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<ul><li> 1. 2013 PLAYGROUND DESIGN GUIDE Enriching Childhood Through Play. </li></ul><p> 2. Improve Your World Thoughtful Design The Right Players Play Research Enriching Children, Enriching Communities Four Pathways to Enriching ChildhoodThrough Play Introduction:2 PlayWorx:14 PowerScape:26 PrimeTime:56 Xscape:74 Components:82 Preschool:126 3. All of our research, engineering and product development are focused on developing the body, mind and imagination of every child. Every slide, stair, ladder and swing is designed to meet the specific needs of the site where it will be installed, and the people who will play there. Our playgrounds are built for fun, inclusiveness, and to help build great communities. We help to bring the right players together by creating projects and programs that appeal to corporate, nonprofit and government partners. Children: Play Research Playgrounds:Thoughtful Design Partnerships:The Right Players Communities:ImproveYourWorld Events:134 Play Trails:162 Fitness:176 Site:190 Shade:196 Surfacing:198 Colors:206 4. SOARHigh Among The Tree Branches ANDDISCOVERNATURAL WONDERS Playgrounds:Thoughtful design. We work closely with landscape architects to bring their vision to life. 2 5. The city of Arlington,Texas wanted to design a play space that combined natural elements with a manufactured playground.Working with landscape architects John Fain, ASLA, LEED, AP and Gary Kutilek, R.L.A. GameTime designed the right mix of custom play sculptures and standard PowerScape playground equipment to create a fun, unique playscape that complemented the natural environment. Our PlayWorx custom play division designed a giant tree with themed slides and ladders, as well as custom tree, rock and vine climbers that mimic the look of the natural forest beyond the playground.We took one look at that forest and decided there had to be a way for children to explore it. By designing a new net tunnel system, we elevated the play space and made it possible for children to venture into the tree canopy. Thoughtful design is the cornerstone of every project we develop and it is the difference between a regular playground and an extraordinary play experience. By working with community leaders and landscape architects, we were able to design a signature destination playground that is unlike anything on (or above) Earth. The one-of-a-kind net tunnel system allows children to leave the play structure and explore the tree canopy above the playground. Thoughtfully designed site lines allow parents to watch their children play no matter where their exploration takes them. River Legacy Park, Arlington, TX 3 6. EVERYc h i l d h a s t h e r i g h t t o PLAYWITH THEIR PEERS AS EQUALS GameTime constructed one of the first commercially available inclusive playground of its kind in Cleveland, Tennessee.The ramped design and ground level activities was a project of the Cleveland Civitan Club and served the community and nearby school for more than 30 years. As the community grew, and as ADA guidelines changed, it became apparent that a new playground was needed. Once again, the Cleveland Civitan Club turned to GameTime to design an inclusive playground that would provide a safe and fun environment for children of all abilities. GameTime designed a playground with ramps throughout the play system so that children using mobility devices could explore the play space alongside their peers.We added ground level and accessible, elevated activities like interactive panels and musical instruments that encourage cooperative play.We utilized every possible space on the playground. There is an overhead ladder beneath the Sky Bridge. Beneath the decks are seats, storefront panels and more so that no space is wasted. The result is a playground that continues to provide inclusive play opportunities in a community that has long understood and embraced the idea that all children have a right to play. Inclusive Community, Cleveland, TN Communities:Improve your world. Inclusive playgrounds bring communities closer together. 4 7. The Zero-G Swing Seat is specifically designed for children with low muscle tone and diminished upper body strength,securing them in an upright position as they swing alongside their peers. Ramps and hand rails throughout the structure make the playground system accessible for children in mobility devices. Lekotek, the nations central source on inclusive play products, conducted independent evaluations of GameTime playgrounds and awarded the industrys first AblePlay ratings to many of our products. Look for the AblePlay rating throughout our catalog. 5 8. GFRC climbers like these brown bears provide a fun way to access the play system. EXPLOREthe beauty and wonder of a communitys H E R I TA G E Playgrounds:Thoughtful design. Designing play spaces that hearken back to a communitys historic days. 6 9. Based on a roller coaster that was at this site in the early 1900s,the climbers and slides that connect these decks are a beautiful reminder of days gone by. The city of Edmonton wanted a playground at Borden Park that was innovative and reflective of the natural and historic surroundings. GameTime created three distinctive play areas that promoted exploration and discovery for children of all ages and abilities: a treetop village, a zoo and a roller coaster. The zoo includes GFRC sculptured brown bear climbers and decorative elements like bee hives and monkeys. The treetop village features enormous, exquisitely detailed trees that provide areas of climbing and exploration. The centerpiece of the playground is the roller coaster. Modeled after a historic coaster from a bygone era, it features standard climbers and slides embellished with custom GFRC elements and roof structures. Borden Park, Edmonton, Alberta 7 10. FITNESSand fun come together on a N AT U R E - I N S P I R E D PLAY TRAIL Led by Dr.Adam Bright and 45 surgeons from the Florida Orthopedic Society,the Laurel Park Play and Fitness Trail is a play destination for children,and adults,of all ages. At the head of the trail is a large playground structure with slides,climbers and more.Along the trail are fitness and play pockets designed to encourage children and families to stop for a moment of fitness and fun.Supported by Sarasota County Parks and Recreation and the Gulf Coast Community Foundation,the playground and trail were designed by GameTime and installed by dozens of volunteers committed to reversing the trend of childhood obesity.Working together,the community is taking real steps to bring families together in a natural setting and enrich their lives through play. Laurel Park, Laurel, FL Product shown is for ages 5-12.8 11. Children:Play research. Studies show that outdoor exercise is more effective,especially when its fun. By placing exercise equipment along the trail,families are encouraged to mix fitness with fun. 9 12. New net tunnel links offer an exciting way to elevate play, discovery and exploration. PARTNERSwork together to create a HAPPIER &amp; HEALTHIER COMMUNITY Partnerships:The right players. Working with families and city leaders,GameTime enriches childhood and communities through play. 10 13. Watch a video about El Sereno Park at What was once an eyesore is now a beautiful NatureGrounds playground and fitness park.The community of El Sereno,a suburb of Los Angeles, worked with city leaders,GameTime, PlayCore,NRPA and the Trust for Public Land to create a playspace that combines a PowerScape play system with iTrack fitness equipment.Hundreds of volunteers turned out to help with the construction of the project and hundreds more arrived for the groundbreaking by Mayor Antonio R.Villaraigosa. By bringing together the right civic,corporate and community partners,GameTime is enriching communities through play. El Sereno Park, Los Angeles, CA 11 14. CUSTOMPlayscape that Allows INCLUSIVE PLAY FOR ALL When the city of Wauwetosa announced the development of a custom-themed, inclusive playground, accessibility advocate Damian Buchman was skeptical. After years of visiting playgrounds with areas of accessibility that left much of the playscape off limits to people with disabilities, Damian was very pleased with a truly inclusive playground at Hart Park. I was thrilled to see it was clearly universally accessible all the way to the highest level, said Buchman. Most playgrounds are only accessible to certain points and then kids have to stop while their friends go on, but you can explore this playground from top to bottom. Making a playground that was fully inclusive that integrated the communitys geography and heritage was the result of working with accomplished landscape architect Ed Haydin. Haydin and GameTime created woodland play areas for preschool and school-aged children with custom play sculptures that drew from the areas history, including a partially dug out canoe, log climbers, an eagles nest and more. By working with a landscape architect who understood the past, and a community who has a vision for the future, GameTime created a playground that is an inclusive oasis for children and adults of all abilities. Hart Park, Wauwatosa, WI Communities:Improve your world. Designing an inclusive playspace that integrates a communitys heritage. 12 15. TheSpine of Accessdesign allows people in mobility devices to explore all areas of the play system,from the ground level interactive panels to the top of the eagles nest and all points in between. 13 16. 14 17. PlayWorxCustomDesigns 15 Designing a World of Possibilities We begin every PlayWorx project with a thoughtful and careful design process that helps ensure that community leaders and key stakeholders are included in every step of the playspace development. We design play elements that inspire the imagination and inspire a love of play in children of all ages. Connecting Communities, Architects &amp; Families PlayWorx projects help to bring together the key individuals in a community who care most about play: civic leaders, corporate partners, landscape architects, educators, and families. By combining the expertise, input and resources of each group, PlayWorx ensures a successful and exciting playspace for generations to come. Supporting Imaginative Play Research suggests that dramatic play can lead to enhanced cognitive, social and language skills. GameTimes custom and themed playground designs serve as a springboard for imaginative and dramatic play. Integrating Play with a Communitys Heritage and Culture PlayWorx develops play environments that link a communitys geography, heritage and history. These signature, destination playgrounds bring families together and create opportunities for children to learn about their community while they play. If you can dream it, PlayWorx can build it. Chil dren:Playrese arch. Playgr ounds:Thoughtful design. Partn erships:Theright players. Commu nities:Improveyo urworld. 18. PlayWorxCustomDesigns 16 Use zones determined after designs are configured with a play system. Price includes GFRC structure only. Slides, climbers and connector deck must be ordered separately. GameTime is the industry leader in custom and themed playground equipment.These new glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) designs are now part of our ready-to-order inventory and can be added to any PowerScape play system for children ages 5-12 using our new standard Connecter Deck. Custom look, standard convenience! NEW ! PlayWorx Connector Deck #90599 Order the PlayWorx Connector Deck to use one of our Ready to Order GFRC structures with a PowerScape play system. Uprights not included with deck. Enchanted Tower #029TSA Add some enchantment to your playground with this beautiful tower. Sculpted vine climber on the front and entry areas for connecting climbers, slides, tube slides and more. Add the new Connecter Deck to add to a PowerScape play system. Deck heights: 5, 6 6, 8 (1.5m, 2m, 2.4m) PlayWorx Ready to Order Connector Deck Enchanted Tower 19. PlayWorxCustomDesigns 17WARNING: Installation over a hard surface such as concrete, asphalt, or packed earth may result in serious injury from falls. NEW ! Medieval Castle #032TSA Theres no stronger keep in the kingdom than the Medieval Castle. Inspire the imaginations of children far and wide by making this the centerpiece of your PowerScape play system. Add slides, climbers and more to create a fairy tale adventure. Deck heights: 5 , 6 6, 8 (1.5m, 2m, 2.4m) Tree House #031TSA Adventure awaits in this beautiful new TreeHouse. Add slides, climbers and more to create a destination playground in your community. Constructed of GFRC and recycled plastic. Deck heights: 5, 6 6, 8 (1.5m, 2m, 2.4m) Pirate Ship #030TSA Shiver me timbers and avast me hearties, this playground is flying a pirate flag! Exquisitely detailed and designed to work with multiple configurations of ladders, climbers and slides, the new GFRC Pirate Ship is ready to set sail. Deck heights: 3, 4 6, 6 (91cm, 1.4m, 1.8m) Tree House Medieval Castle Pirate Ship WARNING: Installation over a hard surface such as concrete, asphalt, or packed earth may result in serious injury from falls. 20. PlayWorxCustomDesigns 18 DESIGNEDby GameTime and powered by I M A G I N A T I O N Set against a gorgeous backdrop of oak, pine and elm trees, Chessies Big Backyard is a model of how PlayWorx can theme standard products and turn them into a one-of-a-kind play experience. We created roofs and barriers from composite wood boards.The look is reminiscent of a time when children gathered spare lumber and built treehouses and forts by themselves. We added themed GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete) elements on and around the structure to add more play value and to further integrate the play system with the surroundings. The various shapes and sizes of the climbers, slides and bridges create a uniquely imaginative play experience. Chessies Big Backyard, Fairfax,VA PlayWorx projects like Chessies Big Backyard can be designed to blend with the natural surroundings.Watch a video about this project at WARNING: Installation over a hard surface such as concrete, asphalt, or packed earth may result in serious injury from falls. 21. PlayWorxCustomDesigns 19 22. PlayWorxCustomDesigns 20 AROUNDevery bend is a new play A DV E N T U R E Martin Park Nature Center is a beloved park in Oklahoma City. Families visit the 144 acres of trails and green spaces to connect with nature and to interact with many species of wildlife. The Center wanted to add its very first playground, but there were concerns about compromising the natural setting. PlayWorx designed a naturalized play environment that blended seamlessly with the surroundings.There is a massive Treehouse with climbers and tube slide for 5-12 year old children at one end of the playground and a small Fort for 2-5 year olds at the other end.We included products from our PlayTrails line like Bee and Honeycomb C...</p>