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2. Translating to a Different Beat Lingo24 delivers a unique balance of translation experience, methodology and dedication to service, meaning you can sit back and be confident of a truly dependable translation company. Our people are selected for their love of language and are committed to understanding client needs and addressing their specific requirements. Applying an unparalleled approach to managingclients' projects, we offer consistently high quality, rapid turnaround and cost-effectiveness in a package that has earned the trust of a loyal and growing international customer base.In the same way professional dancers unify all the elements necessary for perfection the look, the poise, the rhythm - we at Lingo24 have mastered the moves needed toproduce the very best in translation. We've built our business on the four tenets we know are most important to our clients: The Right Approach The Right People Consistent Quality in Translation More Time For YouRead on for wordsof wisdom from some people who've alreadystepped out with 3. The Right Approach Dancers dance; translators translate. But that doesn't tell the whole story. There's a world of difference between a dancer who's refined their art over years and worked hard to reach the top of their profession, and your average Saturday night bopper in a club who just got up for a laugh. The same principle applies in translation. What makes Lingo24 special is our combination of processes and people our approach. Our unique combination of tried and trusted policies and checks gives our clients the confidence that when it comes to translation, Lingo24 is the only translation company that genuinely Can Can.What We Say: Our approach focuses on first getting to know you and your needs fully, so that we can be consistently responsive to your ongoing requirements Our internal quality control procedures incorporate a faultless feedback cycle, ensuring that quality standards remain high We use industry-standard as well as our own tailored technology extensively to control key processes and enable us to focus on the language Only Lingo24 delivers such a potent combination of process, tools, people and attitude What They Say: For the launch of Save the Children's firstglobal campaign, Rewrite the Future, we needed text for our online supporter signup translated into nearly twenty languages. Lingo24 made our lives easy, providing a very swift and efficient service, asking the right questions when needed and working hard to satisfy our demands. The result was a successful launch!Your translation service is professional both in text and technical aspects. Your delivery schedule is excellent and timely. I would have no hesitation in using your service again. Lingo24 are my lifeline. Always willing to go the extra mile to help at short notice. A professional and top class service. I would recommend Lingo24 without a doubt. 4. The Right People Lingo24 people are professional lovers. Professional lovers of language, that is. You simply won't find a more passionate team! Our passion for language for getting it right, for making language do what our clients need it to do, whatever the language is what Lingo24 is all about. If you enter into a relationship with Lingo24, you'll know you're in the arms of a precise and sharp-moving translation partner. It'll be a quick step all the way but you'll get exactly what you need, and you'll enjoy it! What We Say: We are all language-loving geeks - even our programmers speak at least one foreign language All our translators are professionally qualified, translate exclusively into their mother tongue and reside in the country for which your documents are intended Our translators are only ever asked to translate in subject areas in which they have proven talent and experience Our people will go the extra mile to meet your needs (always the last to leave the dance floor!) We are committed to, and thrive on, long-term relationships All our people, throughout the entire translation process, value quality, deliver quality and emanate qualityWhat They Say: We have been extremely happy with the service, the speed and the accuracy of Lingo24's translations.They have been dedicated to our projects and have never let us down.Their Project Management team are friendly, efficient and a pleasure to work with! I work with a number of translating services andLingo24 have provided an excellent service, withprompt turnaround times and a responsiveand always very positive attitude.Customer-orientated service 5. Consistent Quality in Translation We've all had nights out when we thought we were top performers, be it on the dance floor or in conversation. It's a great feeling - just a shame it doesn't happen all the time. With Lingo24, it does happen - all the time. Consistent quality in translation would be our middle name, if there was space between the Lingo and the 24. We've got to be honest and admit this doesn't all come from the brilliance of our people some of the translation tools we use help us quite a lot - but our levels of repeat business are testament to the fact we deliver high quality translations day in, day out. And, indeed, night in, night out.What We Say: Our people are driven by and measured on their delivery of quality translation Our processes ensure that quality not only remains consistent but improves with time We use a Lingo24 Brief incorporating glossaries and terminology lists which clarify exact requirements and help us regulate them We employ strict recruitment policies and continually assess our talent pool To love language means to be obsessive about quality translationWhat They Say:Lingo24 have been a valuable partner bycreating accurate and fast translationwork for us. Where other translationagencies work very literally, Lingo24 really understand our tone of voice and overall identity to produce work that fits seamlessly into our websites and print work. We have been very impressed with the quality of your translations and your customer service, and would definitely recommend Lingo24.Lingo24 provide CommsFactory with a fast, efficient service which has kept the products I provide competitive.Their attention to accuracy, context and tone is invaluable where such nuances make the difference between simply translating and really 6. More Time For YouTop dancers have an acute sense of timing. They know one wrong step will ruin all their hard work and mean they've wasted their time. Wasting time is a pet hate of Lingo-ists throughout the world so we simply don't do it.We make more time for you so we can understand what you reallyneed; and our business covers all time zones (hence the 24!) so wecan follow the sun and get translation done! What We Say: We'll take the time to get to know you and understand your needs We offer a genuine 24-hour service with tightly integrated teams operating globally We achieve outstanding turnaround times We'll be honest about deadlines in the context of your expectations We will work with you to fulfil your requirements over the long term Lingo24 makes time for youWhat They Say: In the three years Lingo24 have worked with us onHonda Challenge Magazine, they've beenresponsive, helpful and always hit deadlines. Wecan't imagine using anyone else!We would recommend Lingo24 for the quality oftheir translations and their quick and efficient service.We particularly appreciate their willingness andability to deliver to tight deadlines.Extremely well translated. Your staff are alwaysvery helpful and quick to respond. 7. Worldwide UK GermanyFranceRomaniaUnited StatesChinaPanama New Zealand Lingo24s London officeRO A DUNDERGROUND Call us on: +44(0)20 7952 7500T ONWARRENAYEU SSTREET REGENT'S UNDERGROUNDFT ON W 131-151 Great Titchfield Street PARKGREAT AGR London NT UNDERGROUNDPORTLAND EGO PA SCSTREETRKCR EW W1W 5BB ERHAR ST E ET ST R UK RE H IRETELECOMLEY ON SET . D EVTOWER STCLNDPOR S TREV LA EL WTOHOE ET TLAN. ANSTTT CHGRE ESD EN .NIAR STSTGREU TH E D PL HA AT PY MOCHLO RE WEMGOODGE AT T TT ET ETACSTREETCOUNDERGROUNDORTERE UR STE STIC H W IML . ST.RE TAND ISHO F IE LRDE ND ETST POL C AV RE.NE W STS TRD STE ST EBBC DG EETO GOR LA N RADIO REET EET NETGH R EE AMWME ST BENN PL W EN A . R ST. EL ANME QUETIMELS MORRSSTST RE R ST PL .. D ISH ETR EG RE N C AVEET ST.E NT MOR E WIG S TR AR E RE ET SQURD ST TOTTENHAMOXFO UNDERGROUND E ETCOURT ROAD TA P L.RIET HEN TRE ET OXFORDRD SUNDERGROUND OXFO 8.