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  • 1. LIQUORICE MAGAZINE By Emily Harrison
  • 2. Introduction: My name is Emily Harrison, and Im here to convince you that my ideas for a new magazine fit your brief. My magazine is called Liquorice. Its an alternative lifestyle magazine, aimed at 16-24 year olds.
  • 3. The client
  • 4. The Brief: You have been commissioned by the Northern Echo to produce a new magazine product. Your product could be in any style or genre but it must be self financed through sales or advertising. You must also produce your magazine for a specified audience segment within the 16 to 24 age group
  • 5. Aims: Publication Style: Magazine of high quality Target Audience: 16-24 years Socioeconomic: ABC1 Genre: Alternative Lifestyle (Student Focus) Self Finance: Advertising
  • 6. Northern Echo Client constraints: Local Advertising (mine needs to be local) High quality content Community ethos Champion the North East
  • 7. Secondary Audience: No taboo language No extreme imagery Suitable for many people; take into consideration religion, gender, disability, age. It should not be offensive It is a well respected publication
  • 8. Pcc Constraints: Press Complaints Commission Regulating Body for the content of magazines and newspapers which deals with complaints from members of the public. They deal with the complaints under the Editors Code of Practice. The code has 16 sections, split into 4 main areas: Privacy, News Gathering, Protecting the Vulnerable, Accuracy
  • 9. Pcc Constraints: What action should I take? 1. Make sure anything I produce is NOT misleading, inaccurate or involve distorted information and images 2. Make sure I have consent when photographing either children or adults everyone is entitled to privacy 3. Make sure I do not intrude or harass when contacting (persons) for information 4. Completely avoid prejudicial reference to any individual unless entirely necessary to the story 5. Make sure I have permission to be there e.g on private property
  • 10. Gap in the market: Where is the gap in the market? Where is the competition? Does my product confidently fill the gap in the market?
  • 11. Gap in the market: Fill the gap? Tailored for young people Written by a person within the target audience Topics which revolve around the target audience Imagery which creates links to target audience (through use of models of same age) Aimed at both males and females Aimed at the young people of the North East
  • 12. Competition: Magazines such as: Clash Trap Cellardoor This Is Fake DIY Pose as competition to my publication
  • 13. LIQUORICE Audience research
  • 14. LIQUORICE The audience: 16-24 Years Socioeconomic: ABC1 Tribe: Creative, Leading Edge Key Words: Resourceful, Proactive, Influential, Experimental Base: North East 60% Female 40% Male
  • 15. LIQUORICE The audience: issues Small tribe: I need to make sure I tailor to a wide variety of people Make the magazine content engaging to all take note of the age group, and tailor to 16 years as well as 24 years. Appropriate topics covered
  • 16. LIQUORICE Design: Follow similar designs of: Trap, This Is Fake DIY, Cellardoor and Clash relate to audience Articles and topics which are relevant local focus e.g Uni Blues, The Cuts Crisis Pastel colour scheme mix of stereotypical male and female colours Distributed through Northern Echo Written by someone within their age group
  • 17. LIQUORICE Genre research
  • 18. LIQUORICE Genre: what? Alternative Lifestyle Hybrid (taking aspects of different magazines to create a new one)
  • 19. LIQUORICE Genre: stats
  • 20. LIQUORICE Genre: influences?
  • 21. Layered text, images and layout Blocked text bold, stands out, prominent LIQUORICE Handmade Feel Paragraphed text chunks, easier to read, link to images Handwritten style fonts Collaged Images gives a handmade feel
  • 22. Bold masthead LIQUORICE 3 colour rule Prominent image Varied use of sell lines Bold fonts
  • 23. LIQUORICE The name: LIQUORICE Why Liquorice? What are its connotations? Does it stand out?
  • 24. LIQUORICE aims: LIQUORICE Focus on young people Inspirational Wide Article Topics In Depth Informative
  • 25. LIQUORICE What will it contain? Features: University Blues The Cuts Crisis My Cities (York) Regulars: News Culture Round Up Have Your Say
  • 26. LIQUORICE Fonts and colours Masthead Colour Palette Sell Line & Headline Subheader Main Text LETTER GOTHIC CALIBRI Light, Airy, Pastel
  • 27. LIQUORICE Front cover: Imagery relatable, white backdrop, butterfly lighting, window to self Layout simple, structured Colour Scheme purple, blue, pastel pink, black, grey, youthful, vibrant, light Font bold masthead, handwritten style sell lines, simple, easy to read, continuity
  • 28. LIQUORICE contents: Imagery relatable, create continuity, links to articles Layout simple, structured, easy to follow, effective Colour Scheme blue, pastel pink, yellow, black, grey, youthful, vibrant, light (similar to cover) Font mixture of handwritten style font, and type writer, main body font, easy to read
  • 29. LIQUORICE Article - Uni Blues: Tone chatty, light, informative, relatable Language mix of 2nd/ 3rd person, anecdotal/quote introduction, inclusive, semantics of university Imagery relatable, comical, creation of diagonals Layout 2 columns, breakout box, 60:40 text/image ratio Colour Scheme blue, pastel pink, yellow, green, black, grey, youthful, vibrant, light (similar to cover) Font mixture of handwritten style font, tailored feel, type writer in upper and lower case, main body font, easy to read 1
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