</p><p>[MiddleSchool] Christa Min-</p><p>koff and</p><p>[Senior High] Rachel Goodrum</p><p>The Old</p><p>South left</p><p>us a legacy of quiet strength</p><p>li) IIDolized in</p><p>the columns</p><p>of</p><p>this antebellum</p><p>mansion. Kevin, Olristie,</p><p>and Rachel</p><p>are Chalcedon s legacy of quiet Slrcngth. ach year of</p><p>growth has caused these students to j)ioneer in a newly added grade. May the Lord bless and use</p><p>ihem as they COillinue to pioneer in His glorious kingdom on Ibis eanh.</p><p>The</p><p>study</p><p>of</p><p>American and world</p><p>history, a unique</p><p>appreciation for their</p><p>Qiristian roots, and a</p><p>vision for Olristian</p><p>reconstruction have</p><p>prepared</p><p>our</p><p>seniors</p><p>for whatever calling</p><p>God</p><p>should provide</p><p>them. The future of</p><p>life in America will</p><p>r i n ~ many challenges</p><p>and unpassioned y</p><p>Olristian values at</p><p>o s with secular</p><p>humanistic</p><p>world</p><p>views,</p><p>Olalcedon</p><p>sends them out to</p><p>conquer for Olrist</p><p>and His kingdom.</p><p>1988-89 Honor Students</p><p>in front (left to right) Julie</p><p>Howard, Amber Crowe, Gillette</p><p>Brown, Lauren McDonald</p><p>in back (left to right) Jerome</p><p>Brittingham, Beth Crowe, Rachel</p><p>Goodrum, Christa Minkoff,</p><p>Valerie Howard, and David</p><p>Crowe.</p><p>The Counsel of Chalcedon July 1989 page 7</p></li></ul>


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