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Understanding the lingo

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Digital Marketing is surrounded by buzz words and industry Jargon. Do you know what a cache is or the 3 click rule? This presentation demystifies Digital lingo.

Text of Understanding the lingo

  • Understanding the lingo (jargon buster)
  • 3 Click Rule Guideline number of clicks before reaching a decision page
  • Above the Fold The part of the website that is visible on the screen without scrolling
  • Affiliate Marketing A system that allows other marketers to promote and sell your products
  • Algorithm All search engines have an algorithm, it constantly updates
  • Analytics A way to measure traffic to your site and identify opportunities Every website should have analytics attached to it
  • Robot/Bot/Spiders These are the little fellas that the search engines send to your site Youll find these in your server stats and are important to your listings
  • Bulk Submission There are no short-cuts. Bulk submission is often sold by SEO firms.... for example: Well submit your site to 1,000 directories Well submit your article to 1,000 article sites
  • Conversion Rate Determines the number of sales based upon the amount of traffic Usually it is the number of sales (or whatever the action is) divided by the amount of traffic The higher the conversion rate the better
  • 404 Error Page The page on your site which appears if a user types in an incorrect directory on your domain.
  • Google Bombing Where a group of people get together to try to optimise for a specific phrase Sometimes as competitions or for charity, often for spurious reasons
  • Impression Measurement that determines the number of times an online ad is shown
  • Inbound/Outbound/Reciprocal Link Different types of links Inbound link is a link that comes into your site Outbound link is where you link to another site A reciprocal link is usually an agreed link exchange
  • Keyword Research The lifeblood of high performing websites It is vital to research keywords continuously
  • Keyword/Density/Popularity Keywords and key phrases are the words that search engine users type into a search engine The density of a keyword is the measurement of the number of times it appears on a page Keyword popularity is based on the number of searches for a specific keyword
  • Landing Page A page a visitor is sent to after they click on an advert It is important that the landing page converts the traffic to increase return on investment
  • Link Bait A controversial blog post or content that is design to bait others into a response and therefore linking to you at the same time
  • Link Building The process of building inbound links to your website This increases your traffic via referrals and provides higher search engine positioning
  • Organic Rank This refers to your ranking in the search engines The higher your organic rankings the greater amount of free targeted traffic you will receive
  • PPC/Pay Per Click Pay per click is offered by Google, Bing and Yahoo There are also a number of other niche pay per click providers This is the process of bidding for specific keywords Each time a visitor clicks your advert you will be charged by the search engine
  • CPA/CPM/CPC/CTR/PPL Cost per acquisition Cost per thousand (usual way to buy banner links) Cost per click Click through rate Price per lead
  • SEO Search engine optimisation is the act of manipulating the search engines to present your website higher for specific keywords.
  • Have we missed any? Do you have any that we have not covered?