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Non-metals tend to have dull surfaces, are good insulators but poor conductors of heat and electricity periodsthe horizontal rows on a periodic table Covalent bondBond that forms when atoms share electronssolidsCopper and lead exist as ______ at room temperature.Atomic numberThe periodic table of the elements arranges the elements in order of increasing .. decompositionA chemical equation in the form of: AB A + B, is an example of a ________ reaction.Physical Length, mass, volume, and density are examples of _________ propertiesmetalsTend to be hard, shiny, and are good conductors of heat and electricity. chemicalFlammability and corrosiveness are examples of _________ properties liquidsMercury and bromine exist as ________ at room temperature What technique would you use to find the volume ofAn irregularly shaped rock?Water displacement chemicalBurning a sheet of paper is an example of a ______ change What could you use to separate magnetic iron particles and non-magnetic sand?A magnetJeopardy

1Directions: Noble gasesthe most stable elements on the periodic table of the elements. gasesHydrogen and oxygen exist as gases at room temperature physcialTearing a sheet of paper in half is an example of a __________ changesynthesisA chemical equation in the form of: A + B AB, is an example of a ______ reaction..Ionic bondwhen an atom lends one or more electrons to another that receives them.8Oxygens atomic number is 8 and its mass is 16, how many protons does it have?