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Film Lingo. a low-budget production, originally screened to support a more important film in a double feature. “B” movie. a martial arts film. c hop socky. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Film Lingo

Film Lingoa low-budget production, originally screened to support a more important film in a double feature.B moviea martial arts filmchop sockya French word that literally means true cinema; a method or style of documentary movie-making with long takes, no narration, and impromptu interview techniques, a hand-held camera, and little or no editing of the finished productcinema veritea film characterized by scenes of great tension, danger, adventure, suspense, or high drama, often climaxing at the end of a film, where the fate of the protagonist is left unresolved, increasing interest for a sequelcliffhangera French phrase literally meaning black film; a genre of mostly black-and-white films with a somber, downbeat tone. The plot often takes place in the crime underworld with private detectives and femmes fatale. Low-key lighting features night scenes. Camera angles are often canted or noira blockbuster production with a predictable, overused scheme or plotformulaa western filmhorse operaSmall, low-budget companies producing and distributing films made outside of the major Hollywood studio system, often with groundbreaking subject matter. Commercial success is not often the goal.independent or indie filma movie that is released with little publicity, often directed by and starring relatively unknown people, that by positive word-of-mouth eventually becomes popular or financially successful beyond expectationssleepera graphic horror film which depicts physical violence and bloody goreslasher or splatter filma science fiction filmspace operaa gladiator, Biblical, or Greco-Roman mythology filmsword and sandala film that flops at the box officeturkeya term of contempt for movie stars who lose popularity, typically making their subsequent films financial disastersbox-office poisona brief walk-through role created specifically to feature a surprising, high-profile personalitycameo rolea popular actor appearing in a role unlike his traditional ones, producing either a refreshing or disastrous resultcast against typea term that implies the trade of sexual favors to a director or producer to obtain a film rolecasting couchself-indulgent hamming or overacting by a famous starchew up the sceneryan Irish term which denotes hype publicity regardless of the films actual meritballyhooa small black and white board or slate with a hinged stick on top that displays identifying information for each shot in a movie and is filmed at the beginning of a takeclapboard or slatetitles at the beginning or end of a film that list the creative talents concerned with productioncreditsan error that remains in the theatrical release of the film, not be confused with removed outtakes, which often appear on bloopers featuresgaffethe go ahead for a film to be madegreenlightAlfred Hitchcocks term for an item, object, goal, event, or piece of knowledge that drives the logic or action of the plotMacGuffinan Italian term for pushy photographers who stalk celebrities in their private livespaparazzi