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On Internet Lingo Colleen Donica F. Garcia Bachelor of Elementary Ed. Major in Preschool Education University of Santo Tomas

On Internet Lingo

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  • 1. On Internet Lingo Colleen Donica F. Garcia Bachelor of Elementary Ed. Major in Preschool Education University of Santo Tomas
  • 2. EMAIL Also known as Electronic Mail A system of messaging from one computer to another Requires the use of Internet Can be used to send different types of media Trivia: The most Favourite Email password as of 2009 is 123456.
  • 3. WIKI A Website that collates work of different people, from different countries around the world. Can refer to a software or website. Trivia: Wiki is a term for quick in Hawaiian
  • 4. Social BookMarking A way of saving bookmarked web pages to a specific website. Links can be shared.
  • 5. HTML Also known as Hypertext Mark up Language Markup symbols and codes encoded in a Webpage Trivia: SGML is the Parent of HTML.
  • 6. Podcast Can be in the form of a video, audio, Downloaded from the net through a Website Usually part of a series
  • 7. VoIP Also known as Voice over Internet Protocol A kind of technology that allows telephone calls over known networks Trivia: The first VoIP call was made in 1974, on the ARPANET
  • 8. Online Chat An exchange of messages between two or more people with the use of the Internet. Made-up of typed messages
  • 9. WWW Also known as the World Wide Web A directory of all websites connected to the internet around the world Did you Know ? The Internet Weighs as much as 1 Strawberry
  • 10. Streaming Data Streaming Online files such as video and audio Can be played back without being downloaded
  • 11. Blog A kind of website Written Content would depend on the blog owner
  • 12. Social Networking Expansion of contacts through the net Making connections with individuals through different social networks available
  • 13. URL Also stands for Uniform Source Locator A protocol in the internet for available web addresses
  • 14. WebFeed Also called Rss Feeds A channel that delivers content Very useful for delivering news
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