The right mix of liquorice allsorts

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Examples of team structures, skill sets for records and information management teams

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  • 1. The right mix of liquorice allsorts Paula J Smith, ARMA

2. Welcome to our Season! 2 3. 3 Questions:1. Does it matter how deep your organizational structure is?2. Does it matter how qualified you are?3. Does it matter how experienced you are?- So what does matter?5 4. Role of organizational context1. What do you have to deliver?2. What skills do you need to deliver them?3. Where do you get those skills?6 5. Liquorice Allsorts: MUST HAVE SKILLS: Project Manager Appropriate Qualifications Change Manager Attention to detail Counsellor Analytical Teacher Patience Mentor Variety of Comms skills Business Analyst Knowledge/Experience Psychic Interpersonal Skills Comms Specialist Prioritisation Taxonomy Specialist IT Skills EDRMS Administrator Boxer/Lister Information Auditor Sense of Humour! 7 6. A Great Sense ofHumour! 8 7. Q&APaula J Smith, 8. Q&APaula J Smith,