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Magazine & Poster construction

Magazine & poster construction

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Page 1: Magazine & poster construction

Magazine & Poster construction

Page 2: Magazine & poster construction

• The original image was dull and dim, taking away from the effect of the red blazer. Furthermore the gun was barely visible , and it made the target audience unaware of his status/role but hid one of the main point of focus for the image.

When editing I decided to emphasise the blazer and the gun a bit more. But overall adjusted the brightness.

Page 3: Magazine & poster construction

On Photoshop I adjusted the image using three different image editors, Vibrance, exposure and brightness/saturatation. The brightness did really need to be enhanced due to the fact that the original image didn’t contain much lighting meaning it was dull looking. By enhancing the exposure I made it so that it was

Page 4: Magazine & poster construction

To insert the masthead I had to create another, layer in which I had to crop out the back ground, this gave the illusion that there is only one image. By doing this it allowed me insert the masthead between. The two layers giving the effect that its behind the main image.

Page 5: Magazine & poster construction

The original image had good lighting however it was quite plain all the mise en scene is there but I found that it wasn’t effective.

What I decided to do is emulate previous gangster film posters such as American gangster. Which can be described as a film noir look.

Page 6: Magazine & poster construction

To edit the image I isolated the colours red and gold to connote the emotions of fear and also wealth amongst the two main characters. I Changed the image in to black and white to emulate American gangster. The exposure helped to get a chiaroscuro effect for the character on the right to his face, the dramatic effect created a sense of mystery and danger to the character.

Page 7: Magazine & poster construction

The title font was chosen out of a possible 8 and I felt it didn’t work well with the picture, since I was trying to mash the genre of urban and gangster. I felt the genre of action more so I decided to look for another one.

I decided to change the title font and keep the colour scheme with red black and white, simplistic like most gangster film posters I have seen. Capitalising on the film noir look which is a reoccurring convention in the gangster genre.