Using Email to Accelerate Marketing & Sales Performance

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Email marketing seminar delivered at 2010 NCDM conference, Miami, FL


<ul><li> 1. Using Email to Accelerate Marketingand Sales Performance</li></ul> <p> 2. About Joel Book 34 veteran, building andmanaging Database Marketingsolutions for BtoB and BtoCcompanies Teach companies how toJoel Book leverage customer data andmarketing technology to drivePrincipal, Marketing Researchsales, serve customers, and build&amp; Education Grouplong-term brand loyaltyExactTarget Voted one of the 50 Most @joelbookInfluential People in Sales Lead jbook@exacttarget.comManagement in 2009 3. My Sincere Thanks to our 8,000+ Clients 4. Addressable VoiceMarketing Media Evolution Mobile EmailSMSMobile EmailSMS + MMS IM IMIMIM EmailEmail Email Email Direct Mail Direct MailDirect Mail Direct Mail Direct Mail Telephone TelephoneTelephone Telephone Telephone</p>